Priceline 40% Off Skin Care Sale Haul

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

On the first day of the Priceline 40% off Skin Care, Sun Care, and Tanning products sale, I picked up all of my haul and I thought I’d better share it all with you! It is a little bit different to the wishlist that I’d made earlier this week but I’m still really happy with everything that I managed to pick up!


I managed to pick up all of the Vitamasque masks that I’d had my eye on! I am really excited to start using them! I am especially excited to use the Sleep In Masks. I wasn’t able to find the Dermaveen serum that I had mentioned in my previous post, so I ended up adding the serum from the Clinelle range. It was the same price and it’s always a good idea to purchase from the same line because they’re all designed to be used together so it was a happy compromise.

I’m really excited to use the L’Oreal Magic Blur daily moisturiser because I’d used the Instant Blur for a while and I was interested to see how I liked this one in the same line. The rest of the items are just repurchases and I’m happy to have back ups! I usually use this sale as an excuse to try and find more staple products so fingers crossed I find some products that I can permanently add to my skincare routine!

I will keep you all posted on how I go with all of these products over the next few weeks so if you’re looking forward to hearing more about anything, do not hesitate to let me know!


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Au revoir xxx

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