BellaBox December 2014: What Did I Receive?

As I mentioned in my last post, this was my last BellaBox. I thought that I’d finish this year’s boxes and then give my final review of this service and whether it is worth it. This month’s box made me very sad, in a good way haha. I’ll let you know why further on in this post.

image imageb

Initial Thoughts:

This box looked fantastic. I could use almost everything and I was excited to use almost everything! A lot of youtubers have received packages filled with the KORA by Miranda Kerr line so I was excited to be testing it out along with them.

KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr – Purifying Day & Night Cream:

image (1)

This was nothing extraordinary, for me, anyway. The smell lingers and I don’t love the smell. This is also really thin and watery so it’d be best suited to day time, before makeup. I am glad I got to see what the full sized product looks like. I don’t think that this is worth the money, so I am extra glad I got to try it for next to nothing.

RRP: $59.95

Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Mascara:

image (2)

When I read that this product is a top seller on Amazon and a cult favourite, I was intrigued. I used this pretty much immediately and I didn’t use any eyeliner, so that I could see the effect that the mascara gave on its own. It was fantastic! It made my lashes look feathery and fluttery, long and thick. I am really pleased with this and I would almost definitely buy the full size!

RRP: $25

Enbacci Pore Minimiser:

image (3)

I used this product immediately, as well. This product smells like the LUSH Facial Mask – Cosmetic Warrior and its not a nice smell, especially for a product that is meant to be used in porous places like your nose. I did, however, really enjoy this product. I did notice a difference in how my makeup sat on my face. This little tube is worth $6 and using it every day, I’ve used it kind of quickly so I do not know whether it is completely worth it but I usually go by, ‘if it works, it is worth it’.

RRP: $30

Kerastase Paris Nutritive Nectar Thermique:

image (4)

I haven’t used this product yet but it looks promising! I plan on using it tonight so if it is any good, I’m sure I will mention it in a post later on. It is a leave in conditioner and nothing seems to work on my incredibly dry hair, hopefully this will be something that makes a difference!

RRP: $45

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash:

image (5)

There’s nothing really to say about this other than I’m happy to have it to try out as I have been experiencing some break outs!

RRP: $13.99

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation:

image (6)

I do really want to try this foundation, it is just a shame that this shade is way too dark for me!

RRP: $23.95


This box has made me sad because I love most of the products. I suppose that it is good to end this experience on a high but it is a shame to see this box go. I have had such bad experiences with this box since I got it and I know that I could be spending my money elsewhere so that’s a real plus. I’m sure I’ll find another subscription box in the future and hopefully it won’t be so bad!

Would I recommend subscribing to Bellabox? No. If I’m willingly unsubscribing, that should be a hint that I’m not really enjoying the experience. There have been some ups and mostly downs but I am glad that I got to experience it for as long as I did!

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ArrivederLa xxx

BellaBox November 2014: What Did I receive?

I had high hopes for this box after receiving last month’s BellaBox but when I started hearing what people had to say about this month’s box, I was just hoping for at least one item that I could make use of. This month’s box was called Dusk Till Dawn and there was no blue box this month because the ‘items were just too big!’ yeah okay BellaBox.


Here is what was inside my box:



Coastal Scents Revealed Palette Sampler:


This is probably the most exciting thing in the box and could equally be the most disappointing to some. I’ve really wanted this palette ever since I saw it on YouTube a few months ago. This sample is pretty crappy but it does let you test out the colours and see what you’d like. The black is pretty pigmented. Each shadow is probably the size of the top part of my finger so they may be too small for some eyeshadow brushes.

Value: $? I don’t have little scales so I’m going to guess that its 2g so its $2.26 (RRP: $34.00 full size 30g)

CEDEL Conditioning Foam:

This was the ‘big’ product and I’m pretty sure I could have done without it. Most of these products don’t work for my hair but I’m happier that I got this because I saw that my friend got a self tanner instead of this haha. Just because you say in the survey that you’re pale that doesn’t mean that you want to be tanned hahaha.

RRP: $14.99

BOE Beauty Nail Enamel:

I think there must have been an option to get a colour rather than a base/top coat like I got because the description says, ‘add some glamour to your nails with this on-trend nail polish colour’. I don’t think a base/top coat is an ‘on-trend’ colour haha. This stank soooo badly. I pretty much threw it out right after I took the photo. It smells cheap and nasty and I can buy BOE Beauty products at my Big W for like $1 or $2 so why would I want this in my box.

RRP: $2

Lonvitalite 24K Active Gold Eye Mask:

This is supposed to treat dark circles, sagging skin, and crows feet, all of which I do not have. I don’t know what I’m going to do with this, it will probably just sit in my sample box.

