Why I Chose to Remove My Implanon

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Today I wanted to talk about something that’s a pretty personal decision but I know that a lot of women take contraception and because it’s a taboo topic, there’s not a lot of info about everyone’s experience with it. To allow for people to have an open discussion about an important part of many people’s lives, I wanted to talk about my experience with contraception, why I chose to get the implanon and then have it removed early. I hope that you enjoy more of a personal topic today and if this isn’t up your alley, you won’t have to wait too long for my next post!



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2 Cute Health Apps That You Need to Download!

Over the last year or so, I’ve tried really hard to eat more healthily. I don’t talk about it a lot on here but for the most part, I eat a mostly vegetarian diet. A vegetarian diet does not equal a healthy lifestyle – just like paleo or vegan doesn’t equal healthy eating – but I thought that it might be something worth noting.

I’ve been using two apps by FourDesire for the past month or two and they have become absolutely necessary and I don’t want to go back to a world were I didn’t have these adorable apps. This is absolutely not sponsored, I thought it was important to mention that. I truly believe that these deserve credit for what they are and I think that these will definitely be good motivators for some of you!

The two apps that I’m talking about are Plant Nanny and Walkr.


It is important for you to drink the right amount of water for both healthy skin and healthy body. Plant Nanny is an app that helps you drink water by looking after a plant! And these plants are absolutely adorable. Every time you have a glass of water, you give your plant one and together you grow happily and healthily. The plant has four levels of growth and then after that it is fully grown and you move it to your garden and start working on another plant. They take just over a week to be fully grown if you look after them properly. Here are a few of my plants!

image1 image3

This is Melon, they are a Dandelion. This was my first plant and when I first got Melon, I forgot to take a photo of it at baby form so these pictures are of lvl 2 and lvl 4. I love this plant so much because it was my first plant. This plant is one of the three lowest level of difficulty plants.

image4 image5

This is Pancake, he is a Devil’s Ivy. These pictures are at lvl 2 and lvl 3. At his final lvl, he looks like a celery haha. This plant is one of the three lowest level of difficulty plants.

image6 image8

This is Chips and he is a Cactus. This is at lvl 2 and lvl 4. Chips looks the cutest at lvl 1 but again, I forgot to take a photo of him when he was a baby. This plant is the last of the three lowest level of difficulty plants.

image9 image10

This is Nugget and he is a Chickfern. This was the weirdest plant I’ve had. He is supposed to be more difficult but I didn’t notice anything too difficult about raising him. He looked so weird as a baby so I knew I had to pick him after completing the lowest level plants. This is at lvl 2 and lvl 4.


This is Sweetums and she is my latest plant. She is a Candy Tree and she is unlock-able when you have the Walkr app and when you have a certain amount of planets, I think. I’ll talk about that later. After the first day I could tell that she would be more difficult to look after. You really have to make sure that you’re drinking at good times throughout the day so that its all evened out and she doesn’t tell you that she’s thirsty.

In this app, your plants can die, just like real plants. If you neglect to water them, they will die. I’ve never had one die on me yet and I hope that I never do because the more difficult plants cost seeds. Seeds can be collected from previous plants you had in your plant garden. They can also be collected with real money and by watching ads.

To me, this is the cutest app to help you stay hydrated and even if you weren’t in it for health, watching a little plant grow on your phone is pretty cool.

Now on to Walkr!

Walkr is an app that tracks how much you walk per day. It is important to stay active and this is a great, free way to track just how healthy you are. It is tracked by the motion tracker inside phones. I’m not sure which phones have it but I’m sure that it wouldn’t be too hard to find out. This is an alternative to the slightly unappealing health app on the iphone or an alternative to a FitBit or Jawbone bracelet. My walking goal is set to 10,000 steps. I’m not actually sure how to change it but I don’t mind it being that high because it means that I have a goal that I actually have to work harder to achieve because the average person who is my size and is as active as I claim to be, walks about 6,000 steps per day. In this app, you look after planets. You earn money from your planets and you use that money to build food stations and other planets. Food stations help you gain food to feed your planets and other planets help you collect money and materials to complete missions and buy other things in the app. It tells you how much you’ve walked and whether you’ve achieved your daily goal and if you do you get special things.

Here are a few of my favourite planets that I look after:

Banana Boat

Banana Boat

Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens

Deep-Sea Aquarium

Deep-Sea Aquarium

Invisible Base

Invisible Base

strawberry cookies

Strawberry Cookie

Tater Tower

Tater Tower

The planet’s inhabitants send you messages and some of them are really cute and I sometimes share them on my twitter haha.

Anyway, I definitely think that you should check out these apps. They are very cute and easy to use. I know a few people that I’m friends with are using them and they really enjoy them. I hope that these might motivate you on your healthy body journey!

I hope that you guys are having an awesome day!

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