Review: LUSH Holiday Products Pt. 1

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Since my LUSH Holiday Wishlist, I have had gifts bestowed upon me for editorial consideration and seeing as I have the opportunity to comment on the products I’d previously wishlisted, I thought I’d be able to give a bit more insight into the LUSH Holiday products. I plan to do this in a few parts as I use and enjoy the products. Today’s post will feature moisturising products! I hope that you enjoy!


As mentioned in my previous post, a big focus for the holiday range this year was ‘naked’ products in an effort to reduce waste. I was really interested in a lot of those products and I’m glad that you have the option to go ‘naked’.

I really love the LUSH Body Conditioners in their holiday range this year, which you can purchase them naked or in the tub. If you purchase them in tub form, you can still recycle them at LUSH stores for your free fresh face mask so you’re still reducing waste, in some way even if you do purchase the packaged version of this one. I received two of the body conditioners, Christingle and Once Upon A Time.

Christingle is a gorgeous minty scented body conditioner and the scent reminds me a lot of my favourite mask, The Mask of Magnaminty. Once Upon a time reminds me of a crisp Granny Smith apple, which reminds me of fruit salads in the summer time.
They both have a really nice consistency. It is thin enough to soak into your skin quickly without it feeling greasy, but it is thick enough to feel like it is actually hydrating your skin. The peppermint in Christingle has a sort of cooling effect that I think will be really lovely when the weather grows hotter as we get closer to Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere.

I do feel that while both scents are traditional Christmas scents, they work really well for us in the summer hemisphere that don’t experience a wintery Christmas.

Butterbear is a product that has been around for a long time with LUSH for holiday but I’d never tried it because, while it’s cute, it just seemed like a kind of boring bath product. I’m here to tell you I was very wrong and I wish that I’d given this product a go earlier because I am absolutely smitten by it. This product is perfect for winding down after a long day. When you drop this into the bath water, a soft vanilla scent fills the air and the water becomes very silky feeling as the cocoa butter disperses. Just be careful as you exit the bath as it will be slippery, but it is so worth it. My mind is usually running a mile-a-minute but I could really switch off when I used this product. I was so relaxed!


I hope that you enjoyed these reviews that I’ve shared today! I can’t wait to share more about the products that I’m trying from LUSH!

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Au revoir xxx


Note: Thank you to LUSH Cosmetics for providing products for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own.

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