Priceline 50% Off Cosmetics Wishlist

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pas!

This thursday and friday, Priceline are doing a 50% off All Cosmetics sale! This includes all newly launched brands and new products, and just excludes gift packs, which I think is incredible!! There are so many products that I’ve been interested in picking up to review but I just didn’t want to spend the money and then this sale popped up! So today I wanted to talk about the products that I’m interested in picking up and later this week I’ll probably share what I did manage to pick up!


I’m going to discuss the products I want in alphabetical order by brand, so if you’re not interested in a certain brand, you can skip right past it!



Liquid Lipsticks in Par-Fait and Pan-Na-Cotta

I love the formula of these liquid lipsticks. They’re such an improvement compared to the Velourlips formula. I own two shades already and I’d be very happy to expand my collection.



Rouge Velvet Lipstick

I’ve been eyeing these off since they first arrived in store and I’m very intrigued by them. I’d be interested in seeing what they’re like! Not sure on which shade I’d be after, it would probably depend on what I already feel I have a lot of and which shade performs best!



Satin Touch Blush in Satin Love

I spoke about this blush in my recent Why You Should Love Boring Blushes post and I really want to actually own it. I had swatched it so many times and I knew that it had so many good reviews but I couldn’t spend the money on it because I just have so many blushes but I think that I could be swayed to finally pick this up if I see it during the sale!

Models Own

Eye Shadow Palettes in Barely There and Supernatural

I’ve been REALLY wanting to pick something up from the newly launched Models Own collection at Priceline but I just couldn’t justify spending the $29.99 on each palette, not knowing just how well they’d perform. At $15 though, I’d take the gamble. I think they look like really lovely palettes so I’m excited to see how they perform! These are the items I’m most excited to pick up and I would go to multiple stores just to pick them up.



HD Blush in Taupe

I’ve owned this one before but I hit pan and then it smashed and I had about five contour products at the time and just got rid of it haha. But now that I’m coming to the end of the Australis Contour Kit in Lighter Than Light, it’s time to actually repurchase a contour that I like and I really liked this one so I think I’ll try to pick it up.


The Skinny Mascara

I’ve been wanting a good lower lash mascara for some time and I think this might be good to try! At half price, it’s not too much of a gamble but if you’ve tried it, please let me know how you found it!! I’d hate for it to be one that transfers to your lower lid easily!!


And that’s everything that I’m keen on picking up, outside of my regular top ups! What are you hoping to get your hands on?

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Au revoir xxx

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