Fashion Review: Oscars 2018

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Awards season is coming to an end with the Academy Awards finishing up yesterday, we saw so many beautiful outfits and I wanted to talk about my favourites from the night! I hope that you enjoy this post, I always love writing these kinds of posts!



I’m going to start with the guys because this year I actually liked quite a few of the guys outfits. I usually like them regardless but they’re usually boring suits. These ones stood out more than others so I thought I would feature them.

I loved the velvet suit jackets that we saw a lot on the red carpet this year. What I’m loving most about them is how many people wore them in different deep shades. My favourite of the bunch being Ansel Elgort’s deep emerald jacket.

Again on the something different train, I really enjoyed Chadwick Boseman’s outfit. It really suits him and I think he really stands out in it. I’m a sucker for both navy suits and Lin Manuel Miranda so I just had to include him because I adore him.

I’m really loving how feminine, beaded dresses are really coming back in fashion. I recently picked up a dress similar to the dress Allison Williams is wearing for a wedding, so naturally, I was really drawn to all of these dresses. I think all of them look absolutely stunning. I especially love Gina Rodriguez’s dress!

I also really loved the more metallic/shimmery dresses that we saw on the red carpet this year. Sally Hawkins looks so adorable, Gal Gadot looks like the goddess that she is and Jennifer Lawrence looks like an Oscars trophy haha. I love all of these looks so much.

Margot Robbie

My favourite outfit of the night goes to Margot Robbie. I adore her custom Chanel dress. I think she looks so elegant. I love the tulip style skirt. She absolutely stole the show. I wish that I could wear something like that and look THAT good in it. She’s a vision.


Which look was your favourite?

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Au revoir xxx

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