Why You Should Love Boring Blushes

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I’ve been talking about this in a few different posts over the last year in different wishlists, hauls and favourites and I thought that if those posts weren’t convincing you that ‘boring’ blushes are the best blushes, I thought that I should dedicate an entire blog post to the topic to make sure that you are adequately hyped about ‘boring’ blushes. Get on my LEVEL, everyone.


boring blushes

First of all, ‘boring’ or neutral blushes are really easy to pull off. You will have a hard time applying it and then leaving the house thinking you’ve overdone your blush. How many times have we bounced our brush one too many times into a bright blush and applied it to our faces only to realise we were going to clown school and not our regular job? I know I’ve done it plenty of times and regretted it! Ever since I started using more neutral toned blushes, I’ve not run into this problem because they really nicely blend into your skin and your bronzer, contour, etc. They’re just the no-brainer shade of blush.

Secondly, they match any look that you’re trying to achieve. Maybe you’re wanting a cool toned eye and lip but you don’t want to go too cool toned with the blush or too bright, well, friend, it sounds like you need a ‘boring’ blush to help bring a natural flush to your face without looking clownish. Or if you’re wearing something quite bold on the eye or lip and you want to keep everything else neutral, this kind of blush would be perfect because you can’t over do it!

Lastly, it is a great option if you’re not the biggest blush fan. If you’re someone who maybe wants to wear more bronzer or you just don’t like blush much because you feel like it looks clownish or just unnecessary, you do you, but also a boring blush would be perfect for you. Even if you love blush, a boring blush would be perfect for you. You can’t have too many of them and you will not regret buying them. I can assure you, your lack of excitement for a boring blush is steering you wrong and I’m happy to be your navigator to blushed perfection.

It’s all well and good to talk about why you need to love boring blushes but some of us need assistance in finding a good one, so I’m here to give you a few recommendations to get you on your way to boring blush kingdom.

I think the natural (no pun intended but also eyy) starting point is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed. I think everyone by now has heard of this blush and either has tried it or is in love with it. It really blew up online and Tarte have since brought out a few more shades in the ‘boring blush’ vein to accommodate for more skin tones and shades.

Another super popular shade is Benefit’s Boxed Blush in Dallas. I think this blush gets a lot of love so I don’t really need to hype it too much. It kinda blurs the line between an almost contour colour and a blush and I know it is popular for things like draping and those sorts of makeup application trends.

Two blushes from MAC that are easily accessible are MAC’s Gingerly and Blushbaby. Gingerly is definitely more on the warm brown side of neutral and Blushbaby is definitely more mauve leaning but they’re both pretty darn neutral. Depending on your desired subtle outcome, either of these would be a fabulous addition to your collection.

A blush that I’ve been after for quite some time is the Balm Balm Beach Blush, which I somehow still haven’t been able to track down in store, despite there being testers and things always out for it in David Jones. Once day I will own it and one day I will achieve greatness in my boring blush quest.

For someone looking for something more affordable, Essence’s Satin Touch Blush in Satin Love is around $5 AUD and is both stunning and affordable. It is really smooth and it’s satin or matte texture make it really easy to wear because you can pair it with other things really nicely and not have them clash.

My last recommendation is my current favourite blush, Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Baby Love. I can’t even begin to tell you the love affair that I am having with this blush. I’ve written about it in two posts recently so you can tell I’m really falling for it. I would definitely recommend this one.


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