Recap: Bloggers United Adelaide Event

Hi guy, gals and non-binary pals!

Today, I’m going to be talking about this year’s Bloggers United Adelaide event! The event took place this past Sunday (5th of November) and I had a really great day overall and I wanted to share what happened in case you missed it! I really hope that you enjoy this post!


The event started at 1:30pm at the Hotel Richmond, right in Rundle Mall. I love the Hotel Richmond, it’s popular for 18th and 21st birthday parties because the decor is very sophisticated and is a great setting for photos so when we were told this would be the location, I was very excited.

This Bloggers United Event was very different to our last one, which you can read about here. The last event was different to most Bloggers United Events and I think that is what made it really special and interesting. It was also a lot of work for our reps at the time so I completely understand why that format wasn’t replicated for the second event. In the last event, there was a heavy focus on bloggers spending time with brands individually and being able to ask lots of questions and make connections with brands, which I found to be very helpful and it made me feel like I had a special connection with the representatives from the brands. It helped to put a face to the brand, which I really liked. This year’s event had a completely different focus. The focus of this year’s event was for bloggers to talk about PR and growth of our individual brands, which I think is extremely helpful to a general audience of bloggers. Not all of the Adelaide bloggers are beauty and skin care based, which made last year’s event a bit alienating to those who didn’t fit that niche. They were given products and knowledge about things they really couldn’t feature on their blogs because it didn’t make sense to their brand. So, I think in that sense, this new format was better for everyone and could have helped anyone, no matter what size audience you have.

After a quick introduction and a run down of how the day was going to progress, we went straight into the first presentation, given by Jasmin Ilic! Jasmin works in PR and content creation, she runs social media accounts for brands and her personal instagram feed is so beautiful. Jasmin talked to us about really learning why you’re blogging, what’s your goal and embracing what makes you different in the blogging world. Better content comes out of purposeful posting, so it’s important to always remember why you’re posting something instead of just posting to keep to a schedule or quota.

She inspired me to actually have a designated box for photos that I can just grab and go so that I have props and things to keep it interesting. I too often find myself in a bit of a slump just grabbing my background and the products I’m featuring and I feel like my photos, while looking clean, can look a bit boring and I think I really needed to hear someone state the obvious for me to step back and review what I was doing! I’ve tried to implement my new photo kit items in my photos this week so I hope that if you’re following me on instagram, you’ve been liking the photos that have been appearing!

Next up, we had a little break for a flatlay competition! We had to use products that were going to be in our goodie bags and showcase them to win one of 5 (later 6) prizes! I am really terrible at flatlays to I was not too confident but I gave it a good go! we had a lot of props and backgrounds that we could use so I definitely had a better chance than usual to create an interesting photo or two! I created one with Bhave hair products, really plain but I tried to make it into the shape of a heart, and the other was with the new BYS Fantasy palette and a couple of other holographic pieces I found lying around!

The next speaker was Emma from The Iconic Blonde! I’ve been acquainted with Emma since meeting her at the last Bloggers United event so it was great to hear from someone who I see as a sort of peer in the blogging community! Emma is an account manager at a PR company as well as running her own blog and social media. She was able to give us some incredible information, answers to questions that I had swimming around in my brain for ages. She helped us a lot with communicating with brands and how to do it in the most professional and efficient way possible, as someone who works in PR and communicates with people like us bloggers often.

Lastly, we heard from Sammy, the managing director of BYS Cosmetics! I was pretty excited to hear from her and talk to her a bit because as I’ve mentioned before, I’m quite a big fan of what the brand has been doing lately! I’m loving the palettes that they’ve been releasing and I think they are really morphing from what was perceived to be a very budget brand, into an affordable artistry brand. We got to see a bit of what BYS looks like outside of Australia and how they’re hoping to market the brand in the future and it was very exciting to be able to see the progress that’s being made!

After Sammy and Emma gave a bit of a Q and A, we had another break to get our final entries in to the flatlay competition and have another bite to eat. We all mingled while the photos were being judged and it was all very exciting. Once all of the prizes were awarded, we wrapped up the event!

Overall, I had a great time at the event. I really appreciate the time and effort that went into the creation of the event and how the event pulled together. In the beginning, I was disappointed that it wouldn’t be us connecting with brands but having reflected on it for this post, I do think that the way the day was organised was the better than what I’d expected. It just suited a wide range of bloggers better and everyone could benefit from the information given. I cannot wait for the next event!


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