Pandora x Disney Collection!!

I have never really talked about this here on my blog but for one of my birthdays – I think it was my 16th – I received a Pandora bracelet and since then, I wanted to make it Disney themed. I have 13 charms and 2 stoppers on my bracelet and since Pandora had never done anything Disney related, I just picked charms that represented elements from my favourite movies. However, they’ve just released their new collection in the US and for it they teamed up with Disney to bring 73 Disney related Pandora items to us! The only reason I became aware of this is because my mum and step-dad are in Canada and the US on holiday and mum purchased one of the pieces for me!! So I thought that in my excitement, I’d share what you can find in the collection and what I think about it.


So in this collection, you can find pieces for:

Disney Princesses: Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Elsa, Anna, and Snow White.
Mickey and Minnie
Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore

There are also Disney Park exclusives that were released for the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland, so I can only assume that Disney teamed up with Pandora to promote this special event. I wish that they’d have teamed up sooner but this sort of makes the collection even more special 🙂

The piece that my mum picked up for me was Belle’s dress.

Belle is my favourite Disney Princess, followed closely by Tiana. I love the design of this dress and I think that it will go really nicely with the other charms on my bracelet. An interesting design is Ariel’s dress. They chose the Disney Parks dress as opposed to the pink dress in the movie. I think that the sea-foam green dress suits Ariel better anyway, so I like that they chose that version over the movie version.


Price: The collection is significantly more expensive because they collaborated with Disney but that is to be expected. All of the Disney x Japanese lolita brand dresses were all around $100-150 more than regular new release dresses because of the same reason. The US price for the silver charms is actually the same price as the Australian which is pretty interesting, that means that Pandora is much more of a luxury jewelry brand than it is in Australia. This collection is almost double the RRP of the standard silver charms but these are also much more intricate than the standard silver charms so its not too outrageous for it to be that price. The Princess dress charms are the same price as the birth stone rings that you can get at Pandora in Australian stores. So for the license and the designs, the prices aren’t too ridiculous. Total bonus for Disney lovers.

Thoughts: I think that this is a great collection for fans, both young and old, of Disney and Pandora. If this collection does in fact make its way down under, I know I’ll be purchasing a couple of the other pieces in this collection. You can see the whole collection here. I would definitely recommend having a look at the collection if you think that this is something you’d be interested in 🙂

If you guys are interested, I can make a separate post about my Pandora bracelet. I’d be more than happy to share which items I chose and why I thought they represented Disney! Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

I hope that you are all having a fantastic day!

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