Value: $4.80 (RRP: $24)

Palmers Multi-Effect Perfecting Facial Oil:

This is another product that is supposed to improve aged skin. I’m not sure what BellaBox is trying to tell me but I’m only 20 and I don’t think my skin is currently needing products like this. I’ll probably still use it but it seems a bit pointless because I won’t see any results.

Value: $0.66  (RRP: $19.99)

Compeed Blister Patch:

I suppose I can use this as I do have a few shoes that give me really bad blister but I will probably forget that I have it and it’ll end up being thrown out.

Value: $2.59 (RRP: $12.95)


Brands like BOE Beauty and Designer Brands  should not be in this monthly subscription box. They are cheap enough for us Australians to buy and try as it is. We don’t need to test from these brands, especially when most things that we have received from these brands has been useless. I’m glad that we were able to try out the Coastal Scents palette as I really have been wanting to purchase it. I’m also glad that I didn’t receive the self tanner but you can’t be excited about something you didn’t get, you need to be excited about the things you did get. Some people that I know have unsubscribed after they received this box and for once I’m actually not going to think about unsubscribing. I’m going to keep this subscription until the end of this year and then I will be unsubscribing. This has been a weird experience and to be honest, I am looking forward to moving on from BellaBox. It has been fun trying out stuff but each box has either not been up to scratch or late and the customer service is not really good enough either. I honestly would not recommend getting this subscription box when there are a lot of better options that are much better value for money. This has been one of the cheapest box that we have been sent, since I started getting these boxes.

Total Value: $27.3 (RRP $107.93)

BellaBox October 2014: What Did I receive?

I think Bellabox have pretty much redeemed themselves with this latest box. Not only did it come pretty much on time, I think that  I will use all of the things in this box. I’m really happy about it because I hate to write negative things about products but I have to give my honest opinion.

This month was Bellabox’s 3rd birthday! This month’s theme was ‘Born to be Wild’ and it featured Bellabox’s favourite things. And the blue box was back haha.

Here is what I received:

image (4)

image (5)

Model CO. Skincare:

image (6)

I’ve never tried anything by Model Co. and I’ve always wanted to so I’m glad that this was in my box this month. I haven’t heard anything about any of these products so I guess I’ll just have to try them myself and hope for the best!

Value: for all $2.83 (RRP for all $88.00)

Rimmel Lip Product (Apocalips):

image (7)

image (8)


I have quite a lot of these and I do enjoy them, this is probably the colour that I was least likely to purchase but I’m still happy that I got it because it means that I get a chance to see what this colour would look like on me. I have a pink lipliner on under the gloss to make it look better on my skin but the swatch on my hand is the true colour.

Value: RRP: $15.95

NIVEA Stress Protect Deodorant:

image (1)

I got this product from a PINCH ME sample a couple of months ago so I already have an opinion on this. I actually really hate this product if you use it on an every day basis. It doesn’t last long at all. I still sweat when I wear this but i suppose my sweat doesn’t smell? A little bit too much information haha. I just carry around this sample in my bag in case I somehow forget to put on deodorant in the morning before uni. There is a roll on version and I hear that it is much better.

Value: $? (RRP: $6.59)

Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner:

image (2)

You can’t go wrong with samples of good shampoos and conditioners. However there have been shampoo and conditioner samples in a lot  of the boxes lately and I’d rather have something else because my samples are kind of piling up now.

Value: $1.82 (RRP: $13.98)

Kester Black For Bellabox Polish in Ruby Tuesday:

image (3)

I am quite excited to use this product. I’m not sure if it is any good or not but I don’t have a red nail polish so I’m happy to add this to my little collection. This is quite expensive! I don’t think that I would ever purchase another colour and that might just be because I’ve never heard of this brand and if I was going to spend that much, I would rather spend it on a brand I know and enjoy, like OPI or Essie.

Value: RRP: $20

MOR Hand Cream:

image (4)

I’ve really wanted to try these hand creams so I’m glad this little sample was in my box this month!

Value: $0.56 (RRP: $14.95)

Overall I am quite happy with this box this month! I think that this box is what we should expect every month. This is the kind of stuff that is worth paying for. I’m actually getting to try stuff that I may never have tried.

Total Value: $41.16 (RRP $159.47)

BellaBox September 2014: What Did I receive?

I am again considering cancelling my subscription to Bellabox and this time its due to how long the boxes now take to get to its customers. I almost didn’t get this box in September and it is really disappointing that this company can’t deliver what they promise and also don’t really communicate if there is a shipping issue. Anyway, now that I’ve had my little rant, I’ll talk about this month’s box.

This month there was no blue box, standard for bellabox. They sent us this card inside the cardboard box explaining why there was no blue box.

bellabox september 1

bellabox september 2

I don’t particularly care, as long as my box is safe.

