Golden Globes 2018 Fashion Favourites

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

On the weekend, the 75th Golden Globe Awards were on and as always, the red carpet was filled to the brim with beautiful people and beautiful outfits. I always like to share my favourite looks from the award shows so I thought I’d better share my favourites from this year’s Golden Globes, especially because it was such a special year! I hope that you enjoy this post!


I’m going to start with the woman that I’m having an absolute love affair with right now! Gal Gadot absolutely stole my heart last year and I really feel like she can do no wrong. I feel like she looks really elegant and beautiful. The ruching on the dress is something that I’d usually not be into but she just looks stunning and I love it on her. I especially love her makeup. The lip colour perfectly compliments her skin. She’s just a solid 100/10 and I needed to gush about her first so I could get it all out of my system.

Angelina Jolie looked absolutely radiant. She looks like a queen. Her dress, like Gal’s, isn’t something that I would usually love but there’s something about how she’s wearing it that makes it just look so perfect. I love the feathery bits at the bottom of the sleeves. I know if I was wearing it, I’d be playing with them the entire night because I am a child.

I hope you’re sitting down while reading this because Catherine Zeta-Jones just wrecked your whole life with this look. This is going to sound so stupid but my favourite part about the look is her jewellery. I love the pops of green against the intricate outfit she’s wearing. Look at her hair! It is so pretty and voluminous. I think it is a very daring look and she is living her best damn life.

Ever since Dakota Johnson became a muse for Gucci, I really fell in love with her because she’s pretty much living my dream life haha. I think she looks absolutely stunning. I adore the dress and it’s not just because it was made by my ultimate favourite brand. But I do think that she could literally wear a trash bag and look beautiful. She’s just so effortlessly beautiful. I love her hair in those loose waves and I love how understated her makeup is.

The next Gucci queen is Margot Robbie. I love her dress. It is really feminine but very structured up the top. Even though it is Gucci, the angular top half of the dress would definitely deter me from gravitating toward it for myself. She has the perfect body for it though and the way that her hair and makeup were done really suit the look of the dress. I love the asymmetrical lob and I love a good berry lip!

Jamie Chung is my ultimate girl crush. I’ve been smitten by her since Sucker Punch but my love for her went to full obsession when she played Mulan in Once Upon a Time. I love the dress she’s wearing. I do think that the whole leather bodice with mesh-style skirt is very 10 years ago – meets 80s but I do feel like she’s brought something modern to the look to make it really work for her. I also love that she has two completely different coloured shoes haha. I only noticed when I started putting the photos in this post! She’s just stunning. I can’t and won’t ever get over her.

My sweetie pea, Alicia Vikander, looked so elegant in her dress for the Golden Globes. I feel like I am really biased towards her because I loved her so much in Ex Machina but I really do think that she looks beautiful. I think the dress is definitely business up front, party in the back hahaha. She, like Dakota Johnson, could wear a trash bag and make it look amazing. She can do no wrong.

Claire Foy is our queen on screen and in our hearts. She looked like an absolute boss at the Golden Globes! I loved her look so much and in photos with Matt Smith, she looked like she was having the time of her life!! She’s so adorable. I love her so much and I love that she opted for something classic but also a bit more interesting. It’s a sensible sexy, if you know what I mean ahah.

Our next queen, Emilia Clarke, looked so cute! I loved her simple black dress with the little bow and angular bodice! This is definitely an outfit that I could see myself wearing, which is probably why I am so drawn to it. I love how her hair has been styled for this look, as well. And again, a berry lip is always a winner for me!


Jessica Chastain is one of the most elegant people ever and I think that her dress suits her so well. The black against her beautiful copper hair is so beautiful. I also love the sparkly cut outs on the bodice. It is a very sleek and glamorous dress outfit.


Lastly, I just want to talk about Emma Watson’s fringe, because it’s been quite a talking point since the awards and from what I’ve read, you either really love it or really hate it. I actually really liked it and yes, I do have a fringe myself so I may be biased. However, I think that is really cute and quirky, which I think really suits her! It’s maybe a little too short but I love it and I hope that she keeps it!


What was your favourite look from the 75th Golden Globes?

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