MOTD: Adele’s Hello

Hello… It’s me.

This song absolutely blew up on the internet and is still being sung constantly by pretty much everyone and their dog and I thought that it was about time that I honoured Adele’s gorgeous eyeliner and cheekbone contour by trying to recreate the look that she wore in the music video! I hope that you enjoy!



I used this Nikkie Tutorials tutorial to help me recreate this look. Because I was using this tutorial as a guide, I was also using a few elements that Nikkie was using from Adele’s SNL performance, like the glitter eyeliner.

 Slimming down the moon that is my face and clean eyeliner that suits hooded eyes are two things that I cherish. They’re also two things that Adele’s iconic makeup features. Michael Ashton is her regular makeup artist but I’m not sure if he was the makeup artist for this music video. If anyone knows who it was, I’d really appreciate it!


Products Used:

L’Oreal Matte Primer
L’Oreal Miracle Touch Blur
Revlon ColorStay Oily/Combo in Ivory
Innoxa Under Eye Concealer
Australis Fresh N Flawless
NYX Powder Blush in Taupe
Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Makeup Geek Eyeshadows
(Vanilla Bean, Preppy, Barcelona Beach, Shimma Shimma, Ice Queen)
Chi Chi Brow Pomade in Blonde and Medium Brown
Maybelline Hyper Sharp Wing liner
NYX Glitter Liner in Silver
Essence Multi-Action Volume Mascara
MAC Blankety


I don’t tend to go so heavy with my neutral eye makeup but I was loving how this turned out. With a nice set of falsies, this look would be perfect! I love the song and I adore the makeup. I also loved taking some photos of myself where I wasn’t being my regular, cutesy self.


Thank you so much for reading my post and I hope that you are all having a fantastic day!

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My Makeup Geek Collection!

Hey guys!

This week I thought I’d have gotten more posts up but because of AVCon and some other posts falling threw, I wasn’t able to post what I wanted to! If you follow me on Instagram then you’d have seen what I got up to! I will be making an AVCon post soon with a video and I’m hoping that that will be up soon, just waiting to get a few more photos back from shoots and things. But today I’m here to talk about my MUG collection!

Prior to my recent purchase, I’d bought 6 shadows that acted as dupes for the MAC x Cinderella Stroke of Midnight palette. I never made a post about them for some reason so I thought I’d just make a post about everything I have now! Especially since I have a palette to store my shadows in. During the free shipping sale, I took advantage of getting a few things that I probably wouldn’t have if I’d have had to pay for shipping. I believe that Makeup Geek doesn’t have flat rate shipping, so this free shipping sale was a pretty big deal for people outside of the US.


Here’s what I picked up in my most recent order:


So, I decided that I definitely needed a z-palette and I was tossing up between a few different colours but lavender is my favourite colour so it was really a no-brainer. Despite knowing the size, It was still bigger that I’d expected it to be. This will fit 27 eyeshadows, so I should be set on a place to keep my MUG shadows!

I also decided to pick up three eyeshadows, Vanilla Bean, Barcelona Beach, and Twilight. I bought Vanilla Bean because I wanted a shadow that matched my skin tone so that I could use it as a base. Prior to this order, I sort of had an add on palette rather than an all in one eye shadow palette, and that was what I was really looking for. Since NYX Taupe blush has been discontinued, I was looking for an alternative. Marlena always talks about using Barcelona Beach as a contour powder so I bought it for that and because it looked like a super useful shadow. I have since used it as a contour powder and it is very pigmented but if you apply it lightly, it does work! I will have to practice with it and at the moment, NYX Taupe is still my preferred contouring powder, but that might be because I’m familiar with it haha.


Here are all of my MUG shadows together in the z-palette:

The shadows that I have as dupes for the MAC x Cinderella Stroke of Midnight are; Ice Queen, Shimma Shimma, Preppy, Unexpected, Mesmerized (Foiled), and Drama Queen. I even talked to Marlena about it around the time that MAC had released that palette and she said that she thought that they were definitely the closest dupes from MUG.

TFW Senpai notices you

Here is the palette swatched on to my hand:

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)

Top: Ice Queen, Shimma Shimma, Preppy, Unexpected, Mesmerized
Bottom: Drama Queen, Vanilla Bean, Barcelona Beach, Twilight

There are some shades that I will definitely be picking up soon, like Bitten *grabby hands*. I definitely think my palette needs some variety now that I have my base shades done and some mauvey colours. Makeup Geek is my favourite makeup brand. They have cheap, good quality products and fantastic customer service. I also think that Marlena does a fantastic job representing the brand and they go above and beyond to have the customers involved in the brand and things like that. I just can’t get enough of Makeup Geek! I also can’t wait for their liquid lipsticks to be released.

I hope that you are all enjoying your day!

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What am I waiting on?

Since crying over MAC’s Cinderella release, I got to do some much needed retail therapy. I don’t actually like shopping online very much because I like to have things on the day of purchase or the next day. I’m super impatient haha. But I thought that while I wait, I’d share what I’m looking forward to over the next 2 or so weeks 🙂


Makeup Geek Shadows

I’ve been following Makeup Geek for a while and I know that they have a really big following online. I love Marlena and I think she promotes her products in a way that lets you know that she really cares for the brand. I chose these shadows because I wanted to make a more cost effective palette that looked a lot like the MAC Cinderella Stroke of Midnight palette. You get almost double the product in each shadow for half the price of the shadows. I am well aware that most of this palette is permanent shadows but in Australia, MAC shadows retail for $33AUD and I definitely wouldn’t pay that much for a shadow and I know that Makeup Geek have a good reputation and pretty colours. I’d been debating buying from here for a while so this was the perfect opportunity.

I didn’t buy a z palette to put them in because I was going to make my own! The colours that I picked up were Shimma Shimma, Ice Queen, Preppy, Unexpected, Mesmerized and Drama Queen. I’m getting email updates on the tracking because I’m so excited to use these!

mac-cinderella-lipstick-royal-ballMAC x Cinderella Royal Ball

This product has been a personal victory for me. I really hunted it down after missing out on it, as explained in this post. I got it for almost the same price as the Australian RRP + shipping so I am super happy about that. This is also something that I have email updates for because I am praying for its safe arrival. I honestly cannot wait for this to arrive.


Yugioh – Melodious Deck

As some of you may know, I play Yugioh with my friends and as this is non makeup related, I’m going to keep this super short and sweet. I love music and the card names are based around musical puns. One of my other decks is based around dessert puns. But I just bought the base cards that I needed for this deck because they’re getting some new cards released to make them awesome so the price of the cards will definitely grow in the next few months and I had had my eye on them for a while so I thought it was about time I bought them!

I thought I’d do this kind of post every now and then so that if you guys are interested in any products, you could comment asking me to do a review for anything that I’m waiting on! I tend to already have an idea of things I’d like to review but this way its more personal and I would love to be able to talk to you guys more 🙂

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Hope you’re having a good day!

ArrivederLa xxx