Review: Colourpop Fem Rosa Palette

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

Today is finally the day to talk about the last palette that I received in my most recent Colourpop order! The Fem Rosa palette was actually the palette that sparked my order in the first place! I hope that you enjoy the review!




I adore the shades in this palette, they’re very romantic. It has more shimmers than mattes, which I don’t love, because it feels a bit limiting for how I like to do my makeup, but I can always bring in an additional palette for more mattes. If I could edit anything about the selection of shadows, I’d just add a cream coloured shadow instead of one of the shimmers in the top corners!

The unit carton for this palette is really simple and pretty. I like it a lot and if it matched what the actual palette looked like, I’d be happy with its simplicity.

The packaging on the actual palette is stunning. I absolutely adore it. Yes, it is quite a bit busier than the outer packaging but I really think that it works. I love the foiled lettering and I love the rose pattern! I think they really suit the shades inside the palette.

All of the shades swatched nicely, except maybe the glitter shade, which until I swatched it, I didn’t realise it was a glitter because it had a similar appearance to all of the other metallic shades! Glitters don’t tend to swatch well so I absolutely have no gripe with that at all, it was my own error. I do think out of all the shades in the palette, the glitter will be the one I wear least, just because glitters like this are difficult to use, even with glitter glue. I haven’t yet attempted it but if I do, I’m sure I’ll share it on instagram and let you all know how it goes! As you can see, the other shades all swatch really beautifully. The metallics look stunning.

While I really like the shades within the palette, I do think that I will reach for it the least out of the three palettes that I purchased, purely because I don’t think it suits my skin tone as well. I definitely think that this palette, and rightly so, was planned with deep skin in mind and made shades that would work best with that colouring. Not enough palettes cater to deeper skins so I am absolutely not saying that the selection of colours is an negative for the palette, it’s just personal preference.

I would 100% recommend the palette because I think it is beautiful and if you’ve got any other complexion deeper than corpse, I think the palette will look beautiful against your skin!


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Au revoir xxx

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