LUSH Holiday 2017 Recommendations

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Christmas is one of my most favourite holidays, if not my most favourite. I look forward to it each and every year. After my birthday, Christmas has basically started for me haha. Forget about EVERYTHING in between. LUSH always delivers knock out collections for each holiday and this year’s Christmas range is incredibly innovative. I feel like LUSH is redefining gifts this year and it’s very exciting. Today, I wanted to explore the products that have been brought out for this period for which I would recommend keeping your eyes peeled!



The most exciting products being released during this holiday period, for me, are the newly naked products that LUSH have brought out. In an effort to reduce waste, LUSH have made some of their new and favourite holiday products in naked form and traditional bottle or container form. They’re just so cool! I would TOTALLY recommend picking up one of the naked shower gels, I think they’re really awesome and look cool in the shower! My only concern would be mess but a little clean up and less landfill? You’ve sold me, LUSH.

The new scents are Berry Berry Christmas (Cranberry and Blueberry scent) and Santa’s Christmas (Orange, Coffee, Pepper scent) and they retail for $15.95 instead of the regular $19.95. You can also buy Twilight, Snow Fairy, Rose Jam and Bubbly naked! How saucy.

Another product that has gone naked this year are the body conditioners! I’d be especially interested in Once Upon A Time, which has the So White (apple) fragrance, the only way I can enjoy apple without getting sick haha. These retail for $17.95 – $19.50, as opposed to the $16.50 – $17.95 for the tub versions. For this product, I’d probably still purchase it in pot form, especially because you can recycle the pots for a free mask, so you’re still environmentally conscious haha.


A favourite of mine is the Salt and Peppermint Bark, and it’s made a comeback this year! It really smooths and soothes the skin. I’m a big fan of the solid scrubs that LUSH bring out. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of the scent or you’re just looking for a festive body scrub! It retails for $12.95.

A few of the bath products that I’m really liking this year include;

  • Christmas Cracker $11.50
  • Christmas Eve Bubble Bar $9.50
  • Plum Snow Bubble Bar $11.50
  • Man In The Moon Bubble Bar $11.50
  • Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt $9.95

They’re all so cute and they have some great scents and make for some colourful bath fun! I’m especially excited for the Christmas Cracker because it has popping candy in it and it’ll pop in your bath! So cute!

I hardly ever am tempted by the LUSH gift sets purely because there’s always one or two items in the box that I could live without and it would just be easier for me to purchase things separately but there are a few that have caught my attention this year that I wanted to share!


The first being the Deck The Halls gift set, which includes;

  • The Comforter Shower Cream
  • Plum Snow Bubble Bar
  • Shoot For the Stars Bath Bomb

I have enjoyed both the Comforter Shower Cream (I believe is not able to be bought individually anymore) and the Shoot For the Stars Bath Bomb and I’m really keen to try the Plum Snow Bubble Bar so this little set is one that I would definitely pick up for myself or gift to a friend! The set retails for $34.95, which doesn’t actually save you any money but it does give you access to the Comforter Shower Cream which I wasn’t able to find on the website anymore, which makes me think it’s unavailable for individual purchase. It’s also neatly wrapped which pretty convenient.


The second being the Twilight gift set, which includes;

  • Sleepy Body Lotion
  • Twilight Body Spray
  • Twilight Shower Gel

I really like this set and I think it’s going to be an incredibly popular set because the Twilight/Sleepy scent has absolutely exploded online. A lot of people have been saying things like this scent cures insomnia and the products flew off the shelves and it kinda really irritated me because I wanted to extend my hand out and shake those people’s hands and say, “hello, have you heard of aromatherapy?” This idea isn’t new or revolutionary at all and I do think it’s a bit much to say that this product CURED chronic insomnia. Lavender is what helped ya, thank the plant. But rant aside, I really love the scent so it’s a set I’d get, especially for the small size of the Twilight Body Spray, which I’ve heard isn’t sticky and you can spray it to your pillow, which is what I really want to use it for, and it won’t stain it. Getting some favourites and trying out a new product at a great price is really what I’m here for, so for $34.95 this one could be yours too!


The third, and final, being the Dreamscape gift set, which includes;

  • Twilight Bath Bomb
  • Rocket Science Bath Bomb
  • Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel

This set is RIGHT up my alley. Two favourites, one in it’s new naked form, and a new product that hasn’t been released yet!! The Rocket Science Bath Bomb looks absolutely adorable and I believe it has a citrusy scent. LUSH know how to draw me in with all of the space themed things! Ahh. This set retails for $29.95 and you can BET that I’m going to blast off to LUSH and this one up!! If you’re after the Rocket Science Bath Bomb and the other products don’t interest you, it also comes in the Man in the Moon and Snap gift sets!


What is everyone hoping to pick up or receive from LUSH this Christmas?

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