Here is what I got in my box:

bellabox september 3

bellabox september 4

When I first opened the box, I saw the neon hair ties and went “NOOOOOO”. I hate neon things, I love bright lipstick but that is as far as I go. I was happy to see lashes though and when I saw that the Tresemme product was for anti frizz I was pretty happy.

Neutrogena Makeup Wipes:

I’m happy to receive makeup wipes, especially from a decent brand like Neutrogena. They certainly aren’t an exciting product but they’re useful and you can never have too many! This sample gave 7 sheets, the full size is 25 sheets.

Value: $2.24 (RRP $7.99)

Gliders Hair Ties:

I’m sorry if you like neon colours, I just really don’t like them much at all. Hair ties are useful but I wouldn’t use them. I’ll just give them to my mum. I don’t know if they’re fantastic quality or anything.

Value: RRP $4.95

1000 Hour Lashes:

bellabox september 5

The style that I received were the Wicked Lush lashes and my friend received the Pin Up lashes, I want to swap with her because I like that style better but I’m very happy to receive new lashes! I wear lashes pretty regularly so this was a great addition to this month’s bellabox, but lashes certainly aren’t for everyone. I am glad that they chose lashes that came with glue though, I probably won’t use it but for people that don’t wear lashes regularly, this is a great way for people to try them out.

Value: RRP $9.95

Sleek Makeup Eye Dust:

bellabox september 6 bellabox september 7

This was the product I was most excited for. I’ve been wanting to try Sleek Makeup ever since I first played with it in a Sephora in France. It just sucks that I was given black. I said in one of my previous posts that I hate wearing black eyeshadow because its too dramatic for my liking. I had a look at the other colours available on the Sleek website and I’d have taken almost any other colour. However, I know I’ll use this with my Shiro Cosmetics Pigments, particularly the pigment called Mother of Dragons! I think that they would look really pretty together.  It said on the card that Sleek products are available on the BellaBox website, which so far isn’t true. I assume they will be available in October or November. I did go to the Sleek website to find the price, it might be in American dollar despite being from the UK, either way, they are a good price!

Here’s a swatch, you can see both the colour with light shining on the shadow and one without. I will probably buy some more of these.

bellabox september 8 bellabox september 9

Value: $4.49

In this box we received two bonus products, two samples.

Garnier Perfect Blur:

Garnier products break me out but I’ll probably still give this a go.

Value: $1.20 (RRP $16.95)

Revlon ColorStay Foundation:

This is my everyday foundation, I absolutely love it and highly recommend it. Its too bad that they sent me the Normal/Dry version in a colour that is too dark for me, I’ll probably have to throw it away because its useless to me.

Value: $1.75 (RRP $34.95)

Overall, I am okay with this box, I’m happy to have some products but there isn’t anything that excites me. BellaBox recently updated their website and I think that they have a better quiz now for your box, so I may start getting better boxes in the coming months, or at least I hope so. So, I will not cancel my subscription for next month. I just hope for better service in the future.

Total Value: $24.58 (RRP $79.28)

BellaBox August 2014: What did I receive?

Last month, I said that if I wasn’t impressed with this month’s BellaBox, I’d cancel my subscription. I had been really looking forward to this because I wanted BellaBox to redeem themselves, for me anyway. When I first heard that the theme was ‘sports’ I was ready for this box to be a flop. I don’t go to the gym or do much exercise other than walking to get to places I need to go, so this box seemed like it was only really going to benefit one group of people and I am not part of that group of people. I’d also like to mention that once again, Bellabox came pretty late with very little excuse, but it came and I’m here to talk about what I got and do a little review.

This is what the card inside the box looked like:
bellabox sport 1
bellabox sport 2

This is what I received:

bellabox sport 3

When I first opened up the box I was relieved! I wasn’t really excited by any products but at least I know I can used most, if not all products. Also, almost all products are full sized!

ecoTOOLS Lip Brush:

This was the item I was most excited to see. I love lipstick and I know I’ll get some use out of this. This is a pretty standard lip brush and I’m glad I get to try something from ecoTOOLS because I’ve wanted to try their brushes for a while.

Value: RRP $8.99

Natralus NatraSan Hand Sanitiser Kakadu Plum and Vanilla:

This is the thing I was like, ‘this is going straight into my hand bag’. I love hand sanitiser, which is such a strange thing to love but I sort of have a phobia of getting myself dirty so I know I’ll use this a lot. It says that there are 180 sprays per bottle and it smells pretty good! I love anything vanilla but if you spray more than once into your hand (directions say to spray twice) the smell may be too strong, it certainly was for me.

