Disney Week: The Lion King

Welcome to the first post for Disney Week! Many Disney movies were released in this week and because I love celebrating premieres, I thought that I’d try to do every single movie that came out this week on each day of this week! So 7 full days of blogging. I’m very excited and I hope that you are too!

So this first post will be about The Lion King! This movie premiered 21 years ago, today and was Disney’s highest grossing film ever. And it still was until Frozen was released. This movie is many people’s favourite Disney movie and for this day, I have chosen to share my Scar makeup!


Scar is a very well loved character and I think that a lot of that has to do with Jeremy Irons’ voice work for this character. Be Prepared is thought to be one of the best Disney villain songs to date. People just can’t get enough of Scar!

I made the scar with my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk and set it with a white shadow from my Meet Matt(e) Nude palette. My lips are Sangria by Milani, one of my favourite colours. And I used a darker foundation on my skin to achieve a colour closer to Scar’s fur.

I hope that you’re having a great day!

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Au revoir xxx

Celebrating 91 years of the Walt Disney Company!

Disney is such a large part of my life and because of this, today is one of the most important days of the year. To celebrate 91 years of Disney goodness, I have decided to produce makeup looks based on my favourite characters! I’ve already dressed up as a few of the characters in the past, so there will be a few older photos but for the most part, I will be creating these from scratch.

From the oldest animated Disney movie to the newest, here are my Disney looks:

Snow White: ~Old Photo~


Tinkerbell (Peter Pan):

Tink 2 Tink 1

Penny (The Rescuers):


Ariel (The Little Mermaid):


Belle (Beauty and the Beast): ~old photo~


Scar (The Lion King):


Dr Facilier (The Princess And The Frog):


I had a lot of fun making these! I can make separate posts if people are interested in knowing how anything is done or what products were used.

Hope you enjoy Disney Day!

ArrivederLa xx