Review: MAC Lee Hi Lipstick

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

My love for anything South Korean is really trickling into every aspect of my life and MAC really isn’t helping me keep it contained and manageable. A few months ago, the Future Forward collection featuring three different singers was teased and we learned that Lee Hi, Dua Lipa and Justine Skye would all be collaborating with MAC to create one item each. I was interested in each item, honestly, but the one that I wanted to support the most was Lee Hi’s because I think she’s adorable and I really love her music. I hope that you enjoy this review of the lipstick that Lee Hi brought out with MAC!


Lee Hi’s exclusive matte Lipstick is a deep red, dreamy enough to match her own style and star power. Special carton packaging features a matte pink design accentuated with a silver holographic glitter silhouette and Lee Hi’s logo in black – MAC Cosmetics

The outer packaging of this product is really gorgeous. I love that they used her official logo on the packaging, as well as a bit of holographic sparkle in the silhouette. I wish that the actual bullet was limited edition packaging as well because once out of the box, the only thing that makes it special is the sticker on the bottom that says Lee Hi’s name. But I still really love it regardless.


The shade of the lipstick itself is really gorgeous. It is a more muted red, rather than a bold red, like Ruby Woo. It is definitely more on the warm side of the red spectrum and I think it is a very flattering shade, even on cool skin tones. The matte finish is really comfortable and flattering. It definitely doesn’t dry out my lips and doesn’t feel chunky at all. I can definitely see myself wearing this lipstick all the time because it’s so easy to wear.

If you want to pick up the limited edition Lee Hi lipstick, check it out here. It retails for the same as a standard MAC lipstick, despite the limited edition outer packaging!

If you want to get started listening to some music by Lee Hi, my favourite song of hers is My Star:


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