January Empties

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Today I wanted to talk about all of the products that I’m saying goodbye to from the first month of 2018! With empties, I started them because I tried doing project pans and they didn’t work for me so I thought sharing my empties would be more interesting and a lot less pressure for me. Something I wanted to introduce this year was a running total of all of the products used this year and the value of the products used so that I could see how much I’d actually used up! I’m really excited about it. I hope that you enjoy and I hope that you find this interesting!


I’d mentioned in my Shop My Stash post that I was going to try and use my NYX Liquid Suedes and see whether I was still a fan of the formula to get a sense for whether or not I should look into purchasing more shades, because they shades I have are quite cool toned and deep. I quickly worked out that I don’t like these shades on my skin anymore and I don’t like the formula so they were very quickly removed from my collection haha. I’m sad to see them go but if they’re not working for me, there’s no point hanging on to them. And it was a good test to see whether or not I should buy more!

I also used up my favourite foundation this month. I absolutely adore the MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation. I think it is perfect for me and I can’t see myself going back to anything else unless for some reason my financial situation changes. I’m happy to be using something that I will use up fairly regularly because it means that I am closer and closer to my Back-To-MAC lipstick every day hahaha.

Something that I tried this month that I really enjoyed was the Clinique Moisture Surge Gel, I wish I had a few more samples of it so I could give it a real go before purchasing it. I really like how it felt on the skin but I am concerned that it might make my skin too moisturised for foundation the next day, which is the only reason I’ve not bought a full size of it just yet. I am really keen to try it some more though so hopefully I’ll have a proper opinion of it soon and I can make the call and actually pick it up, if it works out!

The total value of the products that I used up this month was $257.55. I think that once I get to $1000 worth of products used up, I might treat myself to something nice, like a new perfume or a lipstick, something that I wouldn’t just buy myself ordinarily. That way I’m regularly moving more product out before introducing more product and it helps me to get a real sense of how long it takes to use up products.


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Au revoir xxx

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