My Disneybounding 21st!

Hey guys!

On the weekend, I celebrated my 21st birthday and the end of the uni year with a bunch of my friends! The theme for this celebration was Disneybounding and if you’re unfamiliar with what that is, worry not! I will explain it later in the post 🙂 I had a really great night and I am so happy that I am able to share it with you all! I hope that you enjoy!



What is Disneybounding?

Disneybounding is when you wear Disney character inspired outfits. You generally pick the characters colour scheme and work it into an outfit. You can make this as elaborate or as simple as you wish but the idea is that you can wear an outfit inspired by your favourite character and still enter the Disney Parks, because adults can not wear Disney costumes in the parks and resorts.

As we don’t have a Disney Park in Australia, we don’t really have the need to partake in this activity but I really enjoy dressing up in outfits inspired by characters anyway and then Disneybounding became popular and so I thought it would be a fun way to dress up without being in character when you’re out and about! Some of my friends don’t cosplay so I wanted to make this a stress-free theme where no one felt self conscious because they had to dress up in a costume to go out to town.


Here is what everyone wore for my birthday! I thought that everyone looked really great! I told everyone that they could pick any character from any Disney related production, this includes; Disney, Pixar, Studio Ghibli, Disney Channel, American ABC, etc. I made everyone pose for individual photos of their outfits so I’ll introduce their characters to you!


ChrisHercules (Hercules) , TimGenie (Aladdin) , PatrickDipper Pines (Gravity Falls)


FrankieSmee without beanie (Peter Pan), JemmaThe Flowers (Alice in Wonderland), JamieThumper (Bambi)


ZoeElsa (Frozen), Caitlan and KrisVanellope Von Schweetz + Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph), SeanOlaf (Frozen)


MeElla (Cinderella 2015)

 I had little butterfly accents throughout my costume like Ella did in the 2015 version of Cinderella. Jemma was calling people ‘weeds’ and Caitlan had lollies in her hair just like Vanellope and people kept trying to eat them, despite being very full after our dinner!


Speaking of dinner, we went to my favourite restaurant, Two Bit Villains! It is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Adelaide and I’ve made a post about it before, you can find it here! I had my favourite meal, the Baron Burger, and I was so full afterwards! I made the mistake of buying chips as well and didn’t have Frankie sitting next to me to eat them with me haha.


After dinner, we walked over to Fumo Blu. I haven’t been to this bar in ages and I am so glad we went there. Everyone got a cocktail and they were all really good. I continued the Disney theme and got the drink pictured above called Snow White’s Demise. I love that the glass is shaped like an apple!

After Fumo Blu, we went to Shotz because it was fairytale night and it was super fun. We played pool and had a few drinks before we all went home. I’m really glad that I got to go out with my friends and celebrate my birthday. I’m also super glad that they’re all so cooperative with the theme haha.



I hope that you all enjoyed reading about my birthday and I hope that everyone who came had a really good time!

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Au revoir xxx