Spring/Summer Lipsticks!

This post is a follow up to the post I made about Fall/Winter Lipsticks. I thought this might be more appropriate for those in the Southern Hemisphere, like me, who are heading into Summer! The best part of these seasons is my birthday, end of uni year and of course the holidays like Halloween, Christmas and New Years. I  want to point out again that you don’t have to wear these colours in these season. You can wear whatever colour at whatever time. You make your own rules for makeup!

So, here is my large collection of Spring and Summer colours:


Yeah, I went a bit overboard with lipsticks for this. Trust me, I regretted it later when I had to go and swatch them all and now my hand is crying. All the regrets, all the time. I don’t own many ‘high end’ products, there are 5 here but I generally buy drugstore products. When I think of this time of year, I think of brights, corals and fuchsia. I don’t wear many pastels at all because my skin is so pale that is can often make me look like a little zombie and I’m not really a fan of that look. I don’t have a ‘worn photo’ for everything but I do have hand swatches for everything. I have so many selfies on my phone and its a miracle I even remember which lipstick out of my like 200+ that I am wearing that day.

Etude House Etoinette in POR202, Dear My Blooming Lips Talk in PK005, Minnie Mouse Pink.



Two of the three lipsticks are stamped and I think they’re really pretty!

IMG_6245 IMG_6246


I love Etude House and I think that they are affordable and worth checking out. They have a large range of different finishes and really, you could even just buy the lipstick for the packaging. Its just adorable. My favourite collection is the Etoinette collection and I can only find them on eBay now, I think that collection isn’t being stocked anymore, correct me if I’m wrong.

Lancôme Rouge in Love lipstick in 351B and gloss in 385:




The third swatch is the gloss and lipstick combined. I really like the way that they look together. I got both of these while I was travelling in France at the end of last year so they’re extra special. Let me just say though that I never would have bought this shade if I knew that this was going to be such a bright pink. In Duty Free it looked like an everyday pink, so that was a bit of a bummer but I like this shade now and I wear it quite frequently.

Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait and Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coralberry:





The Lip Butters were really over hyped when they first came out and I think that may be why a lot of people don’t give them much attention now because they definitely aren’t worth that amount of hype. However, I do think that they are still a great product. Peach Parfait has little flecks of gold in it so if you don’t like glitter then I wouldn’t recommend it but I think that this is such a perfect colour to wear with coral, gold and peachy makeup, like in the photo above. Coralberry is one of my favourite Revlon lipsticks. I’d been running around looking for it for months and none of the Priceline’s in my area had it but I eventually found it and I just love it. It is a peachy orange colour and I think it really suits Summer.

Rimmel Stay Glossy in 640 All Day Seduction, Apocalips in Stellar, Moisture Renew in Back to Fuchsia and In Love With Ginger:



I don’t use the Rimmel glosses enough, they’re really nice. I especially think that this gloss would compliment a lot of the lipsticks that I’m talking about in this post. I think most people know about the Apocalips or Show Offs, I don’t wear them very much because they’re a little bit too creamy for me BUT HAVE A LOOK AT THAT PIGMENTATION. It looks like I’ve swiped paint on to my hand! Stellar is a gorgeous orange red and I definitely plan on wearing this a heck of a lot in Spring and Summer. The new formula of the Moisture Renew line are more… creamy? They felt more like their regular line before they were revamped and I think I like them better the old way but the new colours in the new formula are perfection. In Love With Ginger has a hint of red in it so it isn’t such a stark orange colour, I think that it is pretty wearable.

Covergirl lipstick in Spellbound:



I LOVE this lipstick. I had only ever tried Covergirl foundation and mascara until the start of this year when I found out that this is a dupe for MAC’s Girl About Town. They are creamy but not too creamy and this one in particular has great pigmentation.

Rimmel Lasting Finish in Firecracker:



Firecracker is a really pretty coral red, I think that it is pretty unique and I’d recommend checking it out!

Milani Color Statement in Hot Pink Rage:



I have a deep love for the Milani Color Statement range. I have to buy them on Cherry Culture though so I do a lot of research before I buy them. I have all three matte shades and I think that they are fantastic. They smell great, they look great, and they make you feel great. Great, great, great.

