Haul: Mecca Maxima Adelaide Store Opening

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Today I wanted to share my experience and haul from the new Mecca Maxima that opened in Adelaide last week! I’d been saying for over a year that Adelaide would be getting a Mecca Maxima at Westfield Marion for some time because I’d seen an ad in the mall showing makeup that you couldn’t buy in the mall. I thought it must have been some kind of sneak peek that everyone seemed to miss when they went to Marion. Lo and behold, Mecca Maxima has now opened in the centre and it is the first Mecca Maxima in South Australia! We have had Mecca Cosmetica in the city for some time now and many Adelaideans have felt that we have been neglected by the Australian beauty industry because we are a very passionate bunch of makeup lovers who were having to travel interstate to see a lot of these brands up close. Hopefully, with the opening of Mecca Maxima in South Australia, we might be seeing a Sephora opening up here in the near future!


People were lined up to be the first customers in store from 5pm the night before, which I think is wild haha. The first 1000 customers received a goodie bag with some Mecca Maxima branded items as well as a travel sized Glam Glow. I only found out about the mini Glam Glow mask when I arrived later in the day and I was a bit sorry that I didn’t come earlier to try and claim it! They were also doing an opening day special where if you spent over $85 in one transaction, you could try your luck on their wall of prizes. Every box had a makeup item inside and I swear I saw someone getting an Urban Decay Naked Palette from one when I was in the line! I knew there were some awesome prizes in there so I knew that I wanted to spend about that today if I liked anything, so that I could try for a free item!

I went with a friend on her lunch break at 1pm and I thought that surely there’d be no line at that point but I was wrong. We spent about 10 minutes in line waiting to go into the absolute chaos that was inside the store. Once inside, it was extremely hard to get close to any of the stands to try any of the products. I managed to pick up a few things but there were a lot of items out of stock before they’d even been open for half a day. I sort of expected it so I’m happy to not go back until the crowds have died down a bit and I can actually have a good look and hope that some things are back in stock!

Here are the items that I managed to pick up on the day!


The item that I wanted to pick up the most was the Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Baby Love. I’ve been wanting a neutral pink toned blush for some time now and I knew that I wanted to own the full size of a Love Flush Blush so I thought now was a better time than ever to purchase it and see how I go with it! The pattern in the product is so stinking cute, it almost makes me not want to use it! I’m really glad that I picked this one up!


The next item that I knew I wanted to pick up was the Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eye Shadow in Diamond Dust. I actually wanted to get the mini set that they’re bringing out for Christmas but they weren’t selling it just yet so I settled for a full size of one of them and I am so so so glad that I picked it up because it’s gorgeous!! It isn’t quite silver and it isn’t quite white. It has some holographic glitter to it and it looks really special on the eye! I think I made the right choice picking up just the one full sized glitter instead of the mini set of three because this is exactly what I was hoping for. I can definitely see myself using this all the time and eventually using it up!


Lastly, as I was walking through the check out, I knew that I needed one more product to make the $85 mark for my free item on the prize wall so I picked up this travel sized Too Faced Better than Sex mascara! I’d been wanting to try it out for a long time and while I’m waiting for the L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara to be released in Australia, I thought that this was a good alternative. I’m really excited to use this!


I made it to $89 at check out, which meant that I was allowed to open up a box at the prize wall and hopefully reveal an awesome product! I got a little plastic sealed package from the wall and I was so confused. I didn’t know what it was so as I left, I opened it up to find a mini version of one of the new Mecca Max lipsticks! I’d heard pretty hit and miss reviews of the new (or repackaged) line so I had no plans to go out and purchase any items so this was a good way for me to try it and if I end up liking it, I can always purchase a full sized version! It’s so cute and I think I’ll keep it forever as a memory!

Here is a look that I did with my new products that I picked up on the opening day!

For a full list of products used for this look, please check out my instagram!


So that was my experience with the opening of the new Mecca Maxima store in Adelaide. If you went along to the opening day, what did you think of the new store? And if you haven’t yet, which item are you most excited to try in person?

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Au revoir xxx

8 thoughts on “Haul: Mecca Maxima Adelaide Store Opening

  1. You look so pretty! And that’s so exciting, I’d die if a store like Mecca Maxima or Sephora opened in my country. You are going to love the Better than sex mascara, it’s one of my absolute favorites but the lash paradise is definitely the perfect dupe.

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