Perfect Palette Tag!

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share a fun little post because I really love palettes and I really love tags haha. This has been a really popular tag for years and today I wanted to share my answers! I hope that you enjoy!



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Zombie Beauty Tips!

Hey ghouls!

Are you tired of not being invited to parties because you’re “a rotted, blood-soaked legion of the undead”? Sick of going on date after date, only to have none of them ever return your phone calls?
Well! Ogle School and I are going to share with you how to get from monstrous to fabulous!



PROBLEM: Dark Under Eye Circles

12179839_10153481127447530_1637897217_n 12180071_10153481127467530_1118454305_n


  • At the stroke of midnight, enter the abandoned, haunted mansion at the top of the hill (use GPS for directions).
  • Place a spoon in the freezer/portal to demonic dimension.
  • After two minutes of fighting off the ghost of a 17th-century sea captain, remove the spoon from the freezer and gently rub it under each eye.


  • Get sucked into the demonic dimension with fabulous, flawless under-eyes.

PROBLEM: Sagging, Rotting Skin



  • Prep zombie skin with Bodyography’s Tinted Moisturizer
  • Apply an even layer of BB cream
  • Apply liquid foundation, followed by powder foundation.
  • Apply yellow-toned brightening powder to set makeup and smooth texture.
  • Eat brains with tight, perfect skin. (Yum!)

PROBLEM: Bloodshot Eyes


There were no funny tricks for this one, that’s my real anxiety-ridden uni student bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep!


  • Commission a witch during the lunar solstice to cast an anti-bloodshot spell on you.
  • Sell your eternal soul to the devil in exchange for clear, bright eyes.
  • Use eyedrops.
  • Chant “Bloody Mary” three times in front of a mirror. When she appears, ask if she has any tips.

PROBLEM: Organs Spilling Out of Your Body



  • Spanx.

PROBLEM: Hair-loss



  • Rub 1/4 cup of coconut oil into your scalp.
  • Repeat as needed.
  • Make your own cute DIY wig with the hair of your victims (see Pinterest for fashion-forward styling tips).


Styled to perfection ❤

PROBLEM: Blood-Stained Teeth



  • Avoid the harsh chemicals in whitening strips by opting, instead, for a baking soda-based toothpaste.
  • Switch out your regular floss for the teeth-whitening kind.
  • Just roll with it. Chunky jewelry and blood-stained teeth are this season’s must-have accessories.

And now for the big reveal! After all of these helpful tips, I’ve gone from monstrous to fabulous!

12170462_10153481127387530_418631514_n 12170616_10153481127412530_1592888714_n


You can read Ogle School’s post here! With these tips, you’ll never have to feel monstrous ever again, unless of course you would like to!

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Disney Week: Matchmaker Fa Mulan

Today is the anniversary of the premiere of Mulan! I never loved Mulan like I probably should have and that is purely based on how many people do covers of the song Reflection. Everyone covers that song and it isn’t a very challenging song so I never understood why everyone chose it and now it is just so overplayed that I can’t watch the movie. But the rest of the movie is fantastic and I have always loved the music. Even though I hate the song Reflection, the makeup she is wearing in that song and Honor To Us All is pretty much the only thing I could think to pull from the movie that would be relevant to my blog. And I love Honor to Us All so I don’t completely mind haha. Also, I’d really love for anyone to be able to tell me what this makeup is called, I was always under the impression that Geisha was Japanese so I was wondering what the word would be for the Chinese version, if any. All I know is that they wore Hanfu during this ceremony.

Here is the makeup for the songs Honor To Us All and Reflection:

11541192_10153195667562530_2039317230_n                                                 11350189_10153195667592530_567566008_n
Bringin’ a lil bit of honour to my family but I’m in my pjs so how much could I really be bringin’ (je ne regrette rien).
For this part of the makeup, I used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, but I wish I hadn’t. I’ve been wanting to get face paints for things and this would have been one thing that would have really suited face paint but I did what I could with what I had. The issue with the Jumbo Pencil is that it shows all of the dry patches that you have and prior to using the pencil, I had no visible dry patches. I blended it out the best I could with my finger and tried with a beauty sponge but it just took too much product away. So, this base part was extremely time consuming because I wanted it to be even. The lips were a combination of Milani’s Best Red and Gerard Cosmetics’ Candy Apple gloss. I over drew my lips into two crescent moons to look like Mulan’s did in the movie. I used the Savvy Powder Blush in Rose but I wished I’d picked something cooler toned. I had originally picked a bright pink blush but Mulan’s actually isn’t that bright, it’s just very pigmented. And for the eyeshadow, I used Matt Hung from theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude palette.
11426688_10153195667622530_292467605_n                                                 11425654_10153195667632530_1610227530_n
A very sad Mulan. Also, what was on her sleeve because her makeup just comes off in one swoop.
11354838_10153195667697530_1699006112_n                                                 11414686_10153195667647530_785774475_n
This part kinda reminded me of Nikkie Tutorials’ Power of Makeup video that’s gone viral. All I did was carefully run my makeup wipe down the centre of my face, being really careful around my lips because I didn’t want to smear red on to the white part. This was probably the part that was most fun for me because of how easily it just wipes off. LIKE MAGIC. It was in this time that I took the most snapchat photos of this makeup look because it just looked so ridiculous and I was so worried that someone would come home and see me like that hahaha.
11430269_10153195667732530_1234561197_n                                                11123635_10153195667842530_1916314097_n
Anyway, I hope that you have a wonderful day, wherever you are!

