20 Pans in 20 Weeks: 3rd Update

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing my third update to my current project pan series! I’m very excited to share my progress and talk to you about my game plan now that we are over half way through the challenge!



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20 Pans in 20 Weeks: 1st Update!

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to post my first update for my current project pan! I have finished a few products and I’m seeing some good progress on others! I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you and my plan for this project pan in the coming months! I hope that you enjoy!



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Project Pan: 20 Products in 20 Weeks!

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to introduce my 2nd project pan! After completing my first project pan one month ago, I was itching to start another one but this time, I’d know what worked and what didn’t and tailor it to my needs and goals! If you’re unfamiliar with ‘panning’, Project Pan is where you select a certain number of beauty products with the intention of ‘panning’ them. Panning itself can mean either hitting pan, or using them up entirely. Due to my lack of success with restricting spending on beauty entirely, I participate in Project Pans because they encourage me to understand how long it takes to finish a product and stops me from overspending that way. As the title suggests, this project pan will last 20 weeks (December 1st to April 20th) and includes 20 items. This time, I’ve included a few different products because I really want to get my money’s worth and remove them from my room clutter. I hope that you enjoy this post!



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Priceline up to 60% off Fragrance

Hey Guys!

Today and tomorrow, Priceline is having a massive fragrance sale! All fragrances will be up to 60% off and fragrance sets will be 20% off! With Christmas coming up in the next few weeks, these sales will be your ticket to getting fantastic presents without burning a hole into your wallet.



Before you say it, yes I really like celebrity fragrances. I don’t think it is anything to be ashamed of but it is seen as a childish thing to be fond of celebrity fragrances because they tend to be quite sweet. Well I’m a sweet, young adult and I wanna wear my sweet, young fragrances haha.

Katy Perry Killer Queen Royal Revolution 50ml $49 24.50

I always smell this perfume when I walk into Priceline. It is frequently on sale and I never pick it up for some reason! Well today, fingers crossed, I’ll be picking this one up!
Fragrantica describes this as:
“The composition is floral and slightly fruity. The top notes include aromas of red pomegranate and pink freesia. Jasmine and orange flower are enriched with sandalwood in the heart, while the base includes unusually mystical notes of blackthorn with addition of vanilla orchid, leather and skin musk.”
I think it is so cool that it has leather in it. I don’t know what it is about this but to me, this perfume smells a little bit like lemonade.

Katy Perry Purr 50ml $69 19

I own Meow and I really wanted to get Purr so that I can have my two little cat perfumes! I love the bottle and I like the fragrance. I’d say this is more of a night-time fragrance where Meow is probably more day-time appropriate!
Fragrantica describes this as:
“The composition is top notes of peach, forbidden apple, gardenia and green bamboo with the heart of jasmine, pink freesia and Bulgarian rose and the base of vanilla orchid, creamy sandalwood, white amber, coconut and musk.”

Nicki Minaj The PinkPrint 50ml $59 41.30

I’m not sure which out of the Nicki Minaj fragrances I want so I’m writing about all of the ones that might be the one I pick up. I kinda hope that this one isn’t the one that I’m after because the saving isn’t so great haha. #cheap
Fragrantica describes this as:
This fragrance opens with a fresh mixture that includes bergamot, pink grapefruit and passion fruit. The heart is composed of nectarine, frangipani, orange blossom, heliotrope and roses. Coconut, driftwood accord, sandalwood, patchouli and skin musk end the composition.”
I have a feeling that this is the fragrance that I’m after. I know that I like a lot of the notes in this perfume because they are similar to perfumes I’ve had or currently have.

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 100ml $79 29

As I said before, I’m not sure which Nicki Minaj fragrance I’m after. The saving on this perfume is quite shocking so I thought that I’d write it here in case you were looking to pick it up!
Fragrantica describes this as:
“The scent is an intoxicating floral – musky one as it mixes playful fruity notes, pink flower petals, creamy vanilla, musk and woods. It opens with juicy notes of star fruit, Italian mandarin, and a blackberry and raspberry hybrid called boysenberry. Lotus and starry jasmine petals are in the heart, while the base consists of caramelized pear, vanilla, musk and woody notes.
I really like fruity perfumes so I think I’ll enjoy this one but as I said, I’m not sure which Nicki Minaj perfume is the one that I really loved!

Nicki Minaj Minajesty 100ml $79 29

This perfume is also significantly reduced. I really hope that the one I’m looking for is out of Pink Friday and this one! The bottle looks pretty cool too.
Fragrantica describes this as:
“The scent has top notes of red berries, lemon and peach; middle notes of magnolia, frangipani and orchid; base notes of tonka bean, vanila and musk.”
Again, I like the notes in this perfume because I know that I’ve liked similar notes in other perfumes that I’ve owned. Here’s to hoping that I get to save to get my perfect Queen Nicki Minaj perfume hahah.

Vera Wang Princess 50 ml $69 27.60

I love this perfume so much and I get it for Christmas regularly so I have a little bit of a stockpile at the moment. I would highly recommend this perfume and I know it is loved by so many people. It is well worth the money.
Fragrantica describes this as:
The scent has top notes that bring the aquatic nuances with pure and sharp notes of water lily, apple, freshly-sweet mandarin and apricot. The heart is composed of exotic guava, Tiare flower, tuberose, with a touch of dark chocolate. The base brings powdery traces of vanilla, amber and wood.”

YSL Baby Doll 30 ml $36 25.20

This is one of my mum’s perfumes and whenever I smell it, I think of her. I loved it so much that I bought my own little one in the 40% off fragrance sale a few months ago. This is the perfect summer scent.
Fragrantica describes this as:
The scent has top notes are fresh and full of zest with the notes of blackcurrant, orange, apple, and pineapple. Heart notes include a feminine floral bouquet made of rose, freesia, lily of the valley and heliotrope. Base notes are warm and incensy; cedar, sandal, tonka and vanilla.”


So there you go guys! I hope that this was helpful to you! What do you think you’ll be getting in the sale?

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