Review: Juva Skincare

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

I’m very excited to be talking about Juva Skincare today! I was given the opportunity to try some of their products and I really wanted to let you all know a little bit about them and about what I thought of them! I really hope that you enjoy this post!


Juva Skincare was formally established in Taipei, Taiwan in 2015. Their mission is to provide skincare solutions inspired by nature and driven by science. Juva Skincare ingredients minimalist, mild, simple, showing the original flavor of raw materials. These products allow you to care for your skin with minimal effort, giving you more flexibility and time to enjoy your life. Juva Skincare collection contains 3 products including Brightening Enhancer, Brightening Essence and Brightening Lotion and are designed for the essential steps for any skincare routine. You can either use these three products by themselves as a total routine, or include them in your routine to help strengthen skin for absorption. I have chosen to use the products with my current skincare routine and have been loving the results!

Brightening Enhancer

This salon-grade rejuvenating elixir is rich in fullerene that alleviates facial complications at their roots and restores your skin to a natural healthy radiant glow.

The Brightening Enhancer is designed to be used after cleansing your skin. It is a refreshing mist. It is lightweight and is absorbed quickly into the skin. It is designed to help enhance the absorption of the products that follow. All ingredients are carefully selected to be the most mild and gentle to your skin, which makes the Brightening Enhancer suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, which is super important to me!

A tip that I received from the CEO was that if you apply this product on top of a full face of makeup, it helps control oil and make your makeup last longer, like a setting spray. I’ve not tested this just yet because honestly, my face gets so oily and I have been too nervous to trial it on a day where I might have to wear the makeup for a long period of time with it potentially melting off but I am keen to try it and will report back if this does work for me!

Generally, mists aren’t skincare products that I gravitate toward but I am really enjoying this one and had I not received it for review, I might not have ever given it a chance and that would have been a real shame! I have found that when I use this product, I feel like my serums absorb into my skin faster and it has been leaving my skin feeling hydrated as well. I certainly like this mist more than others that I’ve tried in the past. If you’re a big fan of mists, like the Mario Badescu mist that I know is quite popular at the moment, definitely have a look into this one. I think that this might be right up your alley!

Brightening Lotion

This oil-control hydrating lotion is a must-have for every skin type. The Brightening Lotion has a light texture that absorbs and easily into your skin. This fast-absorbing formula, load with sunflower seed oil, shea butter, glycerin, and fullerene, delivers the long-lasting hydration that your skin needs, and oil-controlling antioxidants that reduces excess shine on your skin for a healthier-looking complexion all day long. It helps you turn back the clock with powerful anti-aging properties and whitening.
There are a couple of ways that you could use this product. You can use it as a moisturiser, applying it straight after the essence as the final step in your routine. If your skin is drier you might like to use this before applying another moisturiser to give your skin a little bit more hydration.
It is a really lightweight moisturiser that absorbs into your skin easily. Your skin is left looking plump and hydrated without feeling oily or sticky afterwards. It also has a really relaxing, unoffensive scent. I can’t really fault it. It is a really good lotion and definitely helps to enhance the brightening that you are trying to achieve with the Enhancer and Essence.

Brightening Essence
Juva Skincare’s best seller, the Brightening Essence is restorative serum contains a highly concentrated and advanced formula not seen in other products currently on the market. It has a refreshing texture that is perfectly blended with high concentrates of fullerene that penetrates the deep into your to start rejuvenating from within and natural moisturizing actives that restore water on the surface keeping your skin hydrated and plump at the same time.
Out of the three, I this product is definitely the most fun to use. The essence comes in small glass tubes and you attach a rubber nozzle on to, to be able to get the product out. I felt a little bit like a chemist haha. You can mix it in with another serum or use it on its own. Each vial is said to last about two weeks, but I do think it can last a lot longer, depending on how much product you’re using. I apply a couple of drops to my whole face and let it absorb before applying the lotion.
If you are looking for something to give your skin that little extra boost, I would definitely recommend considering these.
Overall, I am really impressed with these products from Juva Skincare! I’m probably most smitten by the Essence, which is a shame because it is a product that I’ll go through relatively quickly. You can purchase all three in a set for $293 or individually, with prices ranging from $81-$110.

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