‘Round and ’round like a horse on a Carousell

Hey guys!

Today, I’m going to be talking about an app that I think everyone who hoards things needs. I collect a lot of makeup and part of that is because I love it and part of it is because I want to talk about new things on my blog a lot but lately I’ve been watching A LOT of project pans, declutter, and minimalism videos on YouTube and I’ve become inspired to downsize my collection a bit. Especially with my Journey to Cruelty-Free. I’d originally been using Depop to try to sell some things but I never made much from it so I found a new app called Carousell and within the last week I made over $100+ so I just HAD to talk about it with you. This post isn’t sponsored, it’s just a friendly suggestion to those who want to make money and turn trash into treasure!



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Updated Makeup Storage!

Hey guys!

For the longest time, I was really ashamed of how my makeup storage looked because it was spread out everywhere and I had essentially lost half of my desk space. The last few weeks I’ve been actively seeking out alternate storage options on a budget and I have found something that I’m really happy with and I’m excited to share with you! I hope that you enjoy!


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My Disneybounding 21st!

Hey guys!

On the weekend, I celebrated my 21st birthday and the end of the uni year with a bunch of my friends! The theme for this celebration was Disneybounding and if you’re unfamiliar with what that is, worry not! I will explain it later in the post 🙂 I had a really great night and I am so happy that I am able to share it with you all! I hope that you enjoy!



What is Disneybounding?

Disneybounding is when you wear Disney character inspired outfits. You generally pick the characters colour scheme and work it into an outfit. You can make this as elaborate or as simple as you wish but the idea is that you can wear an outfit inspired by your favourite character and still enter the Disney Parks, because adults can not wear Disney costumes in the parks and resorts.

As we don’t have a Disney Park in Australia, we don’t really have the need to partake in this activity but I really enjoy dressing up in outfits inspired by characters anyway and then Disneybounding became popular and so I thought it would be a fun way to dress up without being in character when you’re out and about! Some of my friends don’t cosplay so I wanted to make this a stress-free theme where no one felt self conscious because they had to dress up in a costume to go out to town.


Here is what everyone wore for my birthday! I thought that everyone looked really great! I told everyone that they could pick any character from any Disney related production, this includes; Disney, Pixar, Studio Ghibli, Disney Channel, American ABC, etc. I made everyone pose for individual photos of their outfits so I’ll introduce their characters to you!


ChrisHercules (Hercules) , TimGenie (Aladdin) , PatrickDipper Pines (Gravity Falls)


FrankieSmee without beanie (Peter Pan), JemmaThe Flowers (Alice in Wonderland), JamieThumper (Bambi)


ZoeElsa (Frozen), Caitlan and KrisVanellope Von Schweetz + Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph), SeanOlaf (Frozen)


MeElla (Cinderella 2015)

 I had little butterfly accents throughout my costume like Ella did in the 2015 version of Cinderella. Jemma was calling people ‘weeds’ and Caitlan had lollies in her hair just like Vanellope and people kept trying to eat them, despite being very full after our dinner!


Speaking of dinner, we went to my favourite restaurant, Two Bit Villains! It is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Adelaide and I’ve made a post about it before, you can find it here! I had my favourite meal, the Baron Burger, and I was so full afterwards! I made the mistake of buying chips as well and didn’t have Frankie sitting next to me to eat them with me haha.


After dinner, we walked over to Fumo Blu. I haven’t been to this bar in ages and I am so glad we went there. Everyone got a cocktail and they were all really good. I continued the Disney theme and got the drink pictured above called Snow White’s Demise. I love that the glass is shaped like an apple!

After Fumo Blu, we went to Shotz because it was fairytale night and it was super fun. We played pool and had a few drinks before we all went home. I’m really glad that I got to go out with my friends and celebrate my birthday. I’m also super glad that they’re all so cooperative with the theme haha.



I hope that you all enjoyed reading about my birthday and I hope that everyone who came had a really good time!

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My MAC Lipstick Collection 2015

Hey guys!

Today, I thought that it would be fun to share my MAC lipstick collection with you all. I have 13 lipsticks but as I was writing this post, the MAC Magic of the Night collection was released and I bought two more lipstick but they won’t be in this post 😦 I will share them with you guys when they arrive, if not, I’m sure I’ll post them on my instagram. I hope that you enjoy this post!