Value: RRP $4.49

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream:

I don’t really know when I’ll use it and I’m not entirely sure how I am supposed to use this but I guess I’ll sort it out. I like BellaBox because I have opportunities to use things that I normally wouldn’t purchase.

Value: $7.50 (RRP $14.99)

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner:

I keep seeing this brand everywhere and I’d been meaning to try out their products for a while. I also travel a lot, so having little samples of shampoo and conditioner is really handy. This smells awesome and made my hair feel nice!

Value: $2.80 (RRP $17.99)

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Pinkalicious:

I’ve used these nail polishes before and the formula has been hit and miss with some colours. I haven’t had the chance to try this out yet, but I doubt I’d get too much wear out of it because I don’t wear this colour often at all.

Value: RRP $5.99

Palmers Cocoa Butter:

I’ve used this product before and loved it so I’m more than happy to have a sample of it!

Value: $? (RRP $9.99)

Overall, I am really happy with this box, even though nothing excited me very much, I know I’ll use all of it and I won’t be canceling my subscription! Even with a sports theme, these all just feel like useful items for every day people which I think is a very safe box to give to people after last month’s box.

Total Value: $29.77 (RRP $71.43)

BellaBox July 2014: What did I receive?

I’ve been getting the subscription box, BellaBox, for the past 3 months and I thought I might start sharing what I’ve received in my box because it is different for everyone and I love seeing what other people received! I’ll talk about what I thought of the box at the end of this post.

This is a very bad photo of what came inside my box with information about each product. This is really helpful when I don’t get a full sized product because the sample sizes usually don’t have any instructions on how to use the product. However almost all of my products were full sized!

image (3)

And here are the products that came in my box this month:


The theme was American Beauty and there seemed to be a few cool things you could get in this box that I was eager to try. I really wanted to try the Balm cream blush palette and the waterproof top coat mascara from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which I received!

This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Top Coat – Deluxe Sample:

image (4)image (5)

image (6)

This was one of the three American cult brand items that were guaranteed to be in the box. There was also one Nicole by O.P.I. nail polish in varying shades and the Balm cream blush. Some people were lucky enough to receive two of those!

Value: $23.55 (RRP is $39.00 for 5.3g)


This is the Innoxa Mineral Eyeshadow Trio in Nude – Full Sized:

image (2)image (1)

This product is not even worth sharing the swatch for. This had almost no pigmentation. I looked up the Innoxa training guide (here) to see the best way to apply it but it just said use a brush and you really wouldn’t pick up enough to bother using it so if you ever wondered about this product, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Value: RRP $14.95


These are the Designer Brands Paw Paw Lip treatment and Ointment – Full Sized:

image (7)

I kinda wish I got to skip the ointment because I own the Lucas’ Papaw Ointment already and I’ll probably use that over this Designer Brands one because most people swear by that one and not many people seem to talk about this or anything worth mentioning from that brand at all. But I will give it a go. The lip treatment should be interesting. I plan on using it at night before I go to sleep!

Value – Both RRP $4.99


This is the SHE Aromatherapy Fruit Shine Gloss in Raspberry – Full Sized:

image (8) image (9)

I really am not a fan of glosses in these kinds of tubes because you have pretty much no control of the gloss and if you’ve accidentally pushed too much out you can’t get it back in the tube. It is a really pretty colour and swatched nicely on my hand but I don’t know how much use I’d get out of this at all. I suppose that’s the gamble with these subscription boxes. This item isn’t even listed as one of the possible items you can receive on the bellabox July box page or on the SHE Aromatherapy website, in this shade.

Value: RRP $12.95


And this is the Natralus Pure 100% Aloe Vera Gel, it was a bonus gift in my box:

image (10)

Value: $0.15 (RRP $14.95 for 200ml)

This is supposed to be used over sunburnt skin which is a weird gift to give when Australia is right in the middle of winter but I’m sure it’ll come in handy in the summer time.

Total Value: $61.58 (or RRP $91.83)


If this was my first Bella Box I would probably stop my subscription because I hardly got anything I’d use. There was a serious amount of hype for this box from BellaBox so it is really disappointing to have received what I received. In previous boxes I’d be happy to use more than half, if not all items in the box. But this box has nothing special at all. The theme was American Beauty, based on the Fourth of July Holiday and a lot of people assumed that that would celebrate American Beauty Products. Or at least more so than just the one guaranteed item. Only one out of the six things I received were from an American company, which I think is pretty poor for an American themed box. The items could have even been in the American flag colours, I know I’d love a navy eyeliner. I think most people are upset by this box because we all had to wait so long to receive it and then it didn’t turn out to be anything special anyway. I am glad I received the Anastasia Beverly Hills item and I think if it wasn’t for that I would have been really really disappointed with this box.