Disappointing Products #2

Hey guys!

It’s been a little while since my last Disappointing Products post because it’s taken me a while to actually have products to be disappointed in! I suppose that’s probably a good thing haha. Quick disclaimer before I start this post, what may be disappointing for me, may work for you. I don’t want you to think that you’re using a terrible product if it is working for you! Either way, I hope that you enjoy this post!



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Haul: Priceline 40% Off Skincare!

Hey guys!

My last post was all about what I was hoping to pick up during the sale and today I wanted to share with you my haul! The sale is still on today and tomorrow so if you still have bits and bobs that you want to pick up, now is the time! I hope that you enjoy the post!



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First Impressions: Neutrogena Hydro Boost

Hey guys!

Last week, Priceline had a 50% off of Big Brands sale and one of the brands included in the sale was Neutrogena. Ever since Caitlan of Procrasticaitlan featured her skincare routine using it, I knew that I wanted to get my hands on it. With the sale, I thought now was the best time to try it out! There were only a few products in stock so I only managed to get three of the items but I’ll give you a quick spoiler, I’m definitely going to be purchasing the rest of the range when I can! I didn’t want to do a proper review just yet because I’ve only been using the products for a week. However, I do hope that you enjoy this little first impressions post and find it helpful!



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BellaBox December 2014: What Did I Receive?

As I mentioned in my last post, this was my last BellaBox. I thought that I’d finish this year’s boxes and then give my final review of this service and whether it is worth it. This month’s box made me very sad, in a good way haha. I’ll let you know why further on in this post.

image imageb

Initial Thoughts:

This box looked fantastic. I could use almost everything and I was excited to use almost everything! A lot of youtubers have received packages filled with the KORA by Miranda Kerr line so I was excited to be testing it out along with them.

KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr – Purifying Day & Night Cream:

image (1)

This was nothing extraordinary, for me, anyway. The smell lingers and I don’t love the smell. This is also really thin and watery so it’d be best suited to day time, before makeup. I am glad I got to see what the full sized product looks like. I don’t think that this is worth the money, so I am extra glad I got to try it for next to nothing.

RRP: $59.95

Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Mascara:

image (2)

When I read that this product is a top seller on Amazon and a cult favourite, I was intrigued. I used this pretty much immediately and I didn’t use any eyeliner, so that I could see the effect that the mascara gave on its own. It was fantastic! It made my lashes look feathery and fluttery, long and thick. I am really pleased with this and I would almost definitely buy the full size!

RRP: $25

Enbacci Pore Minimiser:

image (3)

I used this product immediately, as well. This product smells like the LUSH Facial Mask – Cosmetic Warrior and its not a nice smell, especially for a product that is meant to be used in porous places like your nose. I did, however, really enjoy this product. I did notice a difference in how my makeup sat on my face. This little tube is worth $6 and using it every day, I’ve used it kind of quickly so I do not know whether it is completely worth it but I usually go by, ‘if it works, it is worth it’.

RRP: $30

Kerastase Paris Nutritive Nectar Thermique:

image (4)

I haven’t used this product yet but it looks promising! I plan on using it tonight so if it is any good, I’m sure I will mention it in a post later on. It is a leave in conditioner and nothing seems to work on my incredibly dry hair, hopefully this will be something that makes a difference!

RRP: $45

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash:

image (5)

There’s nothing really to say about this other than I’m happy to have it to try out as I have been experiencing some break outs!

RRP: $13.99

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation:

image (6)

I do really want to try this foundation, it is just a shame that this shade is way too dark for me!

RRP: $23.95


This box has made me sad because I love most of the products. I suppose that it is good to end this experience on a high but it is a shame to see this box go. I have had such bad experiences with this box since I got it and I know that I could be spending my money elsewhere so that’s a real plus. I’m sure I’ll find another subscription box in the future and hopefully it won’t be so bad!

Would I recommend subscribing to Bellabox? No. If I’m willingly unsubscribing, that should be a hint that I’m not really enjoying the experience. There have been some ups and mostly downs but I am glad that I got to experience it for as long as I did!

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ArrivederLa xxx

BellaBox September 2014: What Did I receive?

I am again considering cancelling my subscription to Bellabox and this time its due to how long the boxes now take to get to its customers. I almost didn’t get this box in September and it is really disappointing that this company can’t deliver what they promise and also don’t really communicate if there is a shipping issue. Anyway, now that I’ve had my little rant, I’ll talk about this month’s box.

This month there was no blue box, standard for bellabox. They sent us this card inside the cardboard box explaining why there was no blue box.

bellabox september 1

bellabox september 2

I don’t particularly care, as long as my box is safe.

Here is what I got in my box:

bellabox september 3

bellabox september 4

When I first opened the box, I saw the neon hair ties and went “NOOOOOO”. I hate neon things, I love bright lipstick but that is as far as I go. I was happy to see lashes though and when I saw that the Tresemme product was for anti frizz I was pretty happy.

Neutrogena Makeup Wipes:

I’m happy to receive makeup wipes, especially from a decent brand like Neutrogena. They certainly aren’t an exciting product but they’re useful and you can never have too many! This sample gave 7 sheets, the full size is 25 sheets.

Value: $2.24 (RRP $7.99)

Gliders Hair Ties:

I’m sorry if you like neon colours, I just really don’t like them much at all. Hair ties are useful but I wouldn’t use them. I’ll just give them to my mum. I don’t know if they’re fantastic quality or anything.

Value: RRP $4.95

1000 Hour Lashes:

bellabox september 5

The style that I received were the Wicked Lush lashes and my friend received the Pin Up lashes, I want to swap with her because I like that style better but I’m very happy to receive new lashes! I wear lashes pretty regularly so this was a great addition to this month’s bellabox, but lashes certainly aren’t for everyone. I am glad that they chose lashes that came with glue though, I probably won’t use it but for people that don’t wear lashes regularly, this is a great way for people to try them out.

Value: RRP $9.95

Sleek Makeup Eye Dust:

bellabox september 6 bellabox september 7

This was the product I was most excited for. I’ve been wanting to try Sleek Makeup ever since I first played with it in a Sephora in France. It just sucks that I was given black. I said in one of my previous posts that I hate wearing black eyeshadow because its too dramatic for my liking. I had a look at the other colours available on the Sleek website and I’d have taken almost any other colour. However, I know I’ll use this with my Shiro Cosmetics Pigments, particularly the pigment called Mother of Dragons! I think that they would look really pretty together.  It said on the card that Sleek products are available on the BellaBox website, which so far isn’t true. I assume they will be available in October or November. I did go to the Sleek website to find the price, it might be in American dollar despite being from the UK, either way, they are a good price!

Here’s a swatch, you can see both the colour with light shining on the shadow and one without. I will probably buy some more of these.

bellabox september 8 bellabox september 9

Value: $4.49

In this box we received two bonus products, two samples.

Garnier Perfect Blur:

Garnier products break me out but I’ll probably still give this a go.

Value: $1.20 (RRP $16.95)

Revlon ColorStay Foundation:

This is my everyday foundation, I absolutely love it and highly recommend it. Its too bad that they sent me the Normal/Dry version in a colour that is too dark for me, I’ll probably have to throw it away because its useless to me.

Value: $1.75 (RRP $34.95)

Overall, I am okay with this box, I’m happy to have some products but there isn’t anything that excites me. BellaBox recently updated their website and I think that they have a better quiz now for your box, so I may start getting better boxes in the coming months, or at least I hope so. So, I will not cancel my subscription for next month. I just hope for better service in the future.

Total Value: $24.58 (RRP $79.28)