Royal Ball (LE)


As you guys will know if you read my MAC x Cinderella Collection escapades, this lipstick was really annoying to get my hands on. I’m glad that I finally have it but the colour doesn’t suit me very well. I don’t mind though because I really just wanted this as a collectors item.

Viva Glam V


This was my first ‘nude’ MAC lipstick. I was so happy with this purchase because the lipstick suits me well and I love that the proceeds go to the MAC AIDS fund. If you know anything about me, you’ll know I love to buy products that take a portion or all of the profits and give them to charities or organisations that are doing a really good thing.



This is my most favourite MAC lipstick. It is the perfect nude colour and it goes with anything. I couldn’t be happier that I have this lipstick in my life.



This lipstick is so popular and it is popular for good reason. It is the perfect pinky-neutral colour. I’d definitely recommend picking it up if it is ever available because it sells out super duper quickly. Thanks, Kylie.



I remember buying this colour with a friend. I’d bought Heroine and Mehr together and I was so excited because they were both so gorgeous. Now that I have Mehr and Brave, they do seem a bit similar and if you were on a budget, I’d say that you probably don’t need both shades. Mehr is a bit darker so maybe if you had deeper skin, you might like Mehr more and you’d get a similar effect to what Brave might give on a lighter skin.



Speed Dial


I believe that I picked this shade up when I was coming back from France. I really like this colour and it is perfect for spring and summer but it isn’t a colour that I’m usually drawn to. I am, however, glad that I own this one. Good choice, past Sarah.



This was another lipstick that I picked up when I was flying home from France. I had been trying to sell it for a while but now I think that I’ll just keep it. I don’t wear these colours very often but I’m sure that I can find a time to wear it.

Speak Louder


I bought this lipstick last summer and it must have been on a whim because this is another colour that I’m generally not drawn to because it is quite warm. However, with the right makeup, this one can look really flattering on my skin tone.





This was my first ever MAC lipstick and I remember umming and aaahhing about purchasing it for about 3 months. I used to be able to pick it out immediately when I was looking for it at MAC counters. I was obsessed with it and then I finally bought it and lost it in the same week. It reappeared the day that I was packing for France so I brought it along with me. I still love this lipstick so much and regularly wear it.



This lipstick is so underrated. It looks so pretty on so many people. I bought this one on a whim too when I was a bit flustered at Dubai MAC in the Duty Free. The lipstick that I really wanted wasn’t available so I just looked at the lipsticks and said, ‘I’ll take this one then, thank you’. And I’m so glad that I did! I love this colour!

Flat Out Fabulous


This shade is a favourite for a lot of people. It is so flattering and highly pigmented. Funny story, I was creating the first image in this post and as I opened this tube of lipstick, the lipstick part flew out of the tube and I had a mini heart attack. $36 dollars flashed before my eyes. Luckily, It is alright, as you can see, I took the individual photo after the rocket launch. It just doesn’t completely close into the tube anymore so I need to be a bit careful with it.



I love this purple from MAC. It is super gorgeous but sometimes I find it a little hard to pull off. I thought that it was because it was very purple but since wearing Jeffree Star’s I’m Royalty, that isn’t the reason. It might just be too pink of a grape purple to be as flattering as it could be. Nonetheless, I still love this lipstick. I just need to get into the habit of wearing it more!



Russian Red


I love this red lipstick so much that I bought drugstore reds that were a similar colour to this so that I wasn’t always wearing this colour and wasting it. That sounds so stupid but I don’t want it to run out haha. I was tossing up between this shade and Ruby Woo but because this one is more comfortable and has more depth, I went with Russian Red and I’m really happy that I did.


I also had two more shades, Chatterbox and Sweetie but I sold them on Depop. Sweetie was too close to Plumful and I just didn’t like it as much and Chatterbox was a little too warm for me to really enjoy it on my skin tone so I am glad that they’ve found new homes ❤


I hope that you enjoyed this post! What are your favourite MAC Lipsticks?

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Review: Essence Brit-Tea Collection

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be talking about a collection that I was dying for! When I had seen photos of this collection from Essence I was just like, ‘yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss’ because this totally fits my aesthetic haha. This collection was supposed to arrive at the start of October in Target stores but it took them two weeks to actually release it. Typical South Australia. So seeing as it is relatively new, I thought that I would share with you my thoughts and feelings about the collection and talk about whether I’d recommend picking up any products seeing as it is limited edition!



