Journey to Cruelty Free #1

Hey guys!

So, since becoming vegetarian, I really wanted to think about the makeup and skincare that I was using. I know that being a vegetarian doesn’t eliminate all of the cruelty involved in my eating habits but in the effort to minimise the hurt that I’m creating, I wanted to try to start using majority cruelty free products. I’m not doing this to make myself better than anyone else. This is just a personal preference that I believe aligns with my personal beliefs.

I plan on making this a sort of series where I update you all on my progress and my planning. In this post, I am going to identify what brands in my collection are cruelty free and to what degree they are cruelty free (brand doesn’t test/sell in China, parent company doesn’t sell in China, vegan). A lot of brands don’t test but their parent company sells to countries (China) where it is law to test on animals, so you’re still more or less buying into cruelty. I hope that this is helpful, I am only including brands that I personally use so this isn’t everything that is cruelty free by any means. This is already going to be the longest post ever haha. I hope that you enjoy the post!



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Review: Natralus Natural Paw Paw Lip Butter

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to talk about some lip conditioners that I’ve been trialing because they’re affordable and good quality. What more could you want? I really hope that you enjoy this post and consider getting to know Natralus and their lip butters!



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Bloggers United Adelaide Event Recap

Hey guys!
My long awaited Bloggers United post is finally here! I am so excited to finally be able to talk about the amazing day that I had. This post will give you a full run down of exactly how the day went and I’ll give a brief description of each brand that I met with. I’ll also give my thoughts on the day at the end of the post. I wanted to keep this intro pretty short and sweet because this is a mammoth post haha. I hope that you enjoy it!


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BellaBox August 2014: What did I receive?

Last month, I said that if I wasn’t impressed with this month’s BellaBox, I’d cancel my subscription. I had been really looking forward to this because I wanted BellaBox to redeem themselves, for me anyway. When I first heard that the theme was ‘sports’ I was ready for this box to be a flop. I don’t go to the gym or do much exercise other than walking to get to places I need to go, so this box seemed like it was only really going to benefit one group of people and I am not part of that group of people. I’d also like to mention that once again, Bellabox came pretty late with very little excuse, but it came and I’m here to talk about what I got and do a little review.

This is what the card inside the box looked like:
bellabox sport 1
bellabox sport 2

This is what I received:

bellabox sport 3

When I first opened up the box I was relieved! I wasn’t really excited by any products but at least I know I can used most, if not all products. Also, almost all products are full sized!

ecoTOOLS Lip Brush:

This was the item I was most excited to see. I love lipstick and I know I’ll get some use out of this. This is a pretty standard lip brush and I’m glad I get to try something from ecoTOOLS because I’ve wanted to try their brushes for a while.

Value: RRP $8.99

Natralus NatraSan Hand Sanitiser Kakadu Plum and Vanilla:

This is the thing I was like, ‘this is going straight into my hand bag’. I love hand sanitiser, which is such a strange thing to love but I sort of have a phobia of getting myself dirty so I know I’ll use this a lot. It says that there are 180 sprays per bottle and it smells pretty good! I love anything vanilla but if you spray more than once into your hand (directions say to spray twice) the smell may be too strong, it certainly was for me.

Value: RRP $4.49

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream:

I don’t really know when I’ll use it and I’m not entirely sure how I am supposed to use this but I guess I’ll sort it out. I like BellaBox because I have opportunities to use things that I normally wouldn’t purchase.

Value: $7.50 (RRP $14.99)

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner:

I keep seeing this brand everywhere and I’d been meaning to try out their products for a while. I also travel a lot, so having little samples of shampoo and conditioner is really handy. This smells awesome and made my hair feel nice!

Value: $2.80 (RRP $17.99)

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Pinkalicious:

I’ve used these nail polishes before and the formula has been hit and miss with some colours. I haven’t had the chance to try this out yet, but I doubt I’d get too much wear out of it because I don’t wear this colour often at all.

Value: RRP $5.99

Palmers Cocoa Butter:

I’ve used this product before and loved it so I’m more than happy to have a sample of it!

Value: $? (RRP $9.99)

Overall, I am really happy with this box, even though nothing excited me very much, I know I’ll use all of it and I won’t be canceling my subscription! Even with a sports theme, these all just feel like useful items for every day people which I think is a very safe box to give to people after last month’s box.

Total Value: $29.77 (RRP $71.43)