February Favourites

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Another month has come to an end and therefore, another favourites post needs to be produced haha. I had a bit of an off month this month and I don’t have many favourites but the items that did make it into my favourites are products that I really really love and can see myself using them for the rest of the year! I hope that you enjoy!


1. NYX Velvet Matte Lipstick in Soft Femme

I bought this lipstick right at the start of the month when I had committed to a lipstick for a day of work and my lips felt so dry and terrible so I ran and bought a new lipstick. I don’t do this very often because I do have a plethora of lipsticks at home in perfect condition but in this instance I felt it was necessary and it ended up being a good thing because I really fell in love with the lipstick! It’s a gorgeous rosy colour and it is so easy to wear. It is really comfortable and gives that gorgeous matte finish without drying out your lips! I’d definitely recommend this line!

2. Clinelle Skin Care

I purchased a number of the Clinelle Skin Care line available at Priceline during the Priceline 40% Off Skin Care, Hair Care, and Tanning sale! I’m really liking how they feel on my skin so far and I’m having no problems! They work really well together with the Juva Skincare that I was also testing this month! I’d definitely recommend if you have dehydrated skin!

3. MAC Modesty

This one is an old favourite that I’ve been using a lot lately so I just had to mention it! It’s just so easy to wear. It is definitely my perfect nude. It matches absolutely everything I wear and it is so comfortable.

4. Vitamasque Sleep In Mask in Egg

This month I tried out some of the Vitamasque Sleep in Masks and I’m really enjoying them! They make my skin feel nice and hydrated. I also love the process of putting them on because there’s a bit of mixing to create the mask and it makes the process a bit more fun than just slapping on a mask from a jar or packet.

5. Block B – H.E.R

I recently fell in love with this song by Block B! It is such a hype song and I love listening to it because it’s so high energy! I always thought Block B wasn’t a group that I’d want to listen to because I hated Shall We Dance, one of their newer releases, but I adore this song and it’s made me want to explore other songs that they’ve released!

6. Crazy Ex Girlfriend (Season 2)

This month I finally finished watching the second season of Crazy Ex Girlfriend and I feel exactly the same way about it as I did at the end of season 1, I am ACHING for the next season to come on to Australian Netflix!! I heard that they just released the third season on to the US Netflix so it shouldn’t be too much longer until it’s on the Australian one! The songs were excellent again this season and I loved seeing different characters form bonds that would have seemed super unlikely in the first season! If you’ve still not given this show a shot, please give it a go and fall in love!


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Au revoir xxx

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