Welcome to My Latest Obsession

Hey guys!

Now I want to let you know that I’m writing this pretty spur of the moment and I had a much better post scheduled to go up today but you’re going to have to wait for the good and just read this fluff post for right now because I needed to express my feelings and maybe help you discover the best content on the internet (in my opinion, as of March 2017). You’re welcome, and I hope you enjoy.



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Valentine’s Day: How to Celebrate it!

Hey guys!

Whether you’ve got a partner or not, celebrating Valentine’s Day can be a really fun time and there is a tonne of stuff that you can do. Whether you’re exchanging gifts with friends or loved ones, going out to dinner or just sending V-Day Card memes on social media, everyone seems to end up celebrating somehow. I really don’t subscribe to the notion that people should be anti-Valentine’s Day. Its a day to celebrate love, in whatever form that comes in. Today I wanted to share how I plan on celebrating it and how you might like to! I hope that you enjoy!



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Project Pan: 20 Products in 20 Weeks!

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to introduce my 2nd project pan! After completing my first project pan one month ago, I was itching to start another one but this time, I’d know what worked and what didn’t and tailor it to my needs and goals! If you’re unfamiliar with ‘panning’, Project Pan is where you select a certain number of beauty products with the intention of ‘panning’ them. Panning itself can mean either hitting pan, or using them up entirely. Due to my lack of success with restricting spending on beauty entirely, I participate in Project Pans because they encourage me to understand how long it takes to finish a product and stops me from overspending that way. As the title suggests, this project pan will last 20 weeks (December 1st to April 20th) and includes 20 items. This time, I’ve included a few different products because I really want to get my money’s worth and remove them from my room clutter. I hope that you enjoy this post!



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Cinderella Week: Nails!

The Australian premiere of the live-action Cinderella is this Thursday and I thought that it would be fun to have a Cinderella themed week! The first post is about my nails! I’m super excited for this movie! My boyfriend and I will be seeing it to celebrate 18 months together 🙂

Here are the nails: IMG_0768 I’m wearing Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Barracuda and topped it off with Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Snow Globe! Barracuda is my favourite nail polish shade. Its so soft but it catches people’s attention. I think that it is the perfect summer colour! Snow Globe is a perfect glitter top coat, the glitters shine green, silver and blue and I thought that it would be perfect for adding some magic to the nails.

Have you seen the movie or will you be seeing the movie?

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