Review: Colourpop Yes, Please Palette

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

I’m really enjoying playing around with my new Colourpop palettes so I thought I’d share another review while my thoughts are still fresh! I hope that you enjoy!


I love the colours in this palette, its very glam but wearable. I think it is a very smart palette that can help you achieve a lot of interesting looks. It has more mattes than shimmers, which I prefer because I think their matte formula is much better than their shimmer formula, and their shimmers aren’t bad but I know I have others that I like more.

The packaging surrounding this palette is different from the palette itself, just like the My Little Pony palette. I don’t mind it so much for this one. I like the yellow and that is says the name of the palette on the packaging, but I wish that the name of the palette was what was printed on the actual palette instead of ‘cute AF’. More like cringe AF.


I do like the white of the palette though. The only bad thing about the white is that if it’s messy inside from use, which is inevitable, it will forever look dirty and disgusting, which is unfortunately how mine came. One of the pans was over filled or there was some loose shadow inside and it smeared on the palette and was impossible to get off haha. But that’s only a really minor critique.

The shadows in this palette all perform really well. As I’ve said before, swatches don’t indicate how the shadow will perform on the eye so I don’t really love sharing swatches but I feel like its kind of expected in blogging. Like the dark brown looks rubbish in my swatch but it’s one of my favourite shadows because it’s really pigmented and it blends so smoothly.

Shadows Used:

Bling, Champs, Big Cocktails, Spoiled, Butter Cake, French Kiss, Chauffeur, Note to Self, Mischief

Shadows Used:

Bling, Big Cocktails, Louie, GNO, Full Zip, Mischief

The only thing that I don’t really like about this palette, besides the easily stainable packaging, is the smell. It reminds me of the fake palettes you can buy on AliExpress or Ebay. It’s not completely off putting, it might be the glue or something in the packaging but it does make it feel even cheaper than it is. At least I know the ingredients in Colourpop shadows are reputable and are made in better conditions than the knock-off palettes haha.

I would definitely recommend this palette if you’re in the market for a good little palette that can create some effortlessly pretty looks! Even the yellow is easy to use. It creates a great base to your crease colour and it’s pigmented enough for you to use it as a main lid colour, if you’re so inclined. I also think that this palette will really suit those with blue, green or grey eyes. The orange tones really bring out the beautiful colour of your eyes!


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Au revoir xxx

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