Priceline 40% Off Skin Care Wishlist

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

This Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Priceline are holding their biannual 40% off Skin Care Sale! I love these sales because it means I can pretty much stock up on all of my skin care for the next 6 months. I don’t tend to hold back too much because I know that it’ll all eventually be used up haha. I thought I’d take the time to talk about the products that I’m keen to pick up and the products I think are worth checking out! There are only two exclusions from this sale and they are The Ordinary and Ego Skin Care. I know a lot of people will probably be disappointed to see The Ordinary out of this sale but I hope you’ll appreciate the heads up! I hope that you enjoy this post!


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There are a few things that I have my heart set on but for the most part, I take this sale as an opportunity to try out products that I’ve been keen to try. Priceline has really expanded the brands that they’re stocking since their last sale so there are quite a number of brands that I’m keen to check out, as well as picking up some old favourites!

During the last sale, I picked up every one of the Vitamasque sheet masks and I liked all of them! The only one that I might skip this time is the charcoal one. I think these are just really great for a way to relax and hydrate the skin. I like them a lot in summer because they’re all so cooling!

I saw that Priceline had recently expanded the line of Vitamasque products and introduce overnight masks! Because I really enjoyed the sheet masks, I thought I might as well try out these single use masks and just see how I go with them. They’re a bit of an expensive way to use a cream mask but they might be fun for a one-off type thing, rather than something to incorporate into my regular routine.

A brand that I haven’t heard too much about is Clinelle but I think all of their products have a hydration focus and I feel like my skin probably would really enjoy these products. They’re all relatively inexpensive already so to get them at 40% off is a real bonus. After the Neutrogena Hydra range debacle, I’m hesitant to throw myself into a new hydration range but I think this one looks promising. My skin has been overproducing oil like crazy so hopefully this range, along with the masks that I’m hoping to pick up, will help and combat some of the oil that my skin thinks it needs to produce.

Finally, I’d like to pick up some favourites. I recently ran out of my Witch Hazel toner and I am quite a big fan of it. Yes it does have a strong smell but I think it does a really good job and I can look past the smell for the results! The other items are just replacing others in the same category of things that I’ve recently used up! I’ll also be picking up a micellar water but I’m unsure which brand I’d like to purchase!


What products are you hoping to pick up?

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