October Empties

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

It’s that time again where we need to take out the trash. I moved through quite a bit of products this month, using up some of the products that I use every day and also removing some of the products that I knew I was never going to actually use again. I hope that you enjoy this post!


I’ll start with the products I used up and then move on to the products that I am just removing from my stash!

I used up my favourite drugstore foundation, the DB Cosmetics Full Coverage foundation. It’s so cheap and so good. I loved it so much while I had it! I can’t recommend it enough if you’re someone who loves a good high coverage foundation! As the weather got a bit warmer, I had to start mixing it with a darker foundation, which for me was my Inglot HD foundation, for it to match me better. Thank goodness I did though because it pushed me to use the Inglot one more knowing that I could count on the DB foundation to last longer than three hours haha.

I finished up two of my Australis powders instead of one because I didn’t realise I was stashing an almost finished compact in my ‘spare’ makeup bag that I keep in the bathroom for products to reach for but that don’t go in my ‘every-day’ makeup bag haha. So I finished that one up and one regular one for the month! I love this powder but I really need to switch to something else because the yellow tone in this product is really starting to get on my nerves, especially now that I’ve been properly matched at MAC and have a foundation that matches me perfectly!

I also dyed my hair last month in preparation for a blogging event that ended up getting postponed haha. My hair went a lot darker than I had expected but it’s starting to fade to the type of red that I was hoping for! I really like having red hair, I think having ginger hair is probably my favourite of the colours I’ve ever gone.

I also used my facial razor and blending sponge to their limit this month, I think. I’m on to a new razor and sponge and everything is working out much better so far haha. I am really keen to try the Kmart blending sponge because it’s cheap and I’ve heard a lot of people say its actually soft but I’m really skeptical that something other than the official beauty blender will pry me away from the Chi Chi blending sponge hahaha.

I used the Innisfree sheet mask in cucumber this month and I really liked it. It’s a bit more expensive than others that I’ve used, at least more expensive in store versus online. I would definitely purchase it again but I’d like to buy it in a pack or something to make it more cost effective.

I also finished up the LUSH Oatfix mask which I enjoyed, the Kerastase travel sized hair spray, a Kmart branded Body Wash that I used to wash my makeup brushes, the Daiso Puff and Sponge cleaner, the Swisse Olive Leaf facial cleanser (love), and a sample of the Dior J’Adore perfume.


As for the products I’m just removing from my collection, I’m removing the L’Oreal masks that came out early this year or late last year. They just aren’t suited to dehydrated skin, which is totally my own fault. I think they’re great products if you have good skin to begin with that just need help with texture or congested skin. I’m also removing the sample of the liquid Nars Laguna bronzer. I really really liked the product but I kept forgetting to use it because it’s a liquid and not a powder. I loved the colour and I loved the way it applied to the skin so I would definitely recommend it if it’s the kind of product that you’d use! I would love to one day own Nars Laguna bronzer but I have other bronzers to use up before I consider purchasing it!

The Essence colour correcting primer is just unnecessary. I said this in my latest Anti-Haul post but I think that colour correcting primers are a bit of a joke because colour correcting should really be done with spot correcting, not overall correcting. These primers don’t have the pigmentation needed to adequately do what they’re supposed to do. Beyond that, it left my skin looking more radiant than matte so it wasn’t what I was looking for in a primer anyway.


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Au revoir xxx

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