Why You Should Love Boring Blushes

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

I’ve been talking about this in a few different posts over the last year in different wishlists, hauls and favourites and I thought that if those posts weren’t convincing you that ‘boring’ blushes are the best blushes, I thought that I should dedicate an entire blog post to the topic to make sure that you are adequately hyped about ‘boring’ blushes. Get on my LEVEL, everyone.


boring blushes

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Review: Essence Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Collection

Hey guys!

If you’ve followed me for a little while, you’ll know I like to purchase items from most Essence collections and try them out. Essence is a bit of a hit or miss brand (mostly hit) and because they’re so cheap, I don’t mind running the risk of purchasing a dud. The most recent collection to appear at Target (and maybe Priceline?) is the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Collection, which contains bright lipstick shades, an eye palette, a highlighter, and a few other items. I picked up the highlight and the little eye quad! I hope that you enjoy this post!



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Full Face Using Only Highlighters Challenge!

Hey guys!

I’m sure that you’ve seen this challenge everywhere because it’s really been done to death BUT it is also super fun and if you want to give it a go, don’t let over production stop you! This challenge started after Mariya on posted a video using only highlighters and it became a meme on Instagram! Since then, YouTubers and bloggers have been attempting to recreate it with their own highlighters! It’s super fun and it was a great way for me to use some highlighters that I haven’t used in a little bit! I hope that you enjoy!


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My Priceline 40% Sale List!

Hey guys!

Priceline’s 40% off sale starts TODAY and will finish at 11:59pm on the 19th of November and so in preparation, I wanted to make a list of things that I knew I wanted to pick up and that way, you can see what I really want to buy and it might give you some ideas for what you too might like to pick up! I don’t tend to go too crazy with these sales because I am quite frugal at times but if I know I need something, I won’t hold back haha. So, without further ado, let’s get into this list!



Face of Australia Face Base Primer

I’ve only heard good things about this and it has a better rating than my current primer so I am definitely going to have to pick this one up and give it a go!


Revlon ColorStay Foundation

I love this stuff but I really hate that Revlon test on animals and they have a lot of issues with the CEO making racist comments, so I try to not support them when I can but this foundation, for me, is the best in Priceline. I never buy it full price because it is one of the most expensive ones in Priceline. I also like the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation, which is less expensive and very good.


Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer

I love this concealer because it is lightweight, it doesn’t crease if you set it properly and it has good pigmentation. It has an annoying brush on the tip, which is really unhygienic but I just put the concealer on my finger because I know my fingers are always clean when I do my makeup but it is still annoying haha. It is probably my favourite concealer at Priceline.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

I also love this concealer. I wouldn’t say I love it as much as I love the Rimmel one but it is very popular and for good reason. I just hope that they have my shade in stock!


Austalis Fresh and Flawless Powder

I adore this powder. It is usually a bit yellow on me so sometimes I’ll opt for something else over it but now that we are coming up to the warmer months, it might suit me a little better as my body tans a little bit. This makes my face look smooth and airbrushed. I can’t get over the finish of it. And of course, Australis is cruelty-free, which is fantastic!


Australis Show Some Cheek Blush

This is a new product to the Australis line, I am really excited about these. I want to pick up a few of these colours and see how they compare to other blushes that I really love from Priceline!


Maybelline Hyper Sharp Wing Eyeliner

I LOVE this eyeliner. I’ve talked about it on my blog before and never have I ever had such an easy eyeliner experience. I love using this liner because it is nice and black and it can give you a really thin line if you have a steady hand! I would definitely recommend this if you are in the market for a pen eyeliner.


Australis Extender Lash Mascara

This is a clear mascara that I use to set my eyebrows. At the moment, the one I have is super funky so I won’t be using it anymore until I get myself a new one. This stuff makes your eyebrows set like cement, they won’t move. I definitely would recommend picking this up if you’re in the market for a cheaper brow setting mascara.


Essence Lipliner

These usually only retail for $2 so they’re already super afforable and they’re really good! I am missing two shades so I will be looking to pick those up. Hopefully they won’t be sold out when I get there haha. They’re very popular, so if you want to pick these up, get in early or try to get them online.


Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick

I have a few of these already but I’d been meaning to pick up a few of the newer shades, including Mo Town!

I also want to pick up a new mascara, if you have any suggestions for a mascara from Priceline, let me know in the comments!


What are you planning on getting in the sale? Are you getting anything at all? Is your list too long to talk about? Hahaha.

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Review: Essence Brit-Tea Collection

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be talking about a collection that I was dying for! When I had seen photos of this collection from Essence I was just like, ‘yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss’ because this totally fits my aesthetic haha. This collection was supposed to arrive at the start of October in Target stores but it took them two weeks to actually release it. Typical South Australia. So seeing as it is relatively new, I thought that I would share with you my thoughts and feelings about the collection and talk about whether I’d recommend picking up any products seeing as it is limited edition!



This collection is filled with pastel colours and shimmering finishes. So… pastel sparkles… hahahaha. There were a few products here that were pretty unique to their permanent line and I thought that that was awesome. There are two glosses, four nail polishes, a highlighting pencil, a blush, an eyeshadow palette, an eye brush, a lip balm, a nail file and an illuminating skin base. I tried the skin base in store and it didn’t do very much to my skin so I would probably give it a miss but it is cool that Essence brought out that kind of product. I would have bought the eyeshadow palette but the only one in the store was swatched, which is a regular occurrence in Target stores, so I had to give it a miss.
I picked up four items from the collection.


I was first drawn to the rose embossed blush. It reminded me a lot of the Milani Rose blushes and a few other brands have also done a similar design. I think that it is gorgeous and it is cool that there are different blush colours that you can create with just the one product.


When I apply the blush, I use a big blush brush so I am a little bit limited in the colour choice that I have but the result of mixing all the colours is quite nice. It is a very sheer natural pink shade, or at least it is for me. I can see this not working on tanned to dark skins. It is still really nice as a collectors piece, which I would probably buy it for if it didn’t work for me. I am wearing it in the photo near the bottom of the post where I’m holding Masochist by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. This product cost $6.75.


I wasn’t planning on getting much from this collection but when I saw this product, I was very excited. This reminds me so much of Glass Slipper Lipglass from MAC’s Cinderella collection. I wanted to get the gloss but I hardly wear gloss and I couldn’t justify the price, even for such pretty packaging. Below are some swatches of the gloss. It is a bit sticky but that just means that it will last longer on the lips. It certainly is not goopy or annoyingly sticky.

12071787_10153468924237530_1353065835_n 12166207_10153468924387530_2098595882_n

This product was $3.70.


In this photo, I’m wearing the mint green nail polish on my nails, the rose blush on my cheeks and the highlighting pencil on my waterline.

I really like the nail polish, it is the perfect minty green colour. It started to chip a little bit after 3 days but I haven’t exactly been making sure that they don’t get ruined so that could be more my fault than the quality of the nail polish. This product was $3.70.

The highlighting pencil has a rose coloured end and a beige coloured end. The beige end is perfect for my waterline because it is light enough to be brightening but not look too unnatural. It makes me look awake without looking cartoonish. The pencil is a little on the hard side, it isn’t very creamy but you can work with the product and it shouldn’t be too difficult to use. This product was $4.10.


I would probably recommend picking up the blush, if you’re fair, the nail polishes and the lipgloss. The highlighting pencil is a bit of a take it or leave it kind of product. If you’re looking for something to put in your waterline but all nude pencils are too peachy, then you would love this pencil.

What would you pick up from the collection?

I hope that you’re having a lovely day!

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