Review: LUSH Caca Rouge, Henna Hair Colour

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

I’ve been wanting to look after my hair more, recently, and one of the ways that I’ve chosen to do that is to stop using permanent hair dye, because I know that the build up of all of the boxed dyes was really doing a number on my hair. For the last three months, I’ve not touched my hair, except to try and lift some of the dye off of it with a hair dye remover. Originally my plan was to lighten it as much as I could to try and get it back to the original colour but I’ve since been swayed otherwise and have decided to keep trying to dye my hair a copper tone, because I think that’s the colour that I like best against my skin. I was going into LUSH for a present and while I was there, I decided to pick up one of their henna dyes to try and dye my hair with. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever used and I really wanted to talk about it as an alternative to traditional hair dyes! I hope that you enjoy!


The dye comes in a large chocolate block shape and it is one of LUSH’s naked items (i.e. packaging free). It retails for $25.95 and it comes in four shades, Caca Rouge (Copper Red), Caca Brun (Chocolate Brown), Caca Marron (Chestnut Brown), and Caca Noir (Indigo Black). For my length and hair thickness, I had to use an entire block, which ends up costing me the same as the boxed dyes did so I haven’t had to make any compromise cost-wise for something that should be better for my hair, which I really like. When you purchase the dye, you’re given two pairs of gloves so that you can protect your skin from the dye. I was also given a sample of Ultrabalm to use as a barrier between the dye and my skin against my hairline.

To use the dye, it is recommended to break up the block and pour boiling water on it to soften it to a paste to put on your hair. The girls at LUSH told me it’s best to grate the block but with the sheer size of the block, that really intimidated me and knowing this process was already going to take a long time, I just cut it up into the blocks, as the packaging instructs. The softening process took about 30 minutes, honestly. It was extremely time consuming and quite messy. I was very nervous about making a big mess in the bathroom and had paper towel down everywhere. To apply the dye, it is recommended to use either a hair dye brush or your fingers. Because I don’t own a hair dye brush, I did just use my fingers. I would recommend being careful if you choose to do this because the dye will be hot from the boiling water, but it is still a really good way to distribute the colour through your hair.

Applying the hair dye took forever. I swear the whole process took about double the time of a regular dye job. And the clean up is horrendous. Even if you put paper towel or newspaper everywhere, there is still a tonne of clean up to be done. I wish I’d gotten myself a little squeezy bottle to put the hair dye in and apply it that way because it would have been much more convenient. After cling wrapping my hair to trap in the heat for the best results, I went about cleaning everything. It wasn’t too difficult to clean up but it was a real job haha.

I was recommended to keep the dye in for four hours, for best results. I have some chemical hair dye in my hair so maybe that’s why I was told that, I’m not sure what’s best for virgin hair but I’m sure it’s probably still a similar process. While it was developing on my head, it dripped a lot beyond the cling wrap and I found I had to constantly be wiping away run away hair dye so that it didn’t stain my skin. I read that it’s really common for the dye to sort of melt on the head because of the heat being trapped under the cling wrap, so while it’s normal and just part of the process, it’s definitely something to consider. It’s not as fuss free as regular dye.

Washing it out took a really long time too, and my hair felt like absolute crap haha. It felt like straw and the only thing that made it feel better was when I put conditioner in it


After styling it the next morning, I noticed my hair was significantly darker red. It shines brilliantly in the sun. I do really like the colour, and I heard that it does still darken over the next few days while the dye sits on your head. During the day of having my hair down and around my face, the scent from the henna became nauseating. I liked the smell in the beginning, I’m a fan of incense scents and things like that but to have it constantly being there, so strong, I just couldn’t really handle it.

While I like the end results, I don’t think that it was completely worth all of the effort to make my hair look like this. If this lasts really well, then I might consider using it again but it just took so long to do and I know that I can get results as good as this for less effort. It was fun and I’m glad that I got to experiment with the product but I would maybe give it a miss if I had the chance to do it again.


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