My 9 Favourite Makeup Artists

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share a collection of my current favourite makeup artists. With my 100 Days of Makeup Challenge only a week and a half away (just saying that freaks me out!) I wanted to share the artists that are really inspiring me at the moment. I hope that you enjoy, and if you find someone you don’t know in this collection, make sure you give them a follow!



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January Favourites!

Hey guys!

Welcome to my first monthly favourites post! I never used to make monthly favourites posts but this year I wanted to make the commitment to making a favourites post for each month of 2016 (at least), just to change up my blog a little bit. Let me know if you like these types of posts! This will be mainly beauty related but I will talk about a few miscellaneous things as well. I hope that you enjoy this!



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Favourite Instagram Accounts!

Hey guys!

Today, I thought that I’d share some love and talk about the Instagram accounts that make me feel happy, inspired and are just aesthetically pleasing. Some of these accounts are makeup focused and others are more to do with fashion or kitschy things so there’s a bit of a mix of everything. Some of these accounts will cross over to a future post about my style inspiration so if you’re interested in that, be on the look out!


I’ll talk about the makeup Instagram accounts first so that if you only want to see those, you don’t have to go searching for them.


rosy.disposition – link

I’ve followed this account for a while and I’d highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already. I think that Emma’s flatlays are just gorgeous and they give me a lot of inspiration. I still can’t successfully create nice flatlays but looking at accounts like this one has sure helped my photos. I love the use of purple and pink flowers and I think the whole account is just gorgeous.


celiaspainmua link

This is another account that I’ve followed for a while and if you’re not following this account, you’re just doing Instagram wrong (sorry). Celia is the sweetest person ever and she is an absolute delight to have in your feed. This account is filled with pink hues and fluttery lashes. Honestly, you won’t regret following this account.



I’m newer to this account but this account is total makeup goals. Helene is a nail tech in Stockholm. I love coming to this account for eye makeup inspiration because there is just so much stuff here. One day I’ll have the confidence to do more dramatic eye makeup but until then, I’ll live through Helene.



I love this account. I stumbled upon this account while I was looking on the discover feed and it was just perfect. Pretty pinks and gorgeous makeup. It is pretty much everything I’d like my account to be but I need to put more effort into creating a certain look for my account.

Next up is some fashion inspo accounts that I really enjoy! Note that my style is everywhere so these accounts will most likely make you very aware of that haha.



If you know me in my every day life, I love this style but lately I haven’t been putting in the effort into the kawaii life. I know Beckii from YouTube and she’s a sweet lil bean from the Isle of Man and she’s just the best, honestly. Her style is so sweet and I can’t get enough of it.


mermaidlens link

This is another account that I’m fairly new to. I love the blue and pink colour scheme and I love Kailey’s style. Kailey posts so many quality photos so frequently and you can tell she puts a lot of effort into her online presence. I am very influenced by this account in terms of fashion and decor.



I LOVE this account. I found it when I saw another one of my insta-buddies post about a competition that Amelia was involved in and I just instantly fell in love with her style. She is super sweet and everything that she wears just suits her so so well. I would love to share her wardrobe.



I love this account for both fashion and cute kitsch items. I want to paint my whole room pink and buy some cute displays for my things because this account is just too gorgeous and I want it to rub off on my room haha. Andi wears vintage clothing and also cosplays! She does a pretty awesome Daphne cosplay. I just absolutely love Andi’s style.



Mirna is honestly so amazing. This account is mainly used for her blog and both her blog and this instagram are just stunning. She has been doing a lot of modeling over the last year and it has been such a joy to see all of her gorgeous photos in my feed. We also went to university together, so it is very exciting to see someone from university achieving so many things. Definitely give this account a follow.

Now these accounts are of a more miscellaneous sort but they’re still very essential in my Instagram feed haha.


nectarandstone link

I can’t get enough of this account. I love the simple, high-quality photos that are posted by this account. This account is so visually appealing and of course, is pink, so I love it. This account isn’t always pink, at the moment it is actually going through a bit of a blue phase. It is just a very nice account to follow.



I LOVE this account. Since becoming a vegetarian, I wanted to follow accounts that made me excited about eating healthily and cruelty-free. This account is full of amazing looking food that will make you get inspired and motivated to create gorgeous food.
If you are what you eat, I wanna be that cute pink smoothie.



This account is the cutest little thing ever and you will not regret supporting this artist by following them. They constantly produce gorgeous content and their account just makes me so incredibly happy. These pictures are from the 12 Days of Poochmas, which was very cute and poochy.


So they are the accounts that I’ve been loving lately! I’d love to talk about Instagram accounts that I like more often. I’m going to be doing monthly favourites this year for the first time and I think I’ll feature one account per month! So look out for those in the coming months! I hope that you’re enjoying your day!

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Frost Fairy Makeup!

Ever since I saw Mashyumaro post a look on her instagram using ice blues and her signature twirling eyeliner, I wanted to recreate it. I really wanted to push myself a bit and do something a bit different to the basic looks I’m used to creating.

I was also pushed to do this look after watching the Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings movie. I fell in love with Periwinkle and I had her in mind when I was doing this!

This is the eye makeup:


It is pretty intense and I just love it. I bought the little bubble stickers today from the cheap store (they weren’t that cheap though 😡 ). I’ve never coloured my eyebrows before, even when I wear my wigs I just fill my eyebrows in the same way as I would on a regular day. So, if they look really messy, you know why.

I basically used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk everywhere over my eye area. All over my lids as a base and then in my brows and then on top of my foundation for the dots. I wanted to show this photo of my pre-wig face because once I put the wig on, you couldn’t see the top dots around my eyebrows.

Front View:

IMG_6004 IMG_6005

Close-up of eyeliner twirl:

IMG_6006 IMG_6007

I lined the bottom of my eye and both sides were a bit wonky so I just blended some black eyeshadow into it and voilà, perfect eyeliner~~ LEARN FROM ME

IMG_6009 IMG_6010

Products Used:

Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Ivory
NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder
Inglot Eyeshadows: 453, 28, 20
Maybelline Hyperglossy Liquid Liner
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
SHE Aromatherapy Lipgloss in Raspberry (this sucks, would not recommend)
eBay Eyelashes
Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
Contact Lenses from Adelaide Little Lens

Hope you’re having a magical day!

ArrivederLa xxx