Anti Haul #3

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Today I’m doing another one of my Anti-Haul series posts! I’m sure you’re probably very familiar with the concept. However, if you are not, an anti-haul is basically a post about what you’re not going to buy, as opposed to a haul being things that you have bought. There are countless new products being introduced and we certainly don’t need them all, so let’s dig in to the products that I will NOT be buying.


anti haul

1. Too Faced Glow Job Glitter Mask

Yes, you did read that correctly. Too Faced are bringing out a new glitter mask called the Glow Job and honestly, it is probably the most unnecessary, disgusting thing that I’ve seen come out of the beauty industry. No one needs glitter in their skin care, for one. It is a complete waste and there are no skin care benefits. Secondly, the name is just foul, especially with the consistency of the product mimicking the thing that the name describes. It kinda marries the two meanings for a ‘facial’. It’s just gross, I don’t need it and neither do you.

2. Too Faced Clover A Girl’s Best Friend Eye Shadow Palette

I feel like this palette is just another one of those palettes that no one really asked for, similar to the full sized White Chocolate palette that they’re bringing out, or the Jeffree Star Family Collection. Brands seem to think consumers care about things in the CCE/CEO’s lives that we don’t get to experience ourselves. Like consumers don’t have a connection to Clover, so why would we buy a palette dedicated to Clover? Just like how I wouldn’t go out of my way to get a highlighter from Jeffree Star affectionately called ‘Neffree’. The palette itself doesn’t look too bad but it’s unnecessary in a sea of palettes that are released every month. I love a lot of Too Faced products but stuff like this really annoys me.

3. Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Collection

I originally thought that this was a really cool palette until I realised that there were cream products sat right next to powder products. Cream products and powder products sharing the same space is a disaster waiting to happen and you’d think that they’d have thought about this when they put a celebrity’s face on this item but I suppose not. I also don’t love the ratio of product for the face products. The concept is really cool and if they’d just made it so the creams were separated from the powders, in the same way the mascara is, then this palette would have been really neat. Obliviously no one is being fooled into thinking Gigi actually uses this but the idea was good, it just wasn’t executed well.

4. Laura Lee Cat’s Pajamas Palette

I’m very unlikely to ever purchase from a brand started by an influencer, so I’ll just get that out of the way so that you guys already know my leaning with products like this one. Beyond that, I don’t really like the look of the palette that much. The packaging itself isn’t very aesthetically pleasing to me and the choice of colours just don’t suit how I like to do my makeup. I’d have changed a few of the shades to make the bottom row have a bit more variety if I’d created the palette myself. I do think it’s cool that Laura Lee made a palette but it’s just not something that I’d personally invest in. We don’t need more brands pumping out more product that we don’t need.

5. Benefit Porefessional Pearl Primer

The idea of a smoothing primer that is also meant to have highlighting properties feels like a bit of an oxymoron to me haha. To make it have any kind of glow, there’d have to be some kind of shimmer in it and that usually emphasizes pores, but the porefessional line is all about smoothing them so I wonder what this would be like. Either you’re not going to get much glow from it or you’re not going to have blurred pores. I’m willing to be proven wrong about this but it’s not really something that interests me. I definitely prefer to have a matte base and then build highlight on top.

6. Australis Colour Clique Colour Correcting Primers

I don’t really like colour correcting primers because I don’t really think that they do anything haha. I feel like colour correcting is really a spot correcting type of job. You wouldn’t buy a primer just for your dark circles and then another one for rosecea or acne prone skin. Lots of brands have brought out products like this and I’ve even bought them before. I just think that they’re a gimmicky product in general. Nothing against Australis specifically but their product is just a recent one that came on my radar.


Anti-hauls are always so negative and I always feel so guilty talking about products that I don’t like but I have to keep it real with you all! What is a product that you won’t be buying?

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Au revoir xxx

3 thoughts on “Anti Haul #3

  1. I find these posts so interesting!! I agree with the Gigi palette, but I’ve seen some reviews on the lipsticks made for the collection and they look amazing! Tati, on YouTube, did a review and the shades look gorgeous on her. Definitely want to check those out.

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  2. I love anti-haul posts! They’re always so much more helpful! Thanks for posting. Also, I feel the same about any make up brought out by Influencers – they really aren’t my thing. X

    Liked by 1 person

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