Fashion Review: The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Missing the mark on getting my MET Gala fashion review up on time, I felt like this event was a good enough second go and getting a fashion review up in a timely manner haha. Much like the rest of the world, I watched the live stream of the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! My mum and I had a bottle of bubbly out along with enough food to feed all of Harry’s army comrades that lined the streets around Windsor Castle. The wedding was really gorgeous and I definitely felt that I needed to review some part of it. I really hope that you enjoy the post!



Before I talk about the Bride and Groom, I want to talk about the guests, because there were some really high profile guests and some people there that I was very excited to see.

Our leading lads from Suits, Patrick Adams and Gabriel Macht looked absolutely stunning at the wedding. I was particularly excited to see Gabriel Macht because he’s an absolute dreamboat and he did not disappoint. I love that he matched his tie to his wife’s dress!

I pretty much loved what everyone from Suits wore. Sarah Rafferty was the first cast mate that we saw on the live stream and she looked so stunning. I love that her outfit looks so elegant and professional, with those big sleeves. You know she means business, and not the can-opener type business (a reference for all of my Suits-lovin’ babes). Gina Torres looked stunning. I mean, did we expect any less? She just oozes confidence and I think she killed it in her dress.

Carey Mulligan was giving us some Daisy Buchanan realness with her elegant, floral dress! Amal and George Clooney looked incredible. I think Amal really stole the show in her yellow dress. I am just so inspired by her and I was absolutely blown away when I first saw her at the wedding.

Serena Williams looked so beautiful. Every time she came on camera I was blown away with how nice she looked! The pink looked so romantic on her and I just loved the shape of the dress! And controversially, I really loved Princess Beatrice’s dress! I think if it maybe had capped sleeves or no sleeves, it might have looked better but the colour and design on the skirt looked really pretty! Very on trend with the teal!


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looked very regal for the wedding, but the two that really stole the show were George and Charlotte! How gorgeous are they! It was so exciting seeing them roll up in the cars with the other children! They were so well behaved too!

Finally, I want to talk about Meghan’s outfit. I loved what she wore, I think for the price of the dress, it probably could have had more to it but I think she looked stunning and I think it was a really timeless choice. These photos are going to be beautiful forever. The tiara that she chose was also really stunning. I believe it was the Queen’s grandmother’s tiara and I think it was a gorgeous choice! Her makeup was also just so beautiful. It looked like she look naturally that perfect and I think that’s the most flattering makeup anyone can really have. I also loved that we got to see her freckles.

Of course the most beautiful thing that anyone wore was a smile, and I think Meghan would have had the most tired cheeks ever after her wedding day because she was absolutely beaming the entire day. I hope that on my wedding day, I am as elated as she looked.


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