March Wishlist

Hey guys!

Last month I said I wasn’t going to continue this series as a monthly series if I didn’t have a lot of products to talk about because I don’t usually have a lot of things on my wishlist. So naturally, as soon as I say I’m not doing something, my brain went into overdrive and I had a tonne of things on what would have been a periodic wishlist post! I hope that you enjoy and maybe give me some incite into whether or not these products are worth it!



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Updated MAC Dupes list!

Hey guys!

Tomorrow is my two year blogiversary and I thought, what better way to celebrate than recreating my first and most popular post on my blog. My MAC Lipstick Dupes list is quite old now and this time around, I wanted to have it focus on lipsticks that are more easily available in Australia because my last one was like most others and it featured particular shades that we don’t have in Australia. I will list the prices beside the dupes so that you can see the saving and I will also leave links to where you can buy the dupes.  For reference, MAC lipsticks are $36 in Australia. If you know of any dupes for shades that have no dupe, please feel free to let me know 🙂 I hope this is helpful!

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My MAC Lipstick Collection 2015

Hey guys!

Today, I thought that it would be fun to share my MAC lipstick collection with you all. I have 13 lipsticks but as I was writing this post, the MAC Magic of the Night collection was released and I bought two more lipstick but they won’t be in this post 😦 I will share them with you guys when they arrive, if not, I’m sure I’ll post them on my instagram. I hope that you enjoy this post!




Royal Ball (LE)


As you guys will know if you read my MAC x Cinderella Collection escapades, this lipstick was really annoying to get my hands on. I’m glad that I finally have it but the colour doesn’t suit me very well. I don’t mind though because I really just wanted this as a collectors item.

Viva Glam V


This was my first ‘nude’ MAC lipstick. I was so happy with this purchase because the lipstick suits me well and I love that the proceeds go to the MAC AIDS fund. If you know anything about me, you’ll know I love to buy products that take a portion or all of the profits and give them to charities or organisations that are doing a really good thing.



This is my most favourite MAC lipstick. It is the perfect nude colour and it goes with anything. I couldn’t be happier that I have this lipstick in my life.



This lipstick is so popular and it is popular for good reason. It is the perfect pinky-neutral colour. I’d definitely recommend picking it up if it is ever available because it sells out super duper quickly. Thanks, Kylie.



I remember buying this colour with a friend. I’d bought Heroine and Mehr together and I was so excited because they were both so gorgeous. Now that I have Mehr and Brave, they do seem a bit similar and if you were on a budget, I’d say that you probably don’t need both shades. Mehr is a bit darker so maybe if you had deeper skin, you might like Mehr more and you’d get a similar effect to what Brave might give on a lighter skin.



Speed Dial


I believe that I picked this shade up when I was coming back from France. I really like this colour and it is perfect for spring and summer but it isn’t a colour that I’m usually drawn to. I am, however, glad that I own this one. Good choice, past Sarah.



This was another lipstick that I picked up when I was flying home from France. I had been trying to sell it for a while but now I think that I’ll just keep it. I don’t wear these colours very often but I’m sure that I can find a time to wear it.

Speak Louder


I bought this lipstick last summer and it must have been on a whim because this is another colour that I’m generally not drawn to because it is quite warm. However, with the right makeup, this one can look really flattering on my skin tone.





This was my first ever MAC lipstick and I remember umming and aaahhing about purchasing it for about 3 months. I used to be able to pick it out immediately when I was looking for it at MAC counters. I was obsessed with it and then I finally bought it and lost it in the same week. It reappeared the day that I was packing for France so I brought it along with me. I still love this lipstick so much and regularly wear it.



This lipstick is so underrated. It looks so pretty on so many people. I bought this one on a whim too when I was a bit flustered at Dubai MAC in the Duty Free. The lipstick that I really wanted wasn’t available so I just looked at the lipsticks and said, ‘I’ll take this one then, thank you’. And I’m so glad that I did! I love this colour!

Flat Out Fabulous


This shade is a favourite for a lot of people. It is so flattering and highly pigmented. Funny story, I was creating the first image in this post and as I opened this tube of lipstick, the lipstick part flew out of the tube and I had a mini heart attack. $36 dollars flashed before my eyes. Luckily, It is alright, as you can see, I took the individual photo after the rocket launch. It just doesn’t completely close into the tube anymore so I need to be a bit careful with it.



I love this purple from MAC. It is super gorgeous but sometimes I find it a little hard to pull off. I thought that it was because it was very purple but since wearing Jeffree Star’s I’m Royalty, that isn’t the reason. It might just be too pink of a grape purple to be as flattering as it could be. Nonetheless, I still love this lipstick. I just need to get into the habit of wearing it more!



Russian Red


I love this red lipstick so much that I bought drugstore reds that were a similar colour to this so that I wasn’t always wearing this colour and wasting it. That sounds so stupid but I don’t want it to run out haha. I was tossing up between this shade and Ruby Woo but because this one is more comfortable and has more depth, I went with Russian Red and I’m really happy that I did.


I also had two more shades, Chatterbox and Sweetie but I sold them on Depop. Sweetie was too close to Plumful and I just didn’t like it as much and Chatterbox was a little too warm for me to really enjoy it on my skin tone so I am glad that they’ve found new homes ❤


I hope that you enjoyed this post! What are your favourite MAC Lipsticks?

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Review: Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick

Hey guys!

