March Wishlist

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Today I wanted to share a few of the products that have been exciting me lately! I will say, I’m becoming less and less enthused about new products. I feel like we’re either seeing more of the same or more of the odd that are just not necessary. I can’t say I’m often drawn to products anymore and it makes me really sad! I have managed to create a small list of things that are interesting me this month and I would love to hear about what has been exciting you or what you think about the products that I am lusting after!



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Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Dupes

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals

Prior to the reviews and the online catastrophe that was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette, I really wanted to purchase this palette. I adore the shades and it’s very different to anything that I currently own. This palette had a lot of tones that I thought would be much more fun to play around with than the Modern Renaissance palette, which is supposed to be the sister palette to the Subculture palette. I still find that that the shades in that palette can border pink-eye type looks, even though I do love burgundy shadow. So I thought Subculture would be right up my alley and then all the reviews came out and I just couldn’t risk spending the money on something that just wasn’t great quality. So I thought I’d create a dupes post using my favourite brands of single shadows, Makeup Geek and Inglot, to create a sort of similar palette out of the shades that both brands currently sell. I will have two separate dupe palettes created so that you could purchase all of the shadows from one store. I hope that you find this post helpful!



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August Wishlist!

Hey guys!

Due to my studies keeping me mostly at home, I can spend quite a lot of time getting side tracked, seeing lots of new things being released and discovering older products that I want to try. Once again, I have quite a list of products here for this month’s wishlist thanks to many summer releases and the beginnings of the fall releases in the US. I hope that you enjoy!



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Review: ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips

Hey guys!

A couple of weeks ago, my Colourpop order arrived and I was so excited because two of the shades that I picked up were bought because I knew that I was participating in Liptember. I’ve heard pretty mixed reviews on this product but they’re mostly positive. I think that everyone is mainly excited that we have amazing liquid lipstick colours at pretty great prices.


I firstly want to talk about the price and shipping because for Australians, it’s really important at the moment with our dollar so low. The shipping on the website is weighted, so unless you’re getting a free shipping deal, this could be one pricey purchase for us. I ordered 4 colours and they were $6 USD each. With shipping added and price converted to AUD, each lipstick (with a portion of the shipping included) was about $12.50 AUD. I like adding in the shipping when I divide up the price because I like to see how it might compare to products that we can already by here. Note that this was before the stock market crash so things might actually be worse now than when I originally ordered.

So that makes this product more expensive than an Australis Velourlips. For the vast colour range, I think that a few extra dollars per lipstick is totally worth it.

The formula of these is like nothing I’ve used before. I’ve never used Lime Crime (thank god), Stila, Anastasia Beverly Hills or LA Splash, etc. It’s thinner than the Me Now Long Lasting Lipglosses but when it has dried on the lips, it feels a lot like the Australis Velourlips, but maybe a tad more drying. And of course, like all matte liquid lipsticks, these are drying. It’s expected. If you don’t like drying lipsticks, don’t go near this product. You can wear it with a lip balm underneath and it will be pretty comfortable, so I’d recommend doing that.


L to R: Midi, Clueless, Jellies, Dr. M

This product dries FAST! It is very watery and extremely pigmented and it dries within about a minute, so you need to work fast but you also won’t need to keep your mouth open for too long, for it to dry.


Hear are some lip swatches for you!

11911646_10153376379657530_2064341586_n          11938144_10153376379652530_1380504741_n

Clueless and Midi

11934224_10153376379642530_1115491550_n          11938879_10153376379647530_1737854570_n

Jellies and Dr. M


The picture where I’m wearing Clueless is probably my new favourite picture of myself. I love the colour and how it suits my skin. Midi looks just like my natural lip colour but it makes me look more done up. I can see this being a really versatile shade with liner and ombre lips and things. Jellies and Dr. M are very pigmented and they definitely make a statement. I remember saying to Caitlan and Zoe that I wished that there was an easily accessible dark green matte liquid lipstick and I think that Colourpop gave us exactly what we were asking for!

Overall, I am very happy with these lip products and I would like to buy more soon!

I hope that you are all having a fantastic day!

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BellaBox July 2014: What did I receive?

I’ve been getting the subscription box, BellaBox, for the past 3 months and I thought I might start sharing what I’ve received in my box because it is different for everyone and I love seeing what other people received! I’ll talk about what I thought of the box at the end of this post.

This is a very bad photo of what came inside my box with information about each product. This is really helpful when I don’t get a full sized product because the sample sizes usually don’t have any instructions on how to use the product. However almost all of my products were full sized!

image (3)

And here are the products that came in my box this month:


The theme was American Beauty and there seemed to be a few cool things you could get in this box that I was eager to try. I really wanted to try the Balm cream blush palette and the waterproof top coat mascara from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which I received!

This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Top Coat – Deluxe Sample:

image (4)image (5)

image (6)

This was one of the three American cult brand items that were guaranteed to be in the box. There was also one Nicole by O.P.I. nail polish in varying shades and the Balm cream blush. Some people were lucky enough to receive two of those!

Value: $23.55 (RRP is $39.00 for 5.3g)


This is the Innoxa Mineral Eyeshadow Trio in Nude – Full Sized:

image (2)image (1)

This product is not even worth sharing the swatch for. This had almost no pigmentation. I looked up the Innoxa training guide (here) to see the best way to apply it but it just said use a brush and you really wouldn’t pick up enough to bother using it so if you ever wondered about this product, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Value: RRP $14.95


These are the Designer Brands Paw Paw Lip treatment and Ointment – Full Sized:

image (7)

I kinda wish I got to skip the ointment because I own the Lucas’ Papaw Ointment already and I’ll probably use that over this Designer Brands one because most people swear by that one and not many people seem to talk about this or anything worth mentioning from that brand at all. But I will give it a go. The lip treatment should be interesting. I plan on using it at night before I go to sleep!

Value – Both RRP $4.99


This is the SHE Aromatherapy Fruit Shine Gloss in Raspberry – Full Sized:

image (8) image (9)

I really am not a fan of glosses in these kinds of tubes because you have pretty much no control of the gloss and if you’ve accidentally pushed too much out you can’t get it back in the tube. It is a really pretty colour and swatched nicely on my hand but I don’t know how much use I’d get out of this at all. I suppose that’s the gamble with these subscription boxes. This item isn’t even listed as one of the possible items you can receive on the bellabox July box page or on the SHE Aromatherapy website, in this shade.

Value: RRP $12.95


And this is the Natralus Pure 100% Aloe Vera Gel, it was a bonus gift in my box:

image (10)

Value: $0.15 (RRP $14.95 for 200ml)

This is supposed to be used over sunburnt skin which is a weird gift to give when Australia is right in the middle of winter but I’m sure it’ll come in handy in the summer time.

Total Value: $61.58 (or RRP $91.83)


If this was my first Bella Box I would probably stop my subscription because I hardly got anything I’d use. There was a serious amount of hype for this box from BellaBox so it is really disappointing to have received what I received. In previous boxes I’d be happy to use more than half, if not all items in the box. But this box has nothing special at all. The theme was American Beauty, based on the Fourth of July Holiday and a lot of people assumed that that would celebrate American Beauty Products. Or at least more so than just the one guaranteed item. Only one out of the six things I received were from an American company, which I think is pretty poor for an American themed box. The items could have even been in the American flag colours, I know I’d love a navy eyeliner. I think most people are upset by this box because we all had to wait so long to receive it and then it didn’t turn out to be anything special anyway. I am glad I received the Anastasia Beverly Hills item and I think if it wasn’t for that I would have been really really disappointed with this box.