Why You Should Love Boring Blushes

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

I’ve been talking about this in a few different posts over the last year in different wishlists, hauls and favourites and I thought that if those posts weren’t convincing you that ‘boring’ blushes are the best blushes, I thought that I should dedicate an entire blog post to the topic to make sure that you are adequately hyped about ‘boring’ blushes. Get on my LEVEL, everyone.


boring blushes

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Anti Haul #3

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Today I’m doing another one of my Anti-Haul series posts! I’m sure you’re probably very familiar with the concept. However, if you are not, an anti-haul is basically a post about what you’re not going to buy, as opposed to a haul being things that you have bought. There are countless new products being introduced and we certainly don’t need them all, so let’s dig in to the products that I will NOT be buying.


anti haul

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August Empties

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals

It’s time for another empties post! We’re almost at the end of the month and by now, I’ve probably finished everything that I’m likely to finish by Friday so I thought I’d chat about what is moving out of my beauty stash today!


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April Empties!

Hey guys!

Welcome to my first monthly empties post! In an effort to rectify my project pan, I decided to do monthly empties because there is no pressure to finish a certain amount, it’s just a time to review what I finished and whether or not I plan to repurchase! I hope that you enjoy!



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Journey to Cruelty Free #1

Hey guys!

So, since becoming vegetarian, I really wanted to think about the makeup and skincare that I was using. I know that being a vegetarian doesn’t eliminate all of the cruelty involved in my eating habits but in the effort to minimise the hurt that I’m creating, I wanted to try to start using majority cruelty free products. I’m not doing this to make myself better than anyone else. This is just a personal preference that I believe aligns with my personal beliefs.

I plan on making this a sort of series where I update you all on my progress and my planning. In this post, I am going to identify what brands in my collection are cruelty free and to what degree they are cruelty free (brand doesn’t test/sell in China, parent company doesn’t sell in China, vegan). A lot of brands don’t test but their parent company sells to countries (China) where it is law to test on animals, so you’re still more or less buying into cruelty. I hope that this is helpful, I am only including brands that I personally use so this isn’t everything that is cruelty free by any means. This is already going to be the longest post ever haha. I hope that you enjoy the post!



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Review: Makeup Social Mystery Mascara!

Today, I have an interesting review for you guys. I was sent a mystery mascara from Makeup Social to review. The idea is that we aren’t biased by what brand it is and to just give our honest opinion! I do have a feeling I know which brand created this but I will talk about it later haha.



The first thing that I noticed about this mascara was the brush. It is a plastic brush and it has very short bristles. I think that this brush is designed to create length and define the lashes. This isn’t the kind of mascara that I would usually buy, I tend to like volumising mascaras better but I liked the formula of this mascara.

The formula is of a drier consistency which can be annoying for some people, but I tend to only do one or two coats of mascara when I’m applying my makeup every day so this formula suits me fine.

Here is what the mascara looked like with one coat:


And here is what it looked like with two coats:


I couldn’t for the life of me get the camera to focus on the lashes but I think that you get the idea. When I wear this mascara with my normal makeup, my lashes get a little bit lost among the liner and eyeshadow. On a bare eye, I love this mascara. It really defines the eyes and makes them stand out. Its all about what your personal preference is.

I didn’t curl my lashes for this because I’ve stopped curling them. My lashes are already pretty curled on their own so I don’t really bother, I only really ever curl them when I’m wearing false eyelashes.

I liked that it made my eyelashes look long, however I already feel as if my lashes are quite long on their own so lengthening isn’t something that I am looking for in a mascara. I think that this mascara would work really well for people with very short lashes because this will really give you a boost.

I don’t think that I would purchase this mascara purely because this mascara is suited for people with different preferences to mine, and that’s not saying that this mascara isn’t good, its just not what I’m looking for in a mascara.

When trying to figure out which mascara this might be, my initial thought was that the mascara smelt nice. It didn’t have that chemical smell that ‘drugstore’ mascaras have so I thought it was probably on the more expensive end of makeup. I have a feeling that this mascara is Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara that is coming out in the near future. The brush looks identical to the reviews I’ve seen from people on youtube and the results also look the same.  I also think its Benefit because Makeup Social gave us the Benefit Brow Blings a little while ago, so they’ve already given out this brand for review and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the same this time around, so the mystery was a little bit lost for me.

I can’t wait to here what others have to say about this mascara and I can’t wait to see which mascara this was! I hope I was right!

Hope that you’re all having a great day!

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