Shop My Stash: February Lip Products

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

I’ve been watching a lot of makeup declutter videos and have been inspired to look back through my collection of products and see what I need to be using to get the most out of what I’ve spent money on before it expires! Lipstick is one of those products that I am very tempted by but when I think of how many lipsticks I use regularly out of the ones that I own, I start to regret purchasing so many. While watching decluttering videos, I started seeing products I wanted to try and I just can’t buy more without at least using some of the ones I’ve neglected and can’t part with. So I’ve decided to ‘shop my stash’ and focus on using some products that I really need to use before their expiry and I’ve decided to make a post monthly talking about how I’m going with it! The idea isn’t to use products up, necessarily, although I’d like to. The idea is just to use the products and work out whether they’re worth hanging on to. I’m hoping to reignite some passion for certain products, especially now that my preference seems to be changing, yet again! I hope that you enjoy reading these posts!


I’ve started favouring traditional lipsticks over liquid lipsticks recently because I find at work, I can’t keep an eye on the product and if it’s starting to look gross during the day, there’s literally nothing I can do about it so I usually opt for something low maintenance and fuss free. I find traditional lipsticks often provide me with this, especially neutral/nude shades.

However, what I’m looking for in a liquid lipstick is moisture and comfort, which the NYX Liquid Suedes provide. They don’t completely dry down but they’re not gloopy like a lip gloss so I think both of the shades I’ve chosen will be really good for work. I would like to pick up a different shade from the range but because I haven’t used these very much, I can’t justify purchasing another shade! So hopefully, I’ll work out over the next month whether or not I would actually like to pick up another shade in this formula!

I’ve decided to add a gloss to this because I have started purchasing them more frequently and I hardly wear gloss so I thought it might be good to actually try and use one regularly. This one from Savvy looks light pink and shimmery in the tube but it is, by and large, a clear gloss once on the lips. It was really cheap so I honestly wouldn’t be too worried about parting with it if it came to it but I would like to give it the chance it deserves, no matter how much I spent on it.

Sash Cosmetics is one of my favourite brands of lipstick so I don’t want this to be misinterpreted as me trying to use it up because I don’t like it. I really love this lipstick but I’ve been in a bit of a rut recently of just wearing nude lipstick and I thought that adding a red lipstick to this little pile might force me to step out of my makeup safe place, but still have some padding to fall back on if I do want to come back to the nudes over the month. I wanted to pick this red in particular because it is a brighter red and I think that it will suit this season the best.

The last lip product that I’ve included is my bougie Vani-T Mineral Lipstick in La Femme. I mainly want to use it because it’s got a bit of a weird orange undertone, which you can see on the outsides of the swatch below. I have to wear it with just the right makeup and originally I really liked it but now I am finding it harder and harder to wear, which is a real shame. If I don’t like it after the month, I will be happy to let it go, knowing I gave it a good go before getting rid of it! It’s also getting quite old now haha.

From Top to Bottom:

Vani-T La Femme
Sash Cosmetics Light It Up
Savvy Pink Diamond
NYX Sandstorm
NYX Soft Spoken

I’ll be reporting back in a month’s time on how I went with this monthly try out of these lip products. I’m probably going to rotate through my collection, hanging on to a few product if I’m not ready to give them up in the next month. I’ll keep you all posted!


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Au revoir xxx

One thought on “Shop My Stash: February Lip Products

  1. I wore a blue gray limecrime velvetine one to work once. Not only did I forget it at home but when it started to patch out like CRaZY (looked like a crazy homeless person with their lips peeling off) I not only couldn’t reapply to fix it because I left it at home but I couldn’t GET THE REST OF IT OFF AT ALL.

    So I stayed at my super corporate job, with patchy blue gray lips. With my naturally very dark pink lips staring out like polka dots.



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