Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Dupes

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals

Prior to the reviews and the online catastrophe that was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette, I really wanted to purchase this palette. I adore the shades and it’s very different to anything that I currently own. This palette had a lot of tones that I thought would be much more fun to play around with than the Modern Renaissance palette, which is supposed to be the sister palette to the Subculture palette. I still find that that the shades in that palette can border pink-eye type looks, even though I do love burgundy shadow. So I thought Subculture would be right up my alley and then all the reviews came out and I just couldn’t risk spending the money on something that just wasn’t great quality. So I thought I’d create a dupes post using my favourite brands of single shadows, Makeup Geek and Inglot, to create a sort of similar palette out of the shades that both brands currently sell. I will have two separate dupe palettes created so that you could purchase all of the shadows from one store. I hope that you find this post helpful!



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Kat Von D Serpentina Inglot Dupes!

Hey guys!

I think by now you’ve understood my love of Inglot eyeshadows. Not only are they great value for money, they have such a variety of shades that it makes it easy to dupe a lot of other palettes and shades. The Kat Von D Serpentina palette was on my radar since the first minute we saw any sort of sneak peek and since reviews have started emerging, with some shadows under-performing, I looked to my pal Inglot and have found what I believe to be the best dupes for every shade in the limited edition The Kat Von D Serpentina eyeshadow palette. This will be great for those of you with a substantial Inglot collection, those who don’t support Kat Von D, and for those who just want to get the best quality for their dollar! Enjoy!


DUpes for the Kat Von D

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Updated MAC Dupes list!

Hey guys!

Tomorrow is my two year blogiversary and I thought, what better way to celebrate than recreating my first and most popular post on my blog. My MAC Lipstick Dupes list is quite old now and this time around, I wanted to have it focus on lipsticks that are more easily available in Australia because my last one was like most others and it featured particular shades that we don’t have in Australia. I will list the prices beside the dupes so that you can see the saving and I will also leave links to where you can buy the dupes.  For reference, MAC lipsticks are $36 in Australia. If you know of any dupes for shades that have no dupe, please feel free to let me know 🙂 I hope this is helpful!

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My Makeup Geek Collection!

Hey guys!

This week I thought I’d have gotten more posts up but because of AVCon and some other posts falling threw, I wasn’t able to post what I wanted to! If you follow me on Instagram then you’d have seen what I got up to! I will be making an AVCon post soon with a video and I’m hoping that that will be up soon, just waiting to get a few more photos back from shoots and things. But today I’m here to talk about my MUG collection!

Prior to my recent purchase, I’d bought 6 shadows that acted as dupes for the MAC x Cinderella Stroke of Midnight palette. I never made a post about them for some reason so I thought I’d just make a post about everything I have now! Especially since I have a palette to store my shadows in. During the free shipping sale, I took advantage of getting a few things that I probably wouldn’t have if I’d have had to pay for shipping. I believe that Makeup Geek doesn’t have flat rate shipping, so this free shipping sale was a pretty big deal for people outside of the US.


Here’s what I picked up in my most recent order:


So, I decided that I definitely needed a z-palette and I was tossing up between a few different colours but lavender is my favourite colour so it was really a no-brainer. Despite knowing the size, It was still bigger that I’d expected it to be. This will fit 27 eyeshadows, so I should be set on a place to keep my MUG shadows!

I also decided to pick up three eyeshadows, Vanilla Bean, Barcelona Beach, and Twilight. I bought Vanilla Bean because I wanted a shadow that matched my skin tone so that I could use it as a base. Prior to this order, I sort of had an add on palette rather than an all in one eye shadow palette, and that was what I was really looking for. Since NYX Taupe blush has been discontinued, I was looking for an alternative. Marlena always talks about using Barcelona Beach as a contour powder so I bought it for that and because it looked like a super useful shadow. I have since used it as a contour powder and it is very pigmented but if you apply it lightly, it does work! I will have to practice with it and at the moment, NYX Taupe is still my preferred contouring powder, but that might be because I’m familiar with it haha.


Here are all of my MUG shadows together in the z-palette:

The shadows that I have as dupes for the MAC x Cinderella Stroke of Midnight are; Ice Queen, Shimma Shimma, Preppy, Unexpected, Mesmerized (Foiled), and Drama Queen. I even talked to Marlena about it around the time that MAC had released that palette and she said that she thought that they were definitely the closest dupes from MUG.

TFW Senpai notices you

Here is the palette swatched on to my hand:

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)

Top: Ice Queen, Shimma Shimma, Preppy, Unexpected, Mesmerized
Bottom: Drama Queen, Vanilla Bean, Barcelona Beach, Twilight

There are some shades that I will definitely be picking up soon, like Bitten *grabby hands*. I definitely think my palette needs some variety now that I have my base shades done and some mauvey colours. Makeup Geek is my favourite makeup brand. They have cheap, good quality products and fantastic customer service. I also think that Marlena does a fantastic job representing the brand and they go above and beyond to have the customers involved in the brand and things like that. I just can’t get enough of Makeup Geek! I also can’t wait for their liquid lipsticks to be released.

I hope that you are all enjoying your day!

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