I think that you guys are well aware of my obsession with Jeffree Star’s Blue Velvet Velour Liquid Lipstick. Well, I thought that it was about time that I bought a few more shades so that I could make a little bit of a review and swatch post for you all! I know that this won’t be my last Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick post because there are a few more shades in the current line that I want to pick up and there will probably be new shades that I will need over time. Sorry, Mum.


Rouche Boutique sell almost every colour available and because they are Australian based, I purchase my Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks through them. Also, when you convert the USD to AUD and then add the extra shipping, it works out to be a similar price anyway. I just purchased I’m Royalty, one of their newest shades, Masochist, and Blow Pony. I love my purples and believe it or not, I don’t own any colours that even come close to any of these shades that I purchased.


L to R: Blue Velvet (LE), I’m Royalty, Masochist, Blow Pony.

Here are all of the colours swatched on my arms


L to R: Blue Velvet (LE), I’m Royalty, Masochist, Blow Pony.

So now I’m going to show you all what the colours look like on my lips!


Here is Blue Velvet on my lips. You’ll recognise this one from my Liptember posts because it was quite a popular shade for me to wear. It was such an odd first choice of lipstick but I didn’t own any Blue lipstick quite like this at the time of purchase and I just thought that it was so pretty. I didn’t expect to get anywhere near as much wear out of it as I have. I really love the way that it looks on me and I’ve so far loved how it looks on everyone else! Something about it just looks awesome on everyone.


A lot of people have said that the Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Jellies is a dupe for this shade and while it may be in the same colour, not all blues were made alike #50ShadesOfBlue. I have a comparison swatch here for you guys so that you can all see the difference. CP Jellies has a much warmer base to it and for that reason, I do not like the way that it looks on me. I still think that it’s cool but it isn’t everything that I had hoped for. Blue Velvet, however, was everything that I’d hoped for. It just sucks that it is vastly more expensive than the Colour Pop Ultra Mattes haha.


Here is I’m Royalty on my lips. I don’t own any purple that is as purple as this lipstick. I swatched it on my arm next to MAC Heroine, Australis TOK-I-O, etc. and they all looked pink compared to this colour and I always thought of those shades as too purple to suit me even though I love them. However, this is surprisingly wearable! It is totally a statement lipstick, that’s for sure, but I think that it will really suit a lot of people because it is so cool toned purple.


Here is Masochist on my lips. When I first got my new package from Rouche Boutique, I just had to put this shade on. It is so gorgeous and I can’t stop looking at this photo. It is basically my new favourite photo of myself because I can’t believe how much I love this colour on me. It is a medium-dark pink and I just think that it is super flattering. The only negative that I have about this product is the name. I know Jeffree tries to push boundaries with shades and names but yeah, I’m not so down for this name, like I wasn’t down for Abused. Regardless, this is still a beautiful shade and I would highly recommend it!


Here is Blow Pony on my lips. I really love this colour! I totally tried to match my jumper to my lipstick in this photo and I suppose that it paid off because the one and only Jeffree Star liked my photo and my instagram blew up. My boyfriend really loves this lipstick on me too, which is a total bonus, in my opinion. If you love your purple lips and aren’t game enough to wear as purple a shade as I’m Royalty, then I’d recommend giving this shade a go 🙂

The coolest thing about this product is that it is vegan, cruelty-free and lip and eye safe. You can wear any of the lip sticks as eye liners. That is so cool!!! I was thinking about doing an eye liner look with Blue Velvet but I wasn’t sure if I could. So now you can pretty up your lips and your eyes with this gorgeous product!


So that is it for my current collection of the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks. I am really looking forward to the Christmas collection, namely Doll Parts and Androgyny. Are you excited for any of the Christmas shades and which currently available shades would you recommend that I pick up next?

I hope that you’re having a lovely day!

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Liptember Week 2!

Hey Guys!

It has been another week of Liptember and I can’t believe how quickly that I’m noticing this month is go by. Taking a selfie every day is a very interesting experience in itself haha. So once again, I’m going to show you my week of lip colours for Liptember and I’m also going to talk about what I’ve been able to talk about during this week. As per usual, you can learn more about Liptember here and you can donate here!


Day 8 – NYX Macaron Lippie – Blue Velvet


Day 9 – MAC – Heroine


Day 10 – Lancome – Rouge In Love – 351B


Day 11 – Wet n Wild – Pinkerbell


Day 12 – Colourpop – Dr. M


Day 13 – Milani – Hot Pink Rage


Day 14 – Revlon – Matte Balm – Shameless


I didn’t get to talk about mental health all that much this week. This week we also had Suicide Prevention Day or as some people know it, R U OK day. I have my own opinions of the whole R U OK idea but I know that to the core, it comes from a very good place and can help a lot of people. This week I also submitted an essay on a sociological theorist called Emile Durkheim who wrote on suicide and how society plays a large role in suicides and I think that if everyone gave his work a little read, we might all be better for it. Alternatively, I might submit my paper to so that you guys can read it because it will be in words that are much easier to understand than a proper theoretical paper haha.

I spoke to some people this week about how I am going mentally. September has actually been a pretty bad month for myself, mentally. I know though that talking about it with people that I can trust is really helping me a lot and I would encourage you all to do the same if you find yourself in a similar situation.

You’re worth receiving help. You don’t have to struggle through mental illness on your own.


If you are interested, you can click here for week 1!

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