This collection is filled with pastel colours and shimmering finishes. So… pastel sparkles… hahahaha. There were a few products here that were pretty unique to their permanent line and I thought that that was awesome. There are two glosses, four nail polishes, a highlighting pencil, a blush, an eyeshadow palette, an eye brush, a lip balm, a nail file and an illuminating skin base. I tried the skin base in store and it didn’t do very much to my skin so I would probably give it a miss but it is cool that Essence brought out that kind of product. I would have bought the eyeshadow palette but the only one in the store was swatched, which is a regular occurrence in Target stores, so I had to give it a miss.
I picked up four items from the collection.


I was first drawn to the rose embossed blush. It reminded me a lot of the Milani Rose blushes and a few other brands have also done a similar design. I think that it is gorgeous and it is cool that there are different blush colours that you can create with just the one product.


When I apply the blush, I use a big blush brush so I am a little bit limited in the colour choice that I have but the result of mixing all the colours is quite nice. It is a very sheer natural pink shade, or at least it is for me. I can see this not working on tanned to dark skins. It is still really nice as a collectors piece, which I would probably buy it for if it didn’t work for me. I am wearing it in the photo near the bottom of the post where I’m holding Masochist by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. This product cost $6.75.


I wasn’t planning on getting much from this collection but when I saw this product, I was very excited. This reminds me so much of Glass Slipper Lipglass from MAC’s Cinderella collection. I wanted to get the gloss but I hardly wear gloss and I couldn’t justify the price, even for such pretty packaging. Below are some swatches of the gloss. It is a bit sticky but that just means that it will last longer on the lips. It certainly is not goopy or annoyingly sticky.

12071787_10153468924237530_1353065835_n 12166207_10153468924387530_2098595882_n

This product was $3.70.


In this photo, I’m wearing the mint green nail polish on my nails, the rose blush on my cheeks and the highlighting pencil on my waterline.

I really like the nail polish, it is the perfect minty green colour. It started to chip a little bit after 3 days but I haven’t exactly been making sure that they don’t get ruined so that could be more my fault than the quality of the nail polish. This product was $3.70.

The highlighting pencil has a rose coloured end and a beige coloured end. The beige end is perfect for my waterline because it is light enough to be brightening but not look too unnatural. It makes me look awake without looking cartoonish. The pencil is a little on the hard side, it isn’t very creamy but you can work with the product and it shouldn’t be too difficult to use. This product was $4.10.


I would probably recommend picking up the blush, if you’re fair, the nail polishes and the lipgloss. The highlighting pencil is a bit of a take it or leave it kind of product. If you’re looking for something to put in your waterline but all nude pencils are too peachy, then you would love this pencil.

What would you pick up from the collection?

I hope that you’re having a lovely day!

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My Makeup Geek Collection!

Hey guys!

This week I thought I’d have gotten more posts up but because of AVCon and some other posts falling threw, I wasn’t able to post what I wanted to! If you follow me on Instagram then you’d have seen what I got up to! I will be making an AVCon post soon with a video and I’m hoping that that will be up soon, just waiting to get a few more photos back from shoots and things. But today I’m here to talk about my MUG collection!

Prior to my recent purchase, I’d bought 6 shadows that acted as dupes for the MAC x Cinderella Stroke of Midnight palette. I never made a post about them for some reason so I thought I’d just make a post about everything I have now! Especially since I have a palette to store my shadows in. During the free shipping sale, I took advantage of getting a few things that I probably wouldn’t have if I’d have had to pay for shipping. I believe that Makeup Geek doesn’t have flat rate shipping, so this free shipping sale was a pretty big deal for people outside of the US.


Here’s what I picked up in my most recent order:


So, I decided that I definitely needed a z-palette and I was tossing up between a few different colours but lavender is my favourite colour so it was really a no-brainer. Despite knowing the size, It was still bigger that I’d expected it to be. This will fit 27 eyeshadows, so I should be set on a place to keep my MUG shadows!

