January Favourites

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

The first month of 2018 is almost over and it’s time for me to start talking about the things that made this month great! I hope that you enjoy!


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1. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Vanilla Quartz

This is potentially the single most beautiful thing that I’ve ever put on my face. The powder is so smooth and I feel like every time I wear it, I look amazing, and it’s really hard for me to feel that way so that’s really saying something! I wish it wasn’t a mini because I think this is going to be the first highlighter that I’ll pan! I am already considering buying a back up! I just adore this product. Please make the most of purchasing it while you can!

2. Tarte Scrub Clean Set

I really enjoyed using this set over the last month! I cannot wait to purchase the full size of the FRXXXION Stick! I wrote a review on this product if you’d like to read my full thoughts on it! Post.

3. Lipstick Queen Space Cadet Gloss

My friend and I both bought this product together this month and for that reason, this product is really special to me. I really like the formula of the Lipstick Queen lipglosses. This makes my lips look so hydrated. The glitter isn’t immediately apparent. You have to get up a bit close to really see it and I like that because I was a bit nervous about the glitter in it but it makes any lip look just that little bit more special.

4. Jonghyun Poet | Artist Album

Last year, one of my most favourite artists passed away and this month, they released his final album. It is everything that I hoped for and it is probably the single most bittersweet thing that I’ve ever encountered. I adore the album and I’m so sad that Jonghyun isn’t here to see how much everyone is loving it. I hope that in some way, he feels the love. Shinin’ is the title track, and the chorus sings ‘I will always be with you’ and I feel like in a small way, his fans really needed to hear that. I will love him forever and I loved this album.

5. Monsta X Spotlight

My favourite group brought out their first Japanese single this month and it’s excellent! I love them so much and I’m really proud of them. I hope that you enjoy!


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Au revoir xxx

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