Big, Bold and Beautiful! Liptember Recommendations

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In a week’s time, I will be starting my month of bold lip colours, Liptember. I didn’t realise it was so close! The colours that you can choose for Liptember are; blue, green, orange, red, purple, yellow and pink. I’m ready and I’m going to share with you some shades that can help you to be prepared for the big, bold and beautiful month of September!


Australis Velourlips in MAL-I-BOO, NY-CEE, TOK-I-O and RIO-D.


Picture from Ma Sucree’s Makeup Musings

It has been very evident on this blog that I adore the Australis Velourlips, so naturally, I’d want to wear them as much as humanly possible and incorporate them into my Liptember challenge. I actually don’t own MAL-I-BOO and RIO-D, which is why I wanted to use another photo to share them with you all but I think that at some point during Liptember, I’ll probably pick the shades up. I wear the other two shades regularly and can’t recommend them enough. Make sure you apply a lip balm before applying these so that your lips don’t dry out too much! You can purchase these from Australis or Priceline!


NYX Macaron Lippies


I own Blue Velvet, Violet, Pistachio and Chambord and I would recommend all of them. They are a cream finish, which can be problematic when you are trying to not get this kind of colour all over your face haha. The shades that I own are very pigmented and I’ve only heard that Citron and Key Lime have pigment issues. All of the colours that I own stain the lips, so you can even dab them with a tissue and they should still be opaque. You can purchase these from all over the place, unfortunately they don’t sell this line at Target in Australia, from memory. They do, however, sell the Wicked Lippies, although I don’t know that I would really recommend them. They do have some nice colours but the pigmentation is all over the place hahaha.


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Blue Velvet, Redrum, I’m Royalty and Anna Nicole



Zoe from NewbyToBeauty owns pretty much every colour of these Jeffree Star Lipsticks and I just recently bought Blue Velvet for myself. These lipsticks have so much hype online and I think that it is very deserved. The colours are stunning and they’re great quality for the money that you play. I buy my Jeffree Star lipsticks from Rouche Boutique but you can also buy them directly from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I’d recommend buying them from Rouche though because they are based in Australia, they have great customer service and they have fast shipping! What more could you want?


Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lips in Mr. Blonde, Jellies, Dr. M and Be-Dazzled


There are so many more shades of these Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks but I thought I would just stick to the most recently released shades, which are actually shades that I picked up! I’m actually waiting on Jellies, Dr. M, Clueless and Midi, which I will be doing a review post on very soon. Just waiting on good ol’ reliable AUSPost (can you feel the sarcasm?).
I’ve heard some mixed opinions on these, most of the criticism comes from the fact that they are really drying but I don’t mind that. I’ve dealt with those Me Now Lip colours so I think that these will be fine. All matte lipsticks are drying, it comes with the finish but it is something to think about. These are incredibly cheap, which is why I wanted to mention them. But the shipping to Australia is rather expensive. You can purchase these from Colour Pop Cosmetics.


There are a lot of other brands bringing out similar colours like Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, LA Splash, Coloured Raine, etc. but I haven’t tried out the brand and neither have any of my close friends. Even BH Cosmetics have just brought out a line of Pop Art lipsticks, which feature similar colours, which might be of interest. I also know that MAC does amazing reds and has just brought out a blue with their recent Mattes collection.

I hope that this has helped some of you get ideas for Liptember or might just help you find where to buy unusual lip colours! I hope that you’re all having a beautiful day!

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