I also decided to pick up three eyeshadows, Vanilla Bean, Barcelona Beach, and Twilight. I bought Vanilla Bean because I wanted a shadow that matched my skin tone so that I could use it as a base. Prior to this order, I sort of had an add on palette rather than an all in one eye shadow palette, and that was what I was really looking for. Since NYX Taupe blush has been discontinued, I was looking for an alternative. Marlena always talks about using Barcelona Beach as a contour powder so I bought it for that and because it looked like a super useful shadow. I have since used it as a contour powder and it is very pigmented but if you apply it lightly, it does work! I will have to practice with it and at the moment, NYX Taupe is still my preferred contouring powder, but that might be because I’m familiar with it haha.


Here are all of my MUG shadows together in the z-palette:

The shadows that I have as dupes for the MAC x Cinderella Stroke of Midnight are; Ice Queen, Shimma Shimma, Preppy, Unexpected, Mesmerized (Foiled), and Drama Queen. I even talked to Marlena about it around the time that MAC had released that palette and she said that she thought that they were definitely the closest dupes from MUG.

TFW Senpai notices you

Here is the palette swatched on to my hand:

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)

Top: Ice Queen, Shimma Shimma, Preppy, Unexpected, Mesmerized
Bottom: Drama Queen, Vanilla Bean, Barcelona Beach, Twilight

There are some shades that I will definitely be picking up soon, like Bitten *grabby hands*. I definitely think my palette needs some variety now that I have my base shades done and some mauvey colours. Makeup Geek is my favourite makeup brand. They have cheap, good quality products and fantastic customer service. I also think that Marlena does a fantastic job representing the brand and they go above and beyond to have the customers involved in the brand and things like that. I just can’t get enough of Makeup Geek! I also can’t wait for their liquid lipsticks to be released.

I hope that you are all enjoying your day!

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Pandora x Disney Collection!!

I have never really talked about this here on my blog but for one of my birthdays – I think it was my 16th – I received a Pandora bracelet and since then, I wanted to make it Disney themed. I have 13 charms and 2 stoppers on my bracelet and since Pandora had never done anything Disney related, I just picked charms that represented elements from my favourite movies. However, they’ve just released their new collection in the US and for it they teamed up with Disney to bring 73 Disney related Pandora items to us! The only reason I became aware of this is because my mum and step-dad are in Canada and the US on holiday and mum purchased one of the pieces for me!! So I thought that in my excitement, I’d share what you can find in the collection and what I think about it.


So in this collection, you can find pieces for:

Disney Princesses: Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Elsa, Anna, and Snow White.
Mickey and Minnie
Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore

There are also Disney Park exclusives that were released for the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland, so I can only assume that Disney teamed up with Pandora to promote this special event. I wish that they’d have teamed up sooner but this sort of makes the collection even more special 🙂

The piece that my mum picked up for me was Belle’s dress.

Belle is my favourite Disney Princess, followed closely by Tiana. I love the design of this dress and I think that it will go really nicely with the other charms on my bracelet. An interesting design is Ariel’s dress. They chose the Disney Parks dress as opposed to the pink dress in the movie. I think that the sea-foam green dress suits Ariel better anyway, so I like that they chose that version over the movie version.


Price: The collection is significantly more expensive because they collaborated with Disney but that is to be expected. All of the Disney x Japanese lolita brand dresses were all around $100-150 more than regular new release dresses because of the same reason. The US price for the silver charms is actually the same price as the Australian which is pretty interesting, that means that Pandora is much more of a luxury jewelry brand than it is in Australia. This collection is almost double the RRP of the standard silver charms but these are also much more intricate than the standard silver charms so its not too outrageous for it to be that price. The Princess dress charms are the same price as the birth stone rings that you can get at Pandora in Australian stores. So for the license and the designs, the prices aren’t too ridiculous. Total bonus for Disney lovers.

Thoughts: I think that this is a great collection for fans, both young and old, of Disney and Pandora. If this collection does in fact make its way down under, I know I’ll be purchasing a couple of the other pieces in this collection. You can see the whole collection here. I would definitely recommend having a look at the collection if you think that this is something you’d be interested in 🙂

If you guys are interested, I can make a separate post about my Pandora bracelet. I’d be more than happy to share which items I chose and why I thought they represented Disney! Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

I hope that you are all having a fantastic day!

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