Golden Globes 2018 Fashion Favourites

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

On the weekend, the 75th Golden Globe Awards were on and as always, the red carpet was filled to the brim with beautiful people and beautiful outfits. I always like to share my favourite looks from the award shows so I thought I’d better share my favourites from this year’s Golden Globes, especially because it was such a special year! I hope that you enjoy this post!


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MOTD: Emilia Clarke Inspired

I have been lusting over this gorgeous makeup for a very long time and I’d always wanted to try it. Seeing as I’d just received the NYX white liquid liner from the USA, I thought it was the perfect time to give it a go and spread some love for my Khaleesi. Now I will preface this post by saying that white liner is much more unforgiving than black liner and I think it will take me a bit of time to get used to doing it but I will still share my attempts haha.

This is the look that I was inspired by:

eyeliner (1)

So here is my attempt at this look:

11650859_10153218220232530_1177088043_n                                               11536987_10153218219917530_581483553_n
For the eyes, I used Shiro Cosmetics Alpaca Picnic from the New Leaf collection, I’ll be writing a review of the collection in the next week or two. I blended it in with Shiro Cosmetics Little Bird and a few medium brown eyeshadows. I used Too Faced’s Marzipan from the Chocolate Bar Palette to highlight the inner third of the eye. As I mentioned earlier, I used NYX White Liquid Liner to line my eyes. Initially, I drew quite a thin line on my lid and then when the white drowned out my lashes, I applied falsies and it completely covered the line and this is where I really went wrong haha. I tried my best to draw a line again beside the lashes but even though I moved the lashes out of the way, they still managed to get some eye liner on them. I had to do two layers of liner to make it very opaque and one eye had a more opaque wing than the other. Hopefully my next attempt will be more successful!

11667033_10153218219897530_1365037523_n                                             11655302_10153218220207530_1522780948_n

I hope that you are all enjoying your day!

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