Disney Week: Matchmaker Fa Mulan

Today is the anniversary of the premiere of Mulan! I never loved Mulan like I probably should have and that is purely based on how many people do covers of the song Reflection. Everyone covers that song and it isn’t a very challenging song so I never understood why everyone chose it and now it is just so overplayed that I can’t watch the movie. But the rest of the movie is fantastic and I have always loved the music. Even though I hate the song Reflection, the makeup she is wearing in that song and Honor To Us All is pretty much the only thing I could think to pull from the movie that would be relevant to my blog. And I love Honor to Us All so I don’t completely mind haha. Also, I’d really love for anyone to be able to tell me what this makeup is called, I was always under the impression that Geisha was Japanese so I was wondering what the word would be for the Chinese version, if any. All I know is that they wore Hanfu during this ceremony.

Here is the makeup for the songs Honor To Us All and Reflection:

11541192_10153195667562530_2039317230_n                                                 11350189_10153195667592530_567566008_n
Bringin’ a lil bit of honour to my family but I’m in my pjs so how much could I really be bringin’ (je ne regrette rien).
For this part of the makeup, I used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, but I wish I hadn’t. I’ve been wanting to get face paints for things and this would have been one thing that would have really suited face paint but I did what I could with what I had. The issue with the Jumbo Pencil is that it shows all of the dry patches that you have and prior to using the pencil, I had no visible dry patches. I blended it out the best I could with my finger and tried with a beauty sponge but it just took too much product away. So, this base part was extremely time consuming because I wanted it to be even. The lips were a combination of Milani’s Best Red and Gerard Cosmetics’ Candy Apple gloss. I over drew my lips into two crescent moons to look like Mulan’s did in the movie. I used the Savvy Powder Blush in Rose but I wished I’d picked something cooler toned. I had originally picked a bright pink blush but Mulan’s actually isn’t that bright, it’s just very pigmented. And for the eyeshadow, I used Matt Hung from theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude palette.
11426688_10153195667622530_292467605_n                                                 11425654_10153195667632530_1610227530_n
A very sad Mulan. Also, what was on her sleeve because her makeup just comes off in one swoop.
11354838_10153195667697530_1699006112_n                                                 11414686_10153195667647530_785774475_n
This part kinda reminded me of Nikkie Tutorials’ Power of Makeup video that’s gone viral. All I did was carefully run my makeup wipe down the centre of my face, being really careful around my lips because I didn’t want to smear red on to the white part. This was probably the part that was most fun for me because of how easily it just wipes off. LIKE MAGIC. It was in this time that I took the most snapchat photos of this makeup look because it just looked so ridiculous and I was so worried that someone would come home and see me like that hahaha.
11430269_10153195667732530_1234561197_n                                                11123635_10153195667842530_1916314097_n
Anyway, I hope that you have a wonderful day, wherever you are!

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