Halloween Week: Matchmaker from Mulan

Hey ghouls!

Today’s look for Halloween Week is the glorious and gorgeous Matchmaker from Disney’s Mulan. I wanted to do a really fun look among the more serious and creepy Halloween looks that I wanted to create this year. I did this look months back so that I’d be able to have all of these Halloween looks up in the last week before handing in my thesis and I’m super glad that I did it early because I’m glad to have been able to bring this look to you! So I hope that you enjoy this look and maybe consider it for this year’s Halloween parties!


Matchmaker Tutorial

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Star Wars Rey Hair Tutorial

Hey guys!

It has been a while since I’ve done a hair tutorial and I saw Star Wars last week and I just had to do a hair tutorial for Rey. This post will be spoiler free so if you’re still one of the few people who is yet to see it and wants to see it, this is a safe post. I really enjoyed the movie and I loved sitting in the cinema for the first time experiencing a new Star Wars release. I love Rey’s character and I am excited to see where the plot takes her! This look is very simple and there are a few different ways to achieve this look.


You’ll want to start off with freshly brushed hair. My hair goes a bit like an afro when I brush it but seeing as it will all be put back into buns, there’s no issue from this brush-fro business. You’ll also need to grab four hair ties and a few bobby pins, if necessary.


Next, you’ll want to grab your fringe section of your hair. If you don’t have a fringe, you can grab the section of hair on your head here a fringe would be.


You’ll then want to take one hair tie and tie it towards the back of your head like a little ponytail.


You’ll then want to think about separating your hair into three even sections. You can tie those off now if that will make things easier.

You will want to make a ponytail but when you go to loop the tie around the last time, don’t pull the hair all the way through. Just make a little bun bump and leave the rest of the hair hanging. Here is where you have some options.

For Rey’s buns, you can loop the excess hair around the hair band so that it can be concealed. This works best if you have short hair because it will wrap around easily and won’t look bulky. Longer hair tends to have a second bun effect when you wrap the excess hair around so I would recommend skipping it if it loses the bun effect from wrapping.


If you leave the hanging hair, add it to the next ponytail when you’re grabbing the next section and repeat the previous step.


You’ll want to do the same as the last step, either adding excess hair or wrapping it, when making the last bun.


With the left over excess hair, push the hair up under the bun, by the hair tie, into a little hole that you make with your fingers. This way, there is no left over hair. Alternatively, you wrap the excess hair around.


In the end, you hair should look a little something like this! Now you’re ready to take on the galaxy!



 I hope that you all have fun recreating this hairstyle. If you do, please make sure you tag me or send me a picture or link to your work so that I can share it!

I hope that you’re having a really lovely day!

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How To: Transferring Pigment Samples into Containers

My clear containers finally arrived so I thought that it might be informative for those who’ve bought from Shiro Cosmetics, plan to or are buying pigments from other companies, to see how to transfer the pigments from the little plastic bags to your clear container. You will want to transfer them into containers for ease of use and for ease of storage. I’ve tried to use the pigments from the bags and it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped so this is really the best way to get any use out of your sample pigments.

For Shiro Cosmetics, and probably for other brands, I would not recommend buying the sample bag sized pigments as opposed to the full sized or even the mini jar size if you are looking to save money. I do not think that this is the most cost effective way of buying pigments because you will need a container for your sample bags of pigment. It would be better to buy the mini jar size if you want less product. However, it is totally up to you how you would like to purchase and use the pigments.

This is what the final product will look like. You can either put the sticker on the top of the container or the bottom. I like it to be on the top so that I know exactly what I’m picking up.


What you will need:


Clear containers


Pigments in their plastic, sample bags

And one piece of paper – preferably white so that you can see the pigment on the paper

Step One:


Peel the sticker off of the plastic bag. It might not be very sticky when you take it off but it should stick on to the lid. If not, I’m sure you’ll be able to glue it on to the lid.

Step Two:


Stick sticker to lid or base of the container and open pigment bag.

Step Three:


Carefully, tear one side of the plastic bag, this shouldn’t be too difficult but just be sure to not pull too hard on the bag as you might lose product.

Step Four:


Empty contents of bag into clear container, don’t worry about if it spills over the edge, that’s what the paper is there for.

Step Five:


Take pigment off the paper and fold the paper in half so that you can pour any pigment that didn’t make it into the container, back into the container.

And you’re done!


Good luck transferring your pigments!

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