MAC Speak Louder, Speed Dial and Crosswires:



Speak Louder


Speed Dial


I love these MAC lipsticks. Speak Louder is a colour I bought on a whim and I still am unsure if I regret it or not. I love the lipstick but I think I have lots like it. Speed Dial is really pretty! Speed Dial and Crosswires were also France purchases that were bought in the middle of France winter, ready for me to come back to Australian summer (bleh). All of these are cremesheens.

Maybelline Vivids in Hot Plum, Fuchsia Flash, Shocking Coral and Vivid Rose:



I love these lipsticks! They are the best of the Maybelline lip range in my opinion. They are highly pigmented and they stain your lips nicely so when the colour does wear off, you’re left with a pretty stain. We still don’t have the matte collection in Australia so I might have a different opinion on what is the best in the range when they arrive but from what they have in our stores, I definitely think that these are the best. And there are some more wearable shades in this collection, so if you are looking for something more toned down, you could probably find it.

Sportsgirl Pout About It lipsticks in Catwalk Queen and Mad About You:



Mad About You

Bright Pink Lipstick Day

I don’t hear much about these lipsticks and I think that might be because they are part of a clothing store brand some of their lipsticks are great! Check out those colours!

Bourjois Rouge Velvet in Pink Pong and Color Boost Balm in Orange Punch:



I love the Rouge Velvet creams (minus Grand Cru) but I don’t like the price, if you ever see these on sale for a decent price, snap them up! The Color Boost Balm is much like every other balm stick on the market, its cheaper than the Revlon ones but it is also less pigmented. I love the colour though.

Australis Velourlips in MI-A-MEE:



velour lips new 5

This is one of my absolute favourite lip products! I love the colour and I love love love the lasting power of these lipsticks! If you don’t want the heat to melt away your hard work, I’d recommend picking this up!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp:




The tube looks very orange in this photo and I apologise because I didn’t notice it until it was on my computer. The swatch is true to colour though. I was struggling to get the product out as I think this has started drying up on me but this is a great product and it smells amazing.

I hope that you found this post helpful! What lip colours and combinations do you want to be wearing this Spring/Summer?

ArrivederLa xxx


Recent Priceline Purchases

Priceline have had some pretty amazing sales lately, like 40% off skincare and 50% off Sally Hansen and things like that. I go to Priceline regularly and thought I’d share what I have purchased over the last two weeks or so:


I didn’t end up getting anything while Priceline had its 40% off skincare which is sad but all I would have bought was face wipes and they were still on sale post skincare sale. So I bought my Simple Cleansing Face Wipes.

Whilst there was a sale on Sally Hansen, I picked up two nail polishes, Save the Date (Sparkly Burgundy) which I want to paint my entire body with, the colour is perfect, and Café au Lait (warm nude). I love Sally Hansen nail polishes so I was really excited about this sale.

Revlon had a sale on their Balm and lip butters, all of them were only $10AUD! I own almost all of the Kissable Balm stains and own two matte balms and one lacquer, so I bought another matte balm in 210 Unapologetic. There aren’t many exciting shades for me in the matte balms but I love how they feel and I love the finish. I might go and pick up the purple colour later on because I think it is pretty.


Rimmel recently brought out their balms similar to the Revlon Balms and Clinique ones and pretty much every brand’s one. Rimmel seems to be the last to have a balm like this in their range. I haven’t heard much about these but Rimmel had a sale on all lip products, mascaras and 60 second polishes so I picked up this balm in 200 Keep Mauving. The packaging is pretty deceptive. It looks like it would be brown but its a plummy mauve. I has the same finish as the Revlon Kissable Balm stains, not sure how long wearing these are though.


Australis has 30% off all products at the moment and if I had the money, I would have bought so many things because I really like Australis but I just picked up another one of their VelourLips in NY-CEE. They all have funny names and they all smell really nice. The lady at Priceline told me this was her favourite lip product 🙂

I also bought a Maybelline Color Show eyeliner in Edgy Emerald. I’ve been wearing coloured eyeliner with my regular liquid eyeliner a lot lately and have been loving it. So I picked this up, it was only $6.95 or $5.95, I’m not sure, but I think they are nice for the price.

