Rewind: My Favourite Makeup Looks

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Today I wanted to have a little look back at some of my most favourite makeup looks! I’ve done two 100 Days of Makeup challenges and so, as you can imagine, I’ve created quite a few different makeup looks throughout my time on social media. I wanted to see what I liked best to see if I could incorporate it into future looks and see if it inspires me to get back into creating fresh, new looks!



Floral Avant Garde Look (January 20, 2016)


I was actually pretty surprised when I realised how long ago I did this look!! It had always been one of my favourites and while I know there are things I’d change about it now, I still really like it. I definitely would consider redoing this look in the future now that I have more products and potentially more skill haha. Original Post

Cupid (February 10, 2016)


I love this look so much because it’s just so cute. It’s just a very ‘me’ look. I don’t think I’d change anything about it. I was so proud of it when I posted it because it is just very sweet and it was perfect for Valentine’s Day. Original Post.

Team Valor (July 27, 2016) 


This looks was largely inspired by Nikkie Tutorials and I really wanted to give the look a go, with my own twist. It is by far one of my favourite looks because I love how the foiling worked on my forehead! I would probably do it again with darker eyebrows but I think I really lucked out with how this one turned out so I’m happy to leave it as is. Original Post.

Two Faced (August 3, 2016)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The idea behind this look was to pair the two extremes of the makeup looks that I create in one look, just to see them side by side and how they change the shape of my features. I really liked how it turned out! Original Post.

Butterfly Wing (August 20, 2016)


I really loved how this butterfly wing turned out! I am very happy with the blending and the overall look but I would love to redo it and fix the line work that I did. I love the lashes that I found for this look as well. I don’t think that I still have them anymore though! Original Post.

Galaxy (August 25, 2016)


I really love this look. It’s very romantic and pretty. It was a lot of fun to do and I guess besides the white nose highlight, I probably wouldn’t change anything. Original Post.

Moira O’Hara (September 5, 2016)


To celebrate the 6th season of American Horror Story, I did a series of looks inspired by the characters in each season. I loved this look in particular because I got to do aged makeup for the first time! Moira looks like a young woman to men and an older woman to women! She’s such an interesting character. I think this look turned out really well for my first attempt! Original Post.

Cordelia Foxx (September 7, 2016)


Another look from the American Horror Story week, Cordelia Foxx was a real challenge for me! The chemical burned skin was really fun to create! I loved making it look a bit juicy with gloss haha. Original Post.

Twisty (September 15, 2016)

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

The final American Horror Story look, Twisty. By far the most challenging of the looks I attempted and definitely one of my most favourite. I love the character a lot and getting to try to use liquid latex and other SFX mediums was really fun! I’d definitely like to give it another go and fix the eyebrows! Original Post.

Dragon Age Inquisitor Lavellan (September 16, 2016)

Processed with VSCO with j2 preset

I adore the make up I did for this look and it wasn’t even very challenging! I definitely would like to redo it to fix the lines but it was a lot of fun to do! Original Post.

Emma Bloom (September 30, 2016)


I really loved recreating Emma Bloom’s air (under water, bubble) power from Miss Peregrine’s! It’s not perfect by any means but it was a lot of fun and something I’d never attempted before! Original Post.

Acid Berry (May 20, 2017)

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

I love this look because of the colours that I paired together! I love the chartreuse shadow, and I would definitely like to use it again soon! It’s one of my favourite bold shadows to wear. Original Post.

Artemis (May 29, 2017)


Artemis is my most favourite Goddess so I really loved creating a look based on her badass self! I love how the look came out. It’s very bold with the thick lashes but it’s still quite wearable with the neutral tones. I just love it and would definitely wear it again. Original Post.

Persephone (May 30, 2017)


Lastly, my second favourite goddess, Persephone. I tried out a lot of makeup that I’d bought in Sydney and it all worked really well to create an earthy look inspired by my spring queen. It’s been a while since I’ve worn my coloured highlighters and seeing this photo has made me want to pull them out again! Original Post.


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