LUSH Holiday 2017 Recommendations

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Christmas is one of my most favourite holidays, if not my most favourite. I look forward to it each and every year. After my birthday, Christmas has basically started for me haha. Forget about EVERYTHING in between. LUSH always delivers knock out collections for each holiday and this year’s Christmas range is incredibly innovative. I feel like LUSH is redefining gifts this year and it’s very exciting. Today, I wanted to explore the products that have been brought out for this period for which I would recommend keeping your eyes peeled!



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Review: Oh Deer Sugar Christmas Exclusives

Hi guys!

Today, I wanted to share with you a few pieces from the Oh Deer Sugar Christmas Collection. They have started making a few different collections for the holidays and I thought that it would be a great time to share them here now with Christmas coming so quickly! Any of the products in this store would make great Christmas presents or Kris Kringle gifts. I hope that you enjoy the post 🙂



Here are a few of the pieces that I picked up. I almost bought everything in the same scent because I was just so excited when I went into the store. Two of the items are relatively new to both myself and the store. They recently came out with a shower mousse (or shower moose haha) and a sugar, body scrub!


(OH) Rocky Road might just be my favourite from the Christmas line. I absolutely adore the smell of it and when I used it in the shower, a little bit of product went a long way. When you massage the product into the skin in the shower, it lathers up quite a lot and it makes your shower smell like vanilla ice cream or marshmallows. I know that a few of my friends will really love this product. There are so many scents available, you’ll surely be able to find on that you like. I believe that this product is $17-19 AUD. I think it is well worth the price.


I absolutely love the smell of (OH) Gingerbread. As I’ve mentioned here before, I just love cinnamon and if you too love cinnamon, you need this product. I’ve used a shower scrub from LUSH before and this formula is very similar. The LUSH one feels a lot like a slushy in texture but this one feels less watery and more scrubby. You wont need very much of this product either and your skin will feel silky and soft after you’ve used it. This product was also around $17-19 AUD.

(OH) Candy Cane was the first thing that I spotted as I walked into Oh Deer Sugar. I actually missed the Rocky Road stand and grabbed the Candy Cane section first. Good thing that I did though, otherwise I might have ended up with everything Rocky Road scented haha. This smells similar to the fruity-minty candy cane scent that some candy canes have. I’m not the biggest fan of the soaps but I do like them for special occasions because they tend to run out quickly but the smell is worth it. I am going to save this for when I finish my degree in two weeks 🙂


I hope that you’re all having a great day and you might go and have a little look at what Oh Deer Sugar are doing for Christmas. They still have some of the Halloween goodies in store so if you were wanting any of that, I’d pick it up soon!

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