Here are the swatches. The red got smudged by my jacket -_-


L to R: VelourLips in NY-CEE, Revlon Matte Balm in Unapologetic, Rimmel Color Rush in Keep Mauving and Maybelline Color Show eyeliner in Edgy Emerald.


Mini Lipstick Graveyard~

As you may have seen on my previous posts about my lipstick collection, I’ve accumulated a lot of lip products over the last 2 years and I thought it might be a good idea to start getting rid of some that I either don’t use or just don’t really need.
I counted 191 lipsticks and believe it or not, I have a few coming in the mail soon.

Here is a picture of part of my makeup table:

image (8)

There are lip products in the containers to the left, eye shadows and such in the top right corner, circle lenses and coloured contacts below that and then my little nail polish collection.


And this is what I took away from my lip products:

image (9)


L to R Top: Mio Piccolo shade 03, Rimmel Drop of Sherry and Pink Blush, Nivea Gloss Balm, Christian Dior Gloss gift set, Elf Fantasy, Essense XXXL gloss.

L to R Middle: Inglot Lipsticks, Maybelline Pink Beam and Luminous Lilac, Essence Wear Berries!, Esis Rose Nude, Inglot Lip Duo in 24.

L to R Bottom: Essences Beauty Beats gloss, Models Prefer Balm Stain.

Not a lot left but it definitely feels better to have removed some, I have a bit of a hording issue with lipsticks so this is progress. I’m sure I’ll do another one of these posts in the future.

Now I’ll explain why I’m not keeping these and where they’ll be going:

I have two Rimmel lipsticks, Drop of Sherry and Pink Blush that are leaving my collection. I love Rimmel and I love their lipsticks but I don’t think that these two suit me all that well. Drop of Sherry has quite a frosty finish and I think its more of an older shade for me. And Pink Blush is also quite frosty but the real issue is that its too blue toned for my skin, which is weird because I suit those kinds of colours pretty well. My Mum has claimed these, she likes to try products and I think she would use them more than I would.

There are two Inglot lipsticks, I don’t remember the numbers and that is a little bit why I am not keeping them. I don’t like that the colours are just labelled by number and the number has little to no indication of what the colour could be. Their system needs to be changed because its really inconvenient. I bought these when I was first really getting into makeup and I didn’t really know what I liked, these where half price and I’d never bought anything more high end before so these at the time where quite exciting but they’re both extremely frosty, so is the one I am keeping but the one I’m keeping is less obnoxious and I think I could find a way to make it work. I just hate the way these two make me look. One is a medium pink and one is a lilac shade. The lilac is so shimmery that it looks white in some photos. I have similar colours in my collection that have a nicer finish so I thought I’d let these two go. The pink is going to my Mum and the lilac is in a bag waiting to be assessed by one of my friends.

The nivea gloss I bought while I was in France and I don’t really know what possessed me to buy it but I did. I’ve used it once and I don’t really like it. It is just a little squeezy tube and I just don’t reach for it at all. My Mum will be trying this.

The five little Dior lipglosses look like they would be awesome but their just so bad. I got them really cheap in a gift set and they are pretty much all the same colour and finish. I’ve used them once or twice and I just never reach for them. They’re just taking up space so they’ll probably be thrown away because I don’t think they’re really good enough for anyone.

The Elf Lipstick was something I accidentally purchased. On the Australian website if something is out of stock, it just flicks to the first lipstick in stock and I didn’t see that it hadn’t gotten the colour I was after. I don’t know if that is the same for the American site or not but it is really annoying and i think they should just highlight what is in stock and mute the word of the shades not in stock. The way they’ve set it up is quite annoying. Its more expensive to purchase in Australia than in America but I don’t mind that this was a bit of a waste. This is probably just going to the bin. I don’t imagine anyone I know would want this.

The two maybelline lipsticks were ebay purchases and I think I just bought them because they were cheap. They’ll probably be chucked out.

The Essence lipstick, beauty beats gloss and XXXL gloss are just three products I don’t ever use even though they’re nice. I just can’t imagine picking them up when I have so many others. There’s nothing greatly wrong with any of them.

The Models Prefer Balm is okay, I got it in one of the Priceline gift bags. I have a lot of the Revlon Balm Stains and I like them better than most of the other ones you can get so I just don’t see myself using it.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment or send me a message 🙂