May Favourites 2016

Hey guys!

This month has been pretty crazy for me and the world. Did everyone enjoy Eurovision? It feels like ages since it was on. I also had a tonne of assignments due this month and looking back on my schedule, I’m surprised I managed to do much around those assignments. Even though I was quite busy, I still have quite a few favourites this month and I’m really excited to talk about them! I hope that you enjoy it!



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Birthday Beauty Wishlist!

Hey guys!

A week from today, it’ll be my 21st birthday! I am actually terrible at telling people what I would like for my birthday or Christmas. I always have a mental blank.  Even while I was writing this post, I had serious mental blanks and it was very frustrating haha. So, to help me decide what to spend money on and start getting excited about my birthday even though we are in the middle of uni exams, I decided I’d make a little post about everything that I’m lusting over at the moment!


theBalmMary-Lou Manizer


I’ve lusted after this product for so long now and there really is no reason for me not to pick this up. I keep going into David Jones and swatching it on my hand and crying a little bit over how pretty it looks. I guess part of it is that it is always out of stock because it is so popular but when it is in stock, I don’t run after it. So dumb. She will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine~

Marc JacobsDaisy Dream Forever


I smelt this perfume the other day while I was with my mum and I fell in love with it. It is nice and sweet and I think that it would be perfect for spring and summer!

Makeup GeekEyeshadows

Makeup Geek

It’s no secret that I love MUG shadows but I always get overwhelmed by all of the pretty colours and I can’t decide what I am after. Now that they’ve released new Duo Chrome and Matte eyeshadows, I know I have a lot of new shadows to pick up! I am just so in love with the colours and I think that all of these will fit in my z-palette. Fingers crossed!

LUSH – Christmas Items


As I’ve said before, I can’t get enough of the LUSH Christmas items. I just think that they are absolutely adorable and Yog Nog is a must have scent. Even thought I own the bath bomb and the soap, I will need more of it before the season is over! I also really want Peeking Santa and Cinders, which I purchased last year and loved! It is pretty safe to get me anything that is from the LUSH Christmas range, I’m sure I’ll love it!

Bonus items:

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer and 3DS!


I have been very excited for this game since I first heard about it. I traded in my Animal Crossing New Leaf and I was pretty upset about it because I follow a lot of Animal Crossing accounts on instagram. So now is my time to shine as an interior decorator haha. This new ds is being released on the 5th of November, just after my birthday. So I’m pretty excited about it. Happy birthday from Nintendo!

DisneyTsum Tsums


There are tonnes of cute tsum tsums out at the moment and this new set of Harajuku themed Tsums has my heart. There are tonnes of tsums that I want! I really want Figaro from Pinocchio but he might have been limited to the the set sold at D23 this year.


I hope that you guys enjoyed this post. If you have any ideas for what I might like to pick up for my birthday, that’d be fantastic.

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Review: Shiro Cosmetics New Leaf Trio (I CAN’T BE LEAF IT)

Hey guys!

So, today I am here to talk about Shiro Cosmetics‘ new-ish pigment trio based on one of my favourite DS games, Animal Crossing. I was so excited when I heard about this and like every other collection that Shiro creates, I felt like this collection was meant for me (sorry, bank account (but not really because Shiro is affordable)). As always, I feel like these shades may not be shades that I’m immediately drawn to nor do I think that I will wear all the time. I definitely look at Shiro more for the novelty of makeup that is themed around things I really enjoy. But the products are fantastic quality and the price for both the product and the shipping is really phenomenal so I don’t mind at all.


Here’s what I received!


As always, I received what I ordered, and then I received some free samples. Shiro are super generous with their samples and I really need to get some more little jars for these samples or I’ll never use them. You can read my post about how I transferred them from the little bags into little jars here!

The first shadow in the collection is Forever A Loan.
11693083_10153243653752530_1621153354_nHonestly, the entire game is about one big loan that you have because of this weenie right here, Tom Nook. 11720725_10153243653802530_733386450_n

This shade is really cool. I don’t know if I had something on my hand before I swatched the shade, but the shadow turned a little yellow on the edges of my swatch. It is a warmer mint colour, similar to OPI Nail Lacquer in Gargantuan Greep Grape. I can definitely see myself wearing this, I’ve been trying to wear more green but I keep falling back on neutrals because I’m lazy.

The next pigment in the trio is Canine Help You?

Isabelle is the sweetest lil bean in New Leaf and I’m so glad that she got a shade. I actually thought that I’d probably get the most use out of this colour because its a more neutral yellow. Its really gorgeous and it kinda reminds me or butter or vanilla ice cream haha.

The last pigment in the trio is Alpaca Picnic

I love Reese and I love this shade, I’m not sure what else to say about it. It is a gorgeous colour and I think that it would suit so many people. I think it would look especially good on people with blue/green eyes because it will make your eye colour pop!

The two additional pigments I received were Little Bird from the Game of Thrones collection and Diamonds, I’m not sure which collection this one is from.

11694271_10153243653972530_1963000182_n                                        11719860_10153243653957530_664416533_n
Diamonds is a super sparkly colour, when I first opened it, it burst out of the little packet and sparkles flew into the air. And yes, they were PASTEL SPARKLES~~~~

Little Bird is a really great colour, especially good for crease work or transitioning. It is a super popular shade right now and for good reason! I also adore the character that it is based on. #SansaIsBAE

The only thing about this collection is that I wish that they made more shades because Cyrus, KK, Mabel and Labelle would have also made great shades, along with all of the other characters. I really love this game.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, if you’re interested in seeing the rest of my Shiro Cosmetics collection with swatches, you can find it here!

I hope that you are all enjoying your day!

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