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MOTD: 54th Anniversary of 101 Dalmatians

Today, we are celebrating the 54th anniversary of a pretty special movie! Like most Disney movies, I grew up watching this as a kid and as I’ve grown, parts of the movie have stayed with me. I remember that when I used to play piano regularly, Cruella De Vil was one of the songs that I’d always be playing. And when I entered the world of tumblr, back when my hair was red, I had a lot of people commenting that I reminded them of Anita. I don’t know if I agree with them, but I do think that she’s a pretty cute character. There’s also been a resurgence in Roger appreciation, so I thought that it was very important to create this 101 Dalmatians inspired look.

So for this look, I decided to combine elements from the movie:



I gathered inspiration for this look from animal print eye looks. When most people think of 101 Dalmatians, they immediately think of Cruella and, admittedly, so did I.  As some of you may know, the voice of Pongo, Rod Taylor, passed away this month, so this was also a kind of tribute to him. I didn’t want to recreate Cruella because I feel everyone has kind of been there and done that. I wanted to do something that I haven’t seen all too often.


I didn’t try to do my hair any special way, I was thinking about wearing a black wig but its just not the same as having the black and white split. I also want to apologise for my sunburnt chest. I’m still getting over the burn that I got while I was in WA.

Here is my puppy and I. I felt like this look gave me the perfect excuse to take selfies with my dog:



Here is a list of the products that I used:

TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette – Matt Malloy
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Maybelline Hyperglossy Liner
Essence Princess Mascara
Elizabeth Mott Big Mascara

Maybelline Brow Liner in Blonde
Australis Clear Mascara

Milani Best Red

For those who’ve seen the Starkid musical, Twisted, while I was creating this look, I kept singing, ‘I only wished to have a coat made out of puppies!’

I hope that you are all enjoying your day!

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MOTD: Marsala

I was so excited to make a look for this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala. I want to do two of these because this one is Marsala on the eyes and cheeks but I’d like to do one for Marsala lips too. We shall see.

I also thought that for this post, I’d write down ALL of the products I used for this, because lately I’ve been just writing lip and eye products.

Here is the look:


I also wanted an excuse to use NYX Macaron Lippie in Chambord, and I thought that I’d be doing a dark look as it is so I might as well just take it to the next level haha.

Here is a close up of the eyes:


For the eyes, I used:

ELF Shadow Primer
The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette – Matt Garcia and Matt Wood
Shiro Cosmetics Loose Pigments – Women’s Weaponry and Ganondorf
Maybelline Hyperglossy Liner
Elizabeth Mott Big Mascara


For the face, I used:

Revlon Colorstay Oily/Combo skin in Ivory
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder
NYX Powder Blush in Taupe
ELF Blush in Blushing Rose
Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil
Australis Clear Brow Mascara

For the lips, I used:

NYX Macaron Lippie in Chambord (I’d recommend using a black liner with this lipstick)



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Review: TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette

Meet Matt(e) Nude 1Meet Matt(e) Nude 2

I bought this palette about a week ago, so I have had some time to play around with it and develop a solid opinion on it. I had been wanting this palette for a while and when I saw NikkieTutorials recreate this look, I knew that I had to go buy it. I purchased this at David Jones for $49.95 which seems to be quite expensive but when you compare the amount of product you get, it is actually quite cheap compared to getting the same colours from a ‘cheaper’ brand like Inglot – which would be around $90 + however much it is to buy one of their freedom system palettes. You are also able to purchase it online from a number of different stores.

TheBalm actually has another Meet Matt(e) palette but I don’t think that it is available in Australia, or it isn’t anymore. It was smaller and it featured our good friend Matt – who is presumably the person on the packaging – with clothes on. It also had more greens and blues. But all of the colours were matte, just like this palette.

Each shadow in this palette is close to 3 grams each, which is double the amount you get in a MAC eyeshadow. The shadows have quite multicultural last names which I think is pretty cool and I think it is a lot of why I like it, apart from the fact that I just think that it is a great palette.

Meet Matt(e) Nude 3

This is where the names come from:

Johnson: Western (blue-gray)

Garcia: Spanish (burgundy)

Malloy: Irish (creamy white)

Rosen: German (mid-tone warm brown)

Wood: Western (cool dark brown)

Singh: Indian (peach)

Abdul: Arabic (grey)

Lombardi: Italian (buttery yellow)

Hung: Vietnamese (plum gray)

Meet Matt(e) Nude 4

I swatched the shadows over the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in milk and also on to my bare skin so that you can see the difference. These shadows are quite pigmented and they stick to the skin quite well, when you rub your fingers together to try and wipe away the colour, it doesn’t really budge like many other shadows that I’ve tried and I would say that that is a good thing.

Another thing that I love about this palette is that while they are neutral shades, they’re not the standard neutral shades. There are typical browns and things but I think that this palette is more interesting than the regular neutral matte palette because of the muted blue, plum, burgundy, etc.

I think that if you love matte shadows that this would be a great purchase. I have already convinced a friend to buy it and she is loving it so far! I have been using this daily and because there is a range of cool and warm shades, I think that this can assist any shadow look.

Hope you are having a good day!

ArrivederLa xxx