November Wishlist

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!!

This month is my birthday month so I’ve been thinking quite hard about things that I want recently! I hope that you enjoy this post!


1. The Balm Daily Press Palette

This palette is just so cute! It’s not too different from a lot of other palettes flying around but I just love the concept. I do love the Balm and I love the shadow palettes that I’ve had from them. I’m excited to test it out myself.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette

After the ABH Subculture debacle, I was a bit hesitant to get excited about this palette until I’d seen a few reviews that ensured the shades weren’t the same quality. I was happy to find out the shadows are more similar to the Modern Renaissance, or the reformulated Subculture palette that seems to have been popping up in stores now. I really love the colours in this palette, especially the chartreuse shade. One of my favourite shadows is the electric green from the Urban Decay Electric palette and I think this one feels very similar. I love the shades they’ve chosen and I think you could get a lot of variety out of this palette.

3. Ciate x Chloe Morello’s Beauty Haul 2 Set

This palette has a heavy purple vibe and some really fun and wearable bright shades. I think this palette, along with the minis that come with it, are just a really perfect set to gift someone for this holiday period. I wonder if the formula will be the same as the last palette because I know that a lot of people said it was a bit hit or miss depending on the brushes you use to apply it. I’m still interested and if this one comes out on the 9th like a lot of other MECCA releases, then I’ll definitely be wanting to try it out in store.

4. The Body Shop Frosted Plum and Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Creams

I believe that these two scents are the two special edition, limited edition holiday scents. The Body Shop always bring out the frosted berries and vanilla scent but they’ve brought out two newer fragrances for this holiday period. I believe the Vanilla Pumpkin one has been out for sometime now, to sell during both Halloween and Christmas, whereas the Frosted Plum scent is either coming out or has just been released!

5. TWICE twicetagram Album

TWICE is my favourite kpop girl group and when this album dropped two days before my birthday, I took it as a happy birthday from ma gals, and I really like the album! I know that they’re not for everyone and with their popularity comes copious amounts of hate but I still really enjoy them and would love to own the album. My first kpop album that I bought was a TWICE album so they’re really special to me.


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Au revoir xxx

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