100 Days of Makeup: Finale

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

Today is my final post about my 100 Days of Makeup challenge! I can’t believe we have made it to the end yet again! Thanks for your constant support throughout the whole challenge!


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June Wishlist!

Hey guys!

With so many things being released/teased, I think we are all wanting new things pretty regularly. I haven’t posted a wishlist since March and I was thinking that I might make them monthly due to the frequency of releases! This month’s post will feature a few things that I’m super excited to get my hot little hands on!



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Holiday Gifts for $50 and Under!

Hey guys!

Like I said in the $10 and Under post and $25 and Under post, December is basically holiday month, I thought that I’d like to do a little bit of a series on gifts that you could purchase for others or yourself. These gifts will be suitable for Kris Kringle, Secret Santa, etc. and then of course just little gifts with your friends if you’re giving small gifts or you’re on a budget. This will also be the last post of the little series of holiday gift ideas! I’ve had a lot of fun researching things that are available for the holidays and talking about things that I think would make fantastic presents 🙂


gifts under 50

As I said in the last two posts, many of the gifts that I’ll share will be bath related mainly because it is a universal gift. Everyone deserves to pamper themselves and relax, not just women, so don’t be afraid to give these to anyone.

The first gift that I want to talk about is the Baylis & Harding Skin Spa Gown Set*
This set is super exciting to me! It retails for $30 at Big W and it comes WITH A GOWN. You can’t get more ‘at home spa day’ than your own white dressing gown and some special bathing creams and things. I have never owned a bath robe so I was so excited to put it on and basically wore it for the rest of the day after receiving it. The set also comes with a shower cleanser, foot soak crystals and body cream in lime, basil and sage scent, and a hand and body lotion in verbena and chamomile. This set has scents that I wouldn’t immediately be drawn to but I definitely enjoy the scents. It was a bit of a surprise that I like them as much as I did. They’re very relaxing scents and sage, especially, is very mentally cleansing. This set would be a fantastic way for your friend, family member or yourself to feel really special and relaxed.


The second gift that I wanted to talk about is the card game Marrying Mr. Darcy. I received this from my boyfriend for our second anniversary and I think it’s $50 at most board game shops in Australia. I love Jane Austen and this game is so fun. If you’re into board games and card games, this is right up your alley. You play as one of the Bennet sisters or other central female characters and you’re trying to marry your best match. So if you were Elizabeth, you’d try to marry Darcy or if you were Jane, you’d try to marry Bingley, and so on. You can also mess up someone else’s match by marrying their match before they can but you can risk becoming an Old Maid by doing that. Sometimes you can still win the game if that happens but you have to be very crafty haha.


The third gift(s) that I want to talk about is the Grinch Gift Pack from Oh Deer Sugar! This set has some gorgeous treats in it that are exclusive to their Christmas collection. This pack will set you back $47.50 and is the cheapest of the gift packs. All of the other gift packs are near $50 but they’re too far over for them to be featured in this post but I would still highly recommend them! I love Oh Deer Sugar so much and I would love for them to get more and more attention because they’re still growing and I just really want them to be successful haha.


The fourth gift that I wanted to talk about is LUSH’s Charity Pot! Not only is this a fantastic product but you’re basically giving a gift that also donates money to a grass roots charity that LUSH is supporting. I absolutely love everything that the Charity Pot is about. If I could hug this idea, I would because I just have so much love for this and I think everyone needs to buy Charity Pot because you’re donating money and you get a product back for it. This retails for $32.50.


The fifth gift that I wanted to talk about is the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks! They retail for $29 at Rouche Boutique and they’re pretty much my most favourite liquid lipstick, with the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks a close second. There are so many beautiful and fun colours that I’d recommend to anyone. The range pretty much has something for everyone which is pretty awesome and provided you know your gift recipients style, you shouldn’t have too much trouble picking one of these for them or yourself!


And lastly, I wanted to talk about the Harry Potter and Star Wars colouring books! I only have the Harry Potter one pictured here but they’re around the same price if you go to the right places. The Star Wars one is $15 at Big W and $35 at Zing, so just shop around so that you find the best deal. The Harry Potter one is no more than $20 at Big W or Kmart, I’m not sure where I found it. They’re both fantastic colouring books if you love either of those things, and even if you don’t, there are plenty of colouring books and I’d recommend them all. They’re fantastic to relieve stress because you stop focusing on all of the things you need to do and just focus in on colouring in your favourite characters.


I hope that this gave you a few ideas for what you might get for someone this Christmas and I hope that you enjoyed reading these posts!

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*This product was gifted to me by the company for review. All opinions are my own, as always 🙂

OOTD: Father’s Day!

This is a bit of a different post for me, I don’t know very much about fashion but I really liked my outfit so I thought I would share it here!




Dress: Review

Heels: Spendless

Bag: Liz Lisa

Cardigan: KappAhl

Necklace: eBay


I hardly ever have time to do my hair so I was really happy to have time to make myself